Lucky Star

Written by: Joanne W

Sequel to: 'Don't Call Me Baby' (1), 'Gorgeous-i-ness' (2).
Summary: Buffy and Xander take a walk home. Stuff happens.
Rating: PG13.
Disclaimer: All BtVS characters mentioned belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy et al. Lyrics taken from 'Lucky Star' by Madonna.
Spoilers: 'The Freshman'.
Author's Notes: British spelling. //'s indicate thoughts, *'s indicate word emphasis and ((_)) indicate lyrics.


As well as it being a happy silence that both Buffy and Xander were walking home in that evening, it was also one filled with new thoughts for both parties.

Buffy sighed contentedly and cast a sidelong glance at Xander. She smiled inwardly //Yup. I've definitely made the right choice here. OK, so I don't think comparing both Riley and Xander to stuffed toys in my confusing little speech earlier was entirely of the good, but// Buffy smiled //It seemed to get my message across... *and* it had the desired effect//

So engrossed though was Buffy in congratulating herself that she failed to notice the slight dip in the pavement and she stumbled slightly. But only slightly as Buffy quickly felt strong arms catch hold of her and stop her face from meeting the ground.

Xander didn't say anything, he just gave her a concerned look and Buffy smiled to indicate that she was OK. Xander grinned and brushed back some of her hair and then tucked it behind her ear. He crooked a finger and ran it lightly down her cheek.

Buffy felt her heart skip a little at Xander's touch //OK. That's was a little unexpected. I had heart flutters a little further down the relationship path than this// Buffy looked up into Xander's eyes, holding his gaze //Oh... he's going to kiss me... OK, he's leaning... and kissing would be good here... and hey! What? No kiss? That was the perfect moment for kissage// Buffy tried not to pout as Xander drew back, a strange smile on his face. Xander's arm fell across her back and settled on her waist as they began to walk again.

//Ooh, if he didn't look so damn cute with moonlight doing that shimmering thing on his face then... oh god. Did I just use the word *shimmering*? Great. Now I'm getting poetic in my thoughts. A little undecided if it's a good thing or a bad thing// Buffy looked up at Xander again and studied him //But then again... maybe it's more of a good thing//. Buffy put her own arm around Xander's waist and leaned against him and they continued their journey home.


//OK Xander. *What* in the hell was all that?// Xander asked himself //Buffy is standing right in front of you and staring up at you with those big ol' eyes of hers and lips that are just asking to be kissed and what do you do? *Nothing*. That's what. <You're an idiot>// Xander groaned inwardly as even his subconscious insulted him //Am not// Xander protested weakly to himself //It just wasn't the right time <Bull> You're right. I'm an idiot//

Xander sighed to himself and looked downwards at Buffy, only to find her gazing up at him. She looked away quickly and began looking straight ahead. Xander kept looking at Buffy //My god, she's beautiful// Xander tightened his hold on her waist //And I can't believe she wants to be with me//

"Why can't you believe it?"

Xander stopped when he heard Buffy answer a thought he realised now that he had spoken out loud. He looked at her awkwardly "It's just" he managed to respond "It's just... it's all beginning to sink in. This you and me thing"

Buffy smiled up at him "I meant all what I said" she told him "All that joking aside... I meant what was behind it" Buffy looked at him shyly "Sometimes I really don't know what I'd do..."

"...if I didn't have... you" Xander finished. Impulsively he cupped Buffy's face with his hands and pressed his lips firmly against hers.

Buffy threw her arms around his neck, pulling Xander closer. One hand then found it's way to the back of his head and her fingers threaded themselves though his hair.

Xander deepened the kiss when he felt Buffy pull him closer //If this is all gonna go downhill from here, I at least want to be able to remember this// Xander reasoned. He soon realised however that Buffy moaning slightly into the kiss probably meant that it wouldn't be going downhill anytime soon.

Buffy was reluctant to end the kiss but she needed oxygen if she was to attempt any more liaisons like that with Xander. Buffy looked up at Xander and grinned. He looked as flushed as she felt and Xander was also grinning just as stupidly as she was.

Xander wrapped both his arms around her waist "I think I'm gonna like being your toy"

Buffy rolled her eyes then laughed "You'd better not turn out like Ken-doll"

"Hardly" Xander replied "After all, *I* have more than one facial expression"

This statement caused Buffy to giggle. She gave Xander a half-hearted tap on the back of his head "Stop it" Buffy demanded, albeit unconvincingly seeing as how she was still giggling "Don't be mean"

"Me? You're the one who started it" Xander pointed out "So, I guess I'm like... what? A Furby or something?"

"Uh huh" Buffy nodded "Only twice as annoying" she added with a grin.

"Gee thanks"

"You didn't let me finish" Buffy said "I never got to mention how cute they look despite all that"

"Just cute?" Xander pretended to look hurt.

"Kiss me again like that" Buffy said with a sly smile "And I'll consider upgrading you to gorgeous"

Not needing any further invitation, Xander once again put his lips to Buffy's and quickly lost himself in the fervour of the kiss.

Once they broke apart, Xander saw Buffy looking at him with a thoughtful glint in he eye. "What?" he asked.

Buffy dropped her hands from around his neck and lopped them around his middle "I was just wondering why none of this feels strange"

"You'd feel better about it if *did* feel strange?"

Buffy shook her head "No. But don't you think it should? We've been friends for a long time and now we're doing this... Do you feel strange?"

Xander smiled warmly and shook his head "Just lucky"

"Me too" she stood back from him and held out her hand for Xander to take "Come on gorgeous, we were walking, remember?"


It was only a little while later that Xander realised that Buffy wasn't walking him home. Obviously he'd been paying more attention to Buffy than where she was going.

"Um Buff?" he queried "Where are we going?"

"You'll see"

"That's nice and vague of you"

Buffy didn't reply.

"All right" Xander decided to continue "Can you tell me why we aren't going back to mine?"

"Xander " Buffy turned to him as she walked "I didn't want tonight to end with me saying goodnight to you in your basement"

"You mean you didn't want to keep me and my damp company?" Xander put on a shocked expression.

Buffy grinned "Strangely enough Xander... no"

"So... where are you going to say goodnight to me?"

Buffy stopped and Xander turned to face her "Here" Buffy said.

Xander looked around "The park?"

Buffy began to wander away from him "It's nice at night don't you think?"

Xander followed after her "Yeah... it's nice. Are you gonna tell me why we're here?"

"I told you" Buffy said as she sat down in the grass. She patted the empty space beside her.

Xander sat down next to her and Buffy leaned up against him. Xander put an arm around her shoulder "Explain it to me again" he said.

"I just thought it might be nice to sit here and look at the stars"

"Are you on something?"

"No" Buffy nudged him in the ribs lightly "Stop spoiling the mood"


"Thank you"

"Carry on"

"As I was saying" Buffy continued "I thought it might be nice to sit here and look at the stars rather than trying to see if some of your damp stains resembled celebrities if you looked at them at a different angle"

"You're the one who told me you thought the one above the dryer looked like Bruce Willis"

Buffy laughed "It did, I'm telling you" Buffy moved out of Xander's embrace and laid down on her back.

Xander turned around to look at her "What are you thinking about?"

Buffy shrugged "Nothing" she said "You?"

Xander just smiled and turned back around. Raising his head to look at the dark night sky.

Buffy gazed at the back of Xander's head //I can't believe how strange this *doesn't* feel// she thought //A few hours ago this was not how I envisaged seeing the day out... and now I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing// Buffy smiled and her thoughts slipped back again to earlier that evening when she told Xander how she'd realised she'd come to think of him as more than just a friend. A friend who's always been there//

(( I just turn around and you're by my side ))

Buffy smiled even wider when Xander eventually lay down beside her. She turned her head sideways to look at him but he didn't say anything. He just kept looking up to the sky. Buffy moved her hand that was nearest Xander, from behind her head and reached for Xander's hand that was by his side.

(( You must be my Lucky Star ))
(( 'Cos you shine on me wherever you are ))
(( I just think of you and I start to glow ))
(( And I need your light ))
(( And baby you know... ))

Xander felt Buffy's fingers, which were warm despite the cool evening air, entwine with his. //Buffy was right// he thought //This is much better than me having to say goodbye to her at the door to my dingy basement. Not that I think, in the grand scheme of things, I would have wanted to say goodbye to her anyway. Definitely no complaints on my part if she had wanted to stay...//

Xander turned on his side to face Buffy, propping himself up on his elbow. She looked up at him and watched him for a few seconds before fixing her attention on something else.

Xander smiled down at her and eventually Buffy's eyes were drawn back to his. Xander gazed into her eyes //And they say that this is the Hellmouth. If this is hell, what am I doing looking into Heaven?//

(( You must be my Lucky Star ))

(( 'Cos you make the darkness seem so far ))
(( And when I'm lost you'll be my guide ))

Xander gave his subconscious a mental flick on the forehead for letting Madonna worm her way into his head, even though those words she sang rang true. //"...when it's dark and I'm all alone and I'm scared or freaked out or whatever, I always think, 'What would Buffy do?' You're my hero"//

Without saying a word Xander leant forward and touched his lips slowly to Buffy's, lingering for only a few brief moments before drawing back.

Buffy smiled and turned on her side to face Xander, mirroring his posture. She placed a hand against his chest and there was no resistance when she pushed him gently to the floor. Buffy moved closer to him and rested the back of her head against his chest. Xander wrapped his arms around her, which caused Buffy to snuggle further up against him.

"You see?" Buffy said quietly "This is much better than trying to decide whether the damp on your ceiling resembles David Schwimmer"

"Sshh. You're spoiling the mood"


Xander sighed contentedly "We should do this more often"

"Count on it"

(( You may be my lucky star ))
(( But I'm the luckiest by far ))

(( Starlight.. starbright.. first star I see tonight ))
(( Starlight.. starbright.. make everything all right ))


** The End **

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