Written by: Joanne W

Sequel to: 'Don't Call me Baby'.
Summary: Buffy and Xander have an odd conversation.
Rating: PG.
Disclaimer: All BtVS characters mentioned belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy et al.
Spoilers: None. Set about mid-season 4 though.
Author's Notes: This story follows on about an hour and a half after 'Don't Call Me Baby'. British spelling. //'s indicate thoughts, *'s indicate word emphasis.


Xander wasn't quite sure if he was imagining things. If he didn't know better he would swear that Buffy's hand was slowly inching it's way down to his leg. He sat back in his seat and tried to look like he was concentrating on the movie, instead of the whereabouts of Buffy's hand.

A couple of minutes later Xander tried to hide the hitch in his breath //OK definite contact. *Very* definite contact//. He cast a furtive glance at Buffy who was staring nonchalantly ahead, appearing to be watching the movie. Xander turned back to the screen //OK. Do I say something to her? Or do I just sit here with her hand on my thigh// Xander began to weigh up his options. Either disturb everyone in the cinema by telling Buffy or... //Wait a minute. Buffy's hand is on *my* thigh. *Why* is *Buffy's* hand on *my* thigh?//

Xander looked sideways at Buffy //Is she *smiling*? She is! She's smiling! Why is she smiling!?// Xander looked back to the screen again //It can't be the film, because it's not funny. Also she's just broken up with Riley, although that was a little funny// Realisation struck //Oh my god she is smiling because her hand is on my thigh. On purpose// Suddenly all his 'close' moments with Buffy flashed before his eyes. Most notably after he'd killed that vampire Teresa. He could imagine that if that hug had been shown on a TV programme that the entire audience would be shouting "just kiss each other you idiots!" Xander's flashback of Buffy in the raincoat was interrupted by the star of the flashback whispering in his ear.

"Going for more popcorn" she paused "Want some?" she added in a tone that seemed to imply more.

Xander just nodded, not really trusting himself to answer by speaking.

Buffy stood up and crossed infront of him, blocking his view. Not that Xander was paying attention to the movie anymore. He was watching Buffy's 'back'.

It wasn't long before Buffy returned and Xander 'watched her back' as she crossed infront of him again and took her seat. This time her hand didn't rest on his thigh. Instead she leaned into his shoulder. Xander smiled to himself //OK. Two can play at this// Xander put his arm around Buffy's shoulder and was rewarded by Buffy snuggling up to him. They remained like that until the end of the movie.


Nothing was said until they were outside the cinema.

"That was nice" Buffy said as they walked along.

"What was?" Xander asked innocently.

"The movie" Buffy replied just as innocently.

"I wasn't really paying attention" Xander confessed "I had other things on my mind" he paused "And on my leg"

"Well you know may have noticed I had a weight on my shoulders as well" Buffy replied.

"Oh I noticed all right"

They walked for a couple of minutes in silence before Xander continued "Is there any particular reason for this sudden weight on your shoulders?" Xander asked deliberately keeping his tone light.

"Well you're going to think it's silly" Buffy said.

Xander turned to look at her "Try me" he said ambiguously.

Buffy smiled "Well it's just I've had a bit of a dilemma lately. You see, I had got these two ... toys. One of them I've had for a long while, the other is new. When I first got the new one I paid a lot of attention to it and began to ignore the older one. But then I realised that the older one been through a lot of tough times with me and although I was still playing with the new toy, I kept looking back to the older one. I started looking back to the older one more and more often, realising that I cared more about that one than the new one. Pretty soon I lost interest in the new toy. I kept it around even though I really didn't want to see it anymore, but today I finally threw it in the trash. I had decided that what I really wanted was the older toy and I'd quite like to spend more time with it" she paused "My dilemma is I don't know how the other toy feels about this. After all, I ignored it for such a long time and it may feel that it's just being used because the other one got thrown away"

"That's quite a dilemma" Xander replied after a moments silence.

"I know. What do you think this older toy feels?"

"Well, I don't think it thinks that you're using it. In fact, I think it's probably wondering what took you so long to realise that the new toy was incredibly dull and that he, the older toy that is, was far more superior"

Buffy turned to him and grinned "Do you think the older toy has any final thoughts on the matter?"

"Well I can't speak for him personally of course"

"Of course"

Xander grinned "But I think that... vampires"

Buffy's brow creased "You think vampires?" she said, confused.

"No" Xander pointed to an alleyway "Vampires"

"Oh" she gave him a sheepish look before heading over to the alley.

There were three vamps all together. Buffy had no problems dispatching two of them but the third one was proving difficult. Luckily Xander managed to get behind it and hold it for long enough for her to be able to stake it. 'Unfortunately' she lost her balance as the vampire turned to dust and she fell into Xander, bringing them both to the ground.

Xander looked up at Buffy who was half laying on top of him "Hey"

"Hey" she paused, smiling at him but not moving "You never answered my question about how you think the older toy feels"

Xander grinned "I think better on my feet"

"I like it down here"

"I can see that" he said still grinning "But my jacket doesn't"

Buffy sighed and stood up, helping Xander to his feet "So what do you think?"

"I think" Xander said "That the older toys feels that, although he was a little upset that you had paid more attention to the new toy than it deserved, he can forgive you" Xander paused "In fact I think he would be quite willing to give this relationship a go that you're suggesting"

"That is exactly what I wanted to hear" Buffy said smiling.

"I'm glad I could help" Xander smiled back.

"You sure did" Buffy said still smiling. She took his hand in hers and they continued home in a happy silence.


*~* END *~*

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