Before the Storm

Written by: Joanne W

Series: Interludes
Summary: What happened when Ren and Xander became more than just friends?
Joss Whedon, WB & UPN et al own everything Buffy and Angel. I own Ren.
Authors Notes: This series of interludes take place during my stories 'Breaking the Rules', Mirror Mirror, and Aspects of Love. This interlude takes place after Ren and Xander's conversation in the cemetery when they decided to become more than just friends. British spelling. *_*'s indicate word emphasis and //_//'s indicate direct character thoughts.


As soon as they'd got through the main door to Ren's apartment building and into the small lobby, Ren reached out behind her, her fingers seeking Xander's. She caught hold of his hand and entwined her digits with his before looking back to him.

Xander squeezed her hand and a large smile spread slowly on Ren's face before she began to lead him towards the stairs that led up to the next floor that Ren's apartment was situated on. Ren had gone up only two steps when she felt a tug on her arm. She turned around again to see that Xander had stopped at the foot of the stairs.


Ren moved one step down, still holding on to his hand, facing him now with a slightly puzzled expression on her face "Yeah?"

"Why me?"

"Huh? You mean the PTB?" Ren asked, still a little puzzled.

"No. I mean-" Xander ducked his head before looking back up at her "What I'm trying to say is... you could have any guy-"

"Xan, I don't want any guy" Ren interrupted, putting a finger to his lips "I want you" she studied his face "Are you having second thoughts?"

"I don't think so" Xander mumbled around Ren's finger.

Ren moved her hand to cup the side of his face, curling her fingers in his hair "Good. I'm glad" Ren leant in closer and kissed him softly, suckling gently on his bottom lip before drawing back, looking into his eyes "Do you want to know why I want you Xander?" Ren asked, kissing Xander again before he could answer "Because you're smart and funny". Another kiss. "And loyal and brave" Ren's lips brushed Xander's and then she left them there, barely touching, still looking into his eyes "You're handsome and you've got this smile that makes just a little part of me melt inside"


Ren brought one of her feet down to where Xander's were planted, pressing the leg she'd just moved closer to Xander's and her hips closer to his. Her voice got lower "Do you want to know where that part is Xander?" Ren kissed him again, harder this time "Do you want me to tell you how much I really," she caught hold of his bottom lip gently between her teeth "Really want to see you naked?"

Xander moaned into the next kiss when both Ren's hands found their way down to his ass, pulling him even closer to her. When she whispered "I thought you wanted to do things to me that they only show in NC17 movies" into his ear, it sent a shiver down his spine and about an armful of his blood to his cock - which to be fair, really didn't need anymore.

"Oh I do" he wet his lips "I really do" Xander's hand started off on Ren's waist and then began to make it's way up her body, underneath her leather jacket until it came to rest on the curve of her breast.

"So?" Ren murmured against his lips "Did that sound convincing enough for you that I want you?" she asked "'Cos I can definitely *feel* it"

"Actually" Xander tried to keep his voice steady as Ren began rubbing her thigh just ever so slightly against the bulge in his jeans "You kinda already had me convinced twenty minutes ago at the cemetery. I just wanted to hear you tell me that's all"

Ren's eyes widened before they narrowed at Xander, who just looked back at her innocently. Ren smacked him on the ass, not hard enough to bruise but certainly loud enough for the sound to reverberate around the empty lobby "You sneaky little bastard!" she exclaimed.

Xander grinned "Sweet-talker"

"I can't believe I let you do that" Ren brought her hands up from his ass and looped her arms around his neck. She scowled at him in jest before pouting "I can't believe you played me like that"

Xander wrapped his arms around her waist "Do you know how gorgeous you are when you pout?"

"Can I answer that when we get inside?" Ren asked "I really want to have sex with you in the not too distant future and I think the neighbours would mind if they came out to find me giving you a blow job in the lobby"

Xander found himself momentarily speechless and the fact that Ren was still rubbing her thigh up against him meant it took him a while to jumpstart his brain whilst dealing with the image of Ren's lips around his cock "So... upstairs huh?"

"Think you can make it that far?"

"I'll give it a go" In one fluid movement, Xander ducked down and scooped Ren up and onto his shoulder so she was hanging over his back and then straightened up again, his arm around her legs.

Ren giggled "Oh, very romantic"

Xander began to climb the stairs "Next thing, you'll be complaining about the view"

Ren smacked him again on the ass and grinned when she heard Xander try to stifle a moan. "C'mon sweet cheeks... we nearly there yet?"

Xander had reached the top of the stairs and had only three steps until he was outside the door to Ren's apartment. Xander took out the keys he had for and unlocked the door "We're there"

"Can we go in and have sex then?"

"I like a woman who knows what she wants" Xander opened the door and carried her inside.

"I thought we already established what I want" Ren pushed the door closed when they were far enough inside. Xander began to lower her back down, Ren putting her arms around his neck when her feet touched the floor. She kissed him hard on the mouth, her tongue sliding against his when he kissed her back.

When they broke apart for air, Xander took Ren's arms from around him and started to push her jacket from off her shoulders. Ren leant in as her jacket began to fall and kissed Xander again, nibbling and sucking on his bottom lip between quick kisses. When her jacket hit the floor she kicked it back and started to make short work of Xander's, tugging it roughly from his shoulders as she continued to kiss him.

As soon as the jacket was divested with, Ren started on Xander's T-shirt, pushing it up his torso. Xander raised his arms obligingly and Ren tugged it off over his head. Ren moved them both backwards so Xander's back was against the door. They kissed for a few moments more before Ren drew back, panting for breath. She stood back from Xander and just stood there looking at him.

"You know this is the like the Last Chance Saloon don't you?" she said, "You know what I am"

Xander stared back at her. Watched her carefully as she pushed her blue/black hair off her face, her bright blue eyes glittering back at him, and her full lips, which a tip of a pink tongue flicked out to wet, the way her chest rose and fell with patient breath as she waited for him to respond.

Xander ran his own hand through his hair and stepped forward, crouching at Ren's feet. He took hold of one foot, lifting it and removing her boot and then her sock; doing the same with her other foot so she soon stood in front of him in bare feet.

Xander then knelt, looking up at her. Ren looked down at him and threaded her fingers through his hair. "I know" Xander said, his fingers finding their way into the waistband of Ren's jeans. "I know". He began to undo them slowly, pushing them down over her hips and then her thighs and then finally her ankles where Ren stepped out of them.

Ren shivered when Xander ran a hand up her calf and tangled her fingers tighter in his hair when Xander began to pull down the blue silk thong she was wearing and it soon followed the same route as her jeans. Her hand was still in his hair when Xander placed a gentle kiss on her hip before kissing a trail downward. Ren parted her legs willingly when Xander's hands trailed up the inside of her thigh and brushed against her now damp, dark curls.

Her breathing became just a little shallower when Xander's tongue flicked over her clit "Mmm... Xan..."

Xander reached around Ren, his hands on her ass and pulled her hips forward and closer to him, pressing his face closer between her legs. Xander's tongue darted out again, brushing against that little pleasure button, eliciting another moan from Ren. Xander did it again and again with quick strokes, keeping up a steady rhythm.

Ren responded with little sighs of pleasure "Oh God... Xan...der... mmm... so good... mmm... but you... ohh... mmm... haveta... stop..."

Xander drew back, panting slightly and flushed. He looked up at her with one eyebrow raised "Stop?"

Ren reluctantly nodded "Get up here" she motioned for him to stand up. Xander kept his eyes locked with hers as he got onto his feet again. Ren had a sudden urge just to push him back down when her insides missed the touch of him between her thighs, but she resisted, grabbing hold of the waistband of Xander's jeans with one hand and pulling him closer to her.

"Wanna save it until you're inside of me" Ren murmured "Fucking me"

"Oh, well..." a cat like grin spread over Xander's face "OK then"

Ren grinned and began undoing Xander's belt, pulling it through all the loops then throwing it behind her on to an ever-growing pile of clothes. As Ren began undoing the buttons on his fly, Xander kicked off his shoes and socks, finally discarding them when Ren undid the final button.

Xander had never had his clothes removed so fast. One moment Ren was just pushing both his jeans and boxers down over his hips, the next moment they were across the room. Xander grinned back at her "You still have a couple more things to go" he tugged at the hem of her baby-t. Ren raised her arms and Xander slid the thin cotton top up and over her head, then dropping it to the floor. He ducked his head to one of her blue silk clad breasts and suckled gently on the nipple that stood out through the fabric.

Ren sighed with pleasure. She reached around behind her, undoing the catch on her bra. Xander drew back to let it fall to the floor before placing his lips against the flesh of her breasts, laving his tongue over the hardened peak.

Ren's head fell back when Xander then began to trail kisses further up her chest, and along her collarbone. She reached between them both and wrapped her fingers around the base of Xander's cock, squeezing his hardness, causing Xander's hips to buck towards hers.

"Jesus Ren" he gasped against her neck "I'm hard enough as it is. Do that again and you might just be disappointed in me"

"Hmmm... don't want that" Ren let go of him and started to push him back towards the front door "Definitely not"

The moment his back hit the door, Xander captured Ren's lips and kissed her fervently. Ren moaned into the kiss when Xander's hands found their way to her ass again, grabbing her tightly. He lifted her up, over his erection, and began to turn them around.

Ren spread her legs, allowing the tip of Xander's cock to nudge against the slick folds of her entrance. She hooked her legs around him when it was her turn to be backed against the door. Xander thrust his hips upwards as Ren slid down, taking just a little of Xander inside her. Xander moved his hands further around to the front of her hips, pulling her down on to him, feeling her warmth and wetness enveloping him. "Oh God" he couldn't help murmuring against her cheek "You feel so good"

Ren parted her legs further, wanting as much of Xander inside her as she could. She dug her nails in to the backs of his shoulders as she sank just that little bit further down "Ohh... mmm" Ren hummed with pleasure as he filled her "Someone's a bigger boy than I thought"

"Flattery will get you everywhere" Xander remarked as he withdrew just a little bit before sliding back slowly into her "So..." he said, moving his head back just a little so he could look into her eyes, a wolfish smile ghosting over his lips "You wanted a fucking did you?"

"You say the sweetest things". Ren moaned as Xander withdrew again before thrusting back hard into her. She ground herself down on to him, seeking much wanted friction against her clitoris as Xander slammed into her yet again.

Xander crushed his lips up against Ren's as he began to pump his cock hard and fast into the inviting hot wetness that was driving him insane. He matched the thrust of his cock with his tongue into Ren's mouth, as she did with hers; Ren not caring that her head was hard back against the door.

Xander concentrated on keeping his rhythm. If he concentrated on anything of Ren's; the way her breasts were crushed up against his chest or how the pain of her nails digging into his back was more of a turn on than a turn off - it was going to end this fantasy for him. Instead, he focused on pushing himself further and faster in to her, revelling in the fact than when he pulled her hips just that little bit further forward, it started off a low hum coming from deep inside Ren, and succeeded in making him push himself further.

As Xander continued to piston into her, Ren tried as best she could to melt into Xander, wanting to become just one being. She didn't care if the outcome would look like something from the X-Files or something from the Lyshen dimension, if she could this feel fan-fucking-tastic the entire time she didn't care. //Xander is so fucking beautiful. I wanna keep him//. She could feel the hum of pleasure that Xander was creating in her and it followed a path up from her groin and up into her throat where it buzzed around her kiss bruised lips and her tongue as it continued to tangle with Xander's.

Ren kept pushing herself down onto Xander as he thrust up into her, both just catching breaths of air for the few seconds that they dared break their lips apart, time losing all meaning as their moans of ecstasy and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh reverberated around the apartment (and probably outside in the hall too).

When the real need to breathe became too much for Ren, she broke off her kiss with Xander "Bloody hell Xan" she managed to gasp out "So fucking good" Ren buried her face in the crook of Xander's neck, attaching her lips firmly to the pulse point in the large vein there, sucking hard.

Xander felt his legs weaken as Ren began sucking on his neck "OhGodRen" he rushed out between gasps for breath "I can't hold on... if you keep... doing that"

"Not gonna be there... much longer myself" Ren replied, feeling the pleasure build up again as Xander began moving faster inside her. She began to keen loudly between more sucks on Xander's neck.

Xander groaned loudly as Ren then began to nip at the skin on his neck "Ren... you're killing me"

Ren didn't care anymore, she could feel her orgasm nearing and continued to push herself as far down as she could on Xander's cock each time he slammed into her, wanting that last little bit of friction that her clit needed. Her inner walls started to contract and her moans became louder. Just as her orgasm hit, she bit down hard into the fleshiest part of Xander's shoulder.

Xander cried out when Ren's teeth sank into him, coming so hard inside her he thought he was going to pass out. He'd felt her start to orgasm and knew that it wasn't going to be much longer for him, but the moment she bit him it sent him over the edge; the mixture of pain and pleasure too much for him.

Ren held Xander tight inside her, still spasming around him as he gave continued to pump into her, bringing off the last of his orgasm. "Never... so good" Ren tried to catch her breath as she fell limply against the door "God... Xan" her legs began to slip down his as Xander fell boneless against her.

"Ny'huh" Xander rested his forehead against Ren's, closing his eyes "S'good"

"Mmm hmm" Ren smiled, bring one hand up to the side of Xander's face, brushing her thumb over his cheek. Xander's eyes fluttered open and he pulled back a little, just looking right back at her. His chest rose and fell in time with hers as they both regained control of their breathing.

There was silence between them as Xander kissed her softly on the lips, closing his eyes again as he started to deepen the kiss, his tongue first tracing the outline of her lips before sliding over hers and exploring the contours of her mouth leisurely. Ren shifted herself up a little so Xander's softening cock slipped from inside her. She then put her feet firmly on the floor, her legs partly entwined with Xander's and her hands gliding smoothly over his back. Xander brought one hand up to Ren's head, running his fingers through her hair gently as they continued to kiss lazily.

Eventually they drew apart from one another. Xander put his hands flat against the door, pushing himself back from Ren. She trailed one finger down the centre of his chest, ending at his navel. Xander just grinned "At the risk of sounding unmanly Ren" he said "I'm exhausted. I don't think we can try for another round just yet"

"I can wait" she smiled back. She reached for his hand and moved from infront of him, leading him towards the couch, stepping over their earlier discarded clothes. Ren stopped by the edge of the couch and handed Xander the throw that was hanging over the back. "Here" she said, "I'll go grab some blankets from the cupboard. See if you can't do something with these cushions" Ren motioned to the said items "On the floor" she grinned "We need a make shift bed" the smile stayed on her face, masking her slight apprehension "You are staying?"

"Just you try kicking me out"

Ren's smile brightened considerably "Good" she gave him a quick kiss on the lips before heading off to another part of the apartment.

Xander watched after her for a few seconds before grabbing his boxers off the floor and pulling them on. He felt hot and sticky but he didn't care. It just reminded him of the fantasy he's been living for the past couple of months and how it had just become real. Xander grinned stupidly to himself as he tossed the cushions off the couch and piled them on the floor. There weren't enough to make a bed as such so he took the foam seats off the couch as well, arranging them all as best he could, moving the softer ones to what would be the head of the bed. He then laid out the blanket Ren had given him over it all.

//Why the hell she can't have a bed like normal people is beyond me. But then// he realised //She's not normal. Demon in fact//. Xander's attention was drawn back to Ren when she came into view again. Ren had stopped and was looking at him, a small smile on her face.

//She really is beautiful// Xander thought as he took her in. Even after spending a couple of months out in California her skin still had a pale European pallor. He had liked the red hair she had when she first arrived, but the blue/black shoulder length style she wore suited her better, he thought. She was as tall as he was and slender, with curves like Faith's.

Ren caught him staring. She pushed some hair out of her face and smiled back at him "Good job with the bed" she said as she began to walk over to him "Nice and snuggly"

Xander took the blankets from her that she had just retrieved "That's just me all over". Xander dropped the blankets on the floor and wrapped one arm around Ren's waist "I'd say the same about you" he added "Except you seem to bite"

Ren leant forward; close to his shoulder that she had bitten, flicking her tongue quickly over the teeth marks that were clearly visible, she'd only just broken the skin. Ren smiled up at him when Xander shivered "I can make it better if you want" she told him "Or maybe you want a little reminder...?"

"Now there's a choice" he pulled her down with him on to the makeshift bed. Xander lay on his back and Ren was beside him, lying on her side facing him, propping herself up with one elbow. Xander reached across and took hold of her free hand, bringing it across and resting it on his stomach.

"On the one hand" Xander began "It might be a little hard to explain, but on the other-" Xander was cut short when Ren put her lips to his. She traced the outline of his lips with her tongue before it slipped alongside his own. Xander closed his eyes and kissed back, their tongues duelling hard and fast against each other again. When Ren sucked hard on his tongue, Xander was pleasantly surprised to feel something beginning to stir in his groin.

He noticed it even more when Ren's hand slipped from his stomach and began to work it's way slowly underneath his boxers. Xander whimpered a little when Ren broke of their kiss and began lapping at the hollow of his throat, before kissing a trail of light butterfly kisses to one of his nipples. Xander opened his eyes again to see Ren flick the tip of her tongue over the now hard peak of his nipple. She saw him watching her and did it again, this time swirling her tongue around the sensitive flesh. He gasped with pleasure when she bit down hard.

Ren grinned at him and continued to suck on his nipple while her other hand (the one that wasn't under his boxers) found its way to his other nipple and she twisted it between her thumb and forefinger. Ren then began kissing down his mid section, stopping at his navel. Xander arched back, gasping again when she dipped her tongue in.

As soon as Xander arched his back, Ren snagged her fingers under the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down a little. She scooted further down the bed, pulling Xander's underwear off as she did so and tossed them back over the other side of the room.

"Don't know why you put them back on in the first place" she said. Ren straddled a spot just below Xander's knees, leaning forward and placing her hands either side of his hips.

"Somehow I felt naked without them" Xander replied "Or maybe I thought that they wouldn't be coming off again anytime soon"

Ren licked her lips and lowered her head "Well I guess-" she said before trailing her tongue slowly down the length of Xander's now, for the moment, soft shaft and making him moan in delight "-You can't be right all the time". She repeated the action, Ren tasting both the residues of her and Xander's previous exploits, her tongue gliding over the sensitive head of Xander's cock, making him moan again.

//OK... she's trying to jump start me//. Xander's fists bunched in the blanket beneath him when the fingers of one of Ren's hands curled around the base of his cock, squeezing him tightly as her she took the head into her mouth, her lips forming an 'O' around him as she sucked gently.

Unintelligible sounds escaped Xander's lips as he definitely began to stir down there under Ren's ministrations. His fists bunched tighter in the blanket as he watched her head bob up and down slightly as she continued to suck him, swirling her tongue around the head of his cock and occasionally grazing her teeth against the skin. He became mesmerised by the way her breasts swayed just that little bit and how her hair fell around her face and over his groin, but never obscuring his view of her lips around his dick.

Ren could feel Xander becoming harder and she squeezed the base of his shaft once more before removing her hand and taking more of him in her mouth. Ren's own little sighs of pleasure as she felt herself grow damp again between her thighs, were muffled as she continued to suck Xander. She loved the way he tasted, the way he felt inside of her, the way he said her name in breathy little whispers everytime she scraped her teeth against his skin or her tongue slid against him.

Xander could feel the heat building up fast in his abdomen and he couldn't help but thrust his hips upwards. He wanted to feel more of the wet warmth of her mouth around him, wanted to just fuck her mouth and show her that that was how wild she drove him.

Ren felt Xander bucking beneath her, so she put a hand on his hip, holding him still as she relaxed the back of her throat and slid her lips further down Xander's cock until she had almost all of him in her mouth.

A low guttural groan emanated from Xander's throat as he became impossibly hard inside Ren's mouth. "Unnh... Ren... oh God... oh fuck" he felt Ren smile around his cock as her lips continued to move up and down, her tongue sliding around him and flicking out around the base of his cock and just brushing against his balls when she deep throated him.

"So fucking good" Xander reached up and caught his fingers in her hair, putting a gentle pressure on her head. Ren took her hand off his hip and Xander began bucking up into her mouth as she continued the suction on his cock. She started to hum again and the feel of that around him as he thrust up into her was sending him closer and closer to the edge.

"Ren... Ren, I'm gonna..." he began to warn her, but apparently Ren wasn't to bothered as she gave his cock one final hard suck and Xander came hard, calling out Ren's name loudly in a strangled cry.

Ren swallowed the sticky fluid that hit the back of her throat, laving her tongue around Xander's cock, catching the trickles that escaped from between her lips as Xander still jerked up into her mouth. Ren then let Xander slip from her mouth as Xander tried to regain the power of actual breathing. She swished her tongue around his shaft and his balls, lapping up what remained of his semen.

"See?" Ren murmured as she delicately ran her tongue over her own lips, removing the traces of Xander there "There was still life left in you"

"I think your neighbours found that out as well" Xander's hand fell limply from Ren's head and to his side.

Ren tucked her hair behind her ears, a predatory look still on her face "Hmm. Didn't have you down as a screamer"

"It's never been that amazing before" he replied, reaching up his hand again to brush against Ren's thigh as she moved further up his body, now straddling his abdomen, just above his genitals. Xander could feel how wet she was between her thighs as she sat across him. He smiled up at her as she rolled her hips slightly, brushing her clit against the muscles of his navel. Xander dipped on finger between her legs, slicking his finger with her wetness and then brushing the tip of his finger over her clitoris.

Ren gasped with pleasure and locked her eyes with Xander's as he did it again. She began to chew on her bottom lip as kept slipping and sliding his finger over the little bundle of nerves. Xander then brought two fingers into play; both of them now venturing further past her clitoris and just find themselves a little way inside of her. Ren pushed her hips forward, leaning back and putting her hands behind her to allow Xander better access. Xander pushed his fingers further into her and Ren began to keen as the base of his hand brushed against her clit.

Ren felt her orgasm begin and Xander's name spilled out of her mouth over and over again as her muscles clamped hard around Xander's fingers. She lost a little sense of balance and tipped forward slightly when Xander kept rubbing hard with his thumb against her clit as she continued to come around his other digits "Ohh God damn that felt so good Xan"

Xander waited until she had rode out the last of her orgasm before he slipped his fingers from inside her. He put both his hands on her back and pulled her down towards him so she lay against his chest, her head next to his. Ren slipped just a little to one side as her legs fell straight and she entwined them with Xander's. She rested her head against the crook of his shoulder, liking the sensations that Xander caused when he trailed little patterns with his fingertips on her shoulder.

Ren relaxed against Xander, bending one arm up and resting it on his shoulder that didn't have her head on it. She closed her eyes and sighed contentedly. Ren had not felt this good and this happy for quite a while. Lying in Xander's arms as he held her, she realised that she didn't want to give him up. He was going to be hers for a little while longer yet.

Xander began to stroke his fingers gently through her hair "Ren?"


"I've just realised that we didn't... I mean... protection"

"Xander sweetie, unless you've suddenly become the same species as me, it's really not a problem"

Xander's hand drifted from her hair down to the small of her back, his finger brushing lightly against the soft skin there. They lay in silence for a few minutes before Xander spoke again. "Ren?"


Xander didn't say anything. He took her in his arms, holding her close to him as he rolled them both over so he lay on top of her. Xander ducked his head and began trailing kisses along her collarbone and then up the soft skin of her neck. His lips lingered on the pulse point of the vein there and he began to suck on it, as she had done to him, and little moans of pleasure began to escape Ren's lips.

Xander felt his cock grow just that little bit harder everytime Ren moaned out his name as he sucked on her neck. He stayed there longer than he intended before moving his mouth upwards again and nibbling on her earlobe making her squirm beneath him again, grinding against his dick that was increasingly becoming hotter and heavier and harder with need to be inside her again. Xander began kissing along her jaw line before finally coming to a stop at her lips, taking her bottom one between his teeth gently and nibbling on it just a little before biting down hard.

Ren gasped. She looked into Xander's eyes and saw him looking back at her a little apprehensively. "What?" she asked softly.

"Can I... I mean-" he tried again "Ren... I want to make love to you"

Ren was a little taken aback at the sincerity that was behind his request. Her own bright blues eyes kept staring right back at his chocolate brown ones and she smiled warmly, a hint of shyness around the corners of her mouth. "Sure Xan". Ren reached up with one hand and threaded her fingers through his hair as he smiled back down at her.

Xander slid further down her body, he encircled his lips around one nipple, sucking hard, before transferring his lips across and repeating the action on her other nipple. He kissed a spot between her breasts, then trailed a path down to her navel with his tongue. Xander's lips brushed her skin just below her belly button before travelling down again.

Ren parted her legs as Xander nudged his head between them. Xander pushed her thighs even further apart with his hands as he darted his tongue inside her, finally tasting her, the warm intoxicating fluid coating his tongue as he thrust it into her again and again before lapping his tongue over her clit in quick little strokes.

Ren writhed under his ministrations "Xan..." she whimpered when he stopped, starting to move back up her body again.

Xander's hips came to rest against Ren's, her thighs still spread, Xander's cock positioned at her entrance. Xander could feel the wetness that drizzled down from her core beginning to coat his hot, hard shaft as he nudged himself a little further inside her. He placed his hands by Ren's shoulder, lowering his head and kissing her softly as he slid all the way into her in one movement. Ren sighed with pleasure into his mouth as Xander stilled inside her.

Ren wrapped her arms around him, holding him close as he began to slide in and out of her slowly. They began to kiss lazily as Xander pumped slowly into her. Ren hooked one leg further around him and began sliding her foot up and down the length of his leg.

Ren's hands slid down to his waist and she rolled them over so they were on their sides. One of Xander's arms rested against the pillows, curling around Ren's neck, his hand gently cupping the back of her head and his other hand resting against her upper arm.

They moved together slowly, savouring the sensations that each of them created in each other. Ren loving the way Xander filled her so much - and it wasn't just physical. Ren knew she was falling for this guy and she didn't know if she could tell him or not. She had to admit to herself that it frightened her a little just how quickly he had become one of the most important people in her life.

Xander loved the way Ren felt around him as he pushed his cock in and out of her, the velvet heat welcoming him back each time he felt himself all the way inside her. Ren was beautiful and sweet and funny and he knew that she could kill him in three seconds flat with her bare hands if she ever had the urge. It made him liken the taste of her skin to the way the air tastes and feels just before rain or a storm - sizzling just a little around the edges, but otherwise a quiet danger on the horizon.

And Xander wanted more. What they were doing here, what they'd being doing this evening, it was more than just 'fun'.

Seconds of pleasure grew into minutes that just kept passing as they moved with each other; Xander just seeming to know when Ren was about to go over the edge and easing off, bringing her back down slowly before starting all over again.

"Xan...der" she sighed his name with pleasure when they broke off their kisses for air "Can we just keep... doing this forever?"

"Whatever you want Ren"

At those words Ren's orgasm hit. It came in slow waves that set her insides alight with so much heat she thought she was going to burn up. She kept spasming around Xander as he stayed rock hard, continuing to slide inside her.

Xander captured Ren's moans of delight inside his mouth as he kissed her again, harder this time, speeding up his thrusts and Ren still rode out her orgasm. He moved his arm that rested on her shoulder down to her ass, pulling her closer to him.

Xander's quicker thrusts inside her coinciding with her still sensitive clitoris after her orgasm, meant that Ren began to feel the passion build slowly up inside her again.

Everytime Xander pushed his cock into her, Ren pushed herself down, making sure he was buried all the way inside her, keeping this action going on and on until she felt Xander tense and then finally come, calling out her name softly over and over again.

Ren came again almost immediately after Xander, her juices mingling inside her with Xander's semen that still leaked from his cock. A smile on her lips, Ren laid her head against Xander's shoulder and Xander brought his hand up from her rear and wrapped it around her waist.

They stayed sticky and sated in each other's arms in silence for a short while, before Ren moved her hips just a little bit so Xander slipped from inside her. She disentangled herself from his hold, then lay beside him, one hand flat against his chest, fingers tapping lightly against his breastbone.

His brown eyes gazed back into her blue ones and he smiled. "Amazing" was all he said.

Ren just smiled back and reached behind him, grabbing one small blanket and Xander moved, letting her cover up the wet spot he was unfortunately lying in. She took another larger blanket and covered them both with it. Ren then snuggled up against him, resting her head against his shoulder. Xander draped his arms over her back and closed his eyes. He felt Ren relax against him and he sighed contentedly and also a little tiredly.

Ren sighed tiredly too. She didn't want to use her healing power to stay awake as she usually did. Ren wanted to fall asleep with Xander and wake up with him too. She placed one soft kiss on his chest before her own eyes fluttered shut.


As they both began to drift off to a welcoming sleep, the knowledge began to sink in to them both that, no matter what happened in this new phase of their relationship, they would always be more than just friends.




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