A Perfect Night, A Perfect Time

Written by: Joanne W

Series: Interludes
Summary: There's got to be a first time for everything. Buffy and Xander have theirs.
Joss Whedon, WB & UPN et al own everything Buffy and Angel
Authors Notes: This series of interludes take place during my stories 'Breaking the Rules', Mirror Mirror, and Aspects of Love. This interlude takes place between 'Breaking the Rules' and 'Mirror Mirror' (both posted on FanfictionNet and at my site Full Moon Fiction). British spelling. *_*'s indicate word emphasis and //_//'s indicate direct character thoughts. Thank you to Bob R for giving it the once over. He'll get his small aubergine later.


Buffy pushed back a lock of blonde hair behind her ear then adjusted the left strap of the thigh length, black negligee she wore. She chewed on her bottom lip as she stared back at her reflection in the full-length mirror, turning to one side first and examining her image in the glass and then to the other, smoothing down non-existent wrinkles in the black silk.

Finally she faced her reflection full on again, only adjusting the lace that trimmed the plunging neckline so it lay straight. Buffy drew in a deep breath and then exhaled slowly.

"OK." she said aloud to her reflection "Checklist time." Buffy began counting off on her fingers as she spoke "I've bathed, I've washed my hair, I've waxed everything that I wanted waxing. I've exfoliated and moisturised. I've plucked and preened and blow-dried. Spent half an hour doing my make up so it's looks like I'm not actually wearing any make-up. I've lit the candles and waved the smelly incense thing about a bit and now run out of fingers." Buffy took another breath and allowed herself a smile "And Xander's gonna be here in ten minutes."

Buffy took another look around Xander's bedroom. She'd cleaned and tidied every surface, placing candles anywhere she could and picked up clothes from the floor, putting them away in their respective drawers or in the closet. Buffy had even brought her own covers for the bed, thinking that her own simple, dark red quilt and pillow covers would coincide better with the atmosphere she was trying to build rather than Xander's Pokemon ones. The lights were on, but dimmed and the candlelight provided an inviting, sensual atmosphere.

Everything had been thought of this morning when she'd woken up alone. Again. And she wanted tonight to be the night that she and Xander finally made love.

She and Xander had been dating nearly two months now - seven weeks and five days to be exact - and it had been time spent doing normal dating type stuff; going to the movies, going out to dinner, staying in and watching TV or videos, picnics in the park or at the beach and killing vampires and demons together. Ninety percent of those dates and time spent together had resulted in make out sessions that had gotten hotter each time, with kisses becoming more harder and more passionate and hands becoming ever more adventurous in the places they went to. But had been as far as they'd gone.

Buffy knew the reason why she and Xander hadn't gotten fully intimate yet. Actually there were two reasons. One was the reason that Buffy and Xander *both* related to. It was because they'd been (and still were) best friends. It was a big enough jump to just start kissing your best friend with plenty of tongue, let alone crying out their name in pleasure when you were all hot and sweaty together and having orgasms.

The other reason was Buffy's alone and something she tried not to think about. It was, in one word,


Or as Buffy had liked to call her in moments of jealousy - 'Nympho demon bitca that got her hands all over my Xander first'. Now, Buffy just called her 'Woman that Xander might be comparing me to when he and I finally get all hot and sweaty together and have orgasms'. And that was something that Buffy did not want to happen. Not the orgasms - the comparing.

And Xander did love her. He'd told her just that two days ago. There had been no grand declaration with hearts and flowers, instead, just a simple "I love you." that had taken her by surprise. All they'd been doing was walking back from Giles' and Xander had just taken her hand and glanced across at her, calmly saying those three little words. Buffy had smiled back, told him that she loved him too and they'd carried on walking hand in hand.

Buffy grinned stupidly and bounced a little on the balls of her feet. //I have a boyfriend who loves me// Buffy punched the air "Go me."


As Xander trudged wearily up the stairs to his apartment he wondered again how he’d managed to get suckered into working a double shift. He sure as hell knew he wasn’t doing it again in a hurry, extra money or not.

All he wanted to do when he got home was grab a beer, sit down, call Buffy and watch TV. Not even necessarily in that order or even maybe all at the same time.

//OK, maybe I’m not tired exactly, but it has been just one of those days//. He fumbled in his pocket for his keys //and at least I’m off tomorrow//. Xander sighed as he unlocked his door and pushed it open. Once inside he flicked the light switch.

The light didn’t come on.

"OK. It's definitely one of those days," he muttered, stepping forward carefully "Must be the fuse again". Xander headed cautiously over towards the kitchen "Or the bulb or maybe just my crappy luck."

Xander tried the light switch in the kitchen. That didn’t work either. And Xander was beginning to get a little creeped out. His apartment felt weird. Something nagged in at the back of his brain that all was not how he'd left it. Xander backed out of the kitchen and looked down the little hallway that led to the bathroom and the bedroom, his eyes adjusting to the dim light.

At first he couldn’t see anything amiss until, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a faint flicker of light coming from underneath his bedroom door. Xander walked cautiously over and touched his fingers to the door, realising that it was just pulled to. There was another flicker of light from underneath the door and Xander pushed the door with his fingers, staying where he was and letting the door swing open.

When nothing jumped out at him or pulled him in, Xander took a step into the doorway.

And stared.

This was *his* apartment wasn't it? He was pretty sure he didn't own that many candles or any candles for that matter. However, he had to admit that it looked kinda nice. Xander shook his head lightly in disbelief. "Xander Harris." he murmured, "You have just entered the twilight zone." Then suddenly he felt something brush lightly over the small of his back - a familiar touch of a hand.

"You did all this?" Xander asked softly, turning to Buffy.

"Uh huh." Buffy slid her other arm around Xander, tilting her head up so she could look at him "All by myself."

Xander cupped Buffy's face with his hands and tipped his head forward, brushing his lips up against hers gently "It's beautiful." he murmured. Xander's hands dropped to Buffy's waist and he looked into her eyes "You're beautiful."

Buffy's smile lit up her face and she blushed a little. Buffy glanced into the room and then to him "I wanted it to be nice," she said, looking at him hopefully "It's OK?"

"Very OK." Xander replied, grinning, "Why didn't you tell me?"

Buffy smiled coyly "I thought it'd be a surprise." Buffy reached up with one hand, brushing her fingers lightly through his hair "Surprised?"

"Had no idea." Xander dipped his head forward again, closing his eyes as he pressed his lips against Buffy's. Xander raised one hand and gently cupped the back of her head as they began to kiss, lips parting and tongues gently sliding against each other as they found themselves becoming more involved in the kiss. Buffy wrapped both her arms around Xander's neck as the kiss became more passionate and moaned a little when his other hand found it's way to her ass.

When he pulled her closer to him, she could feel the heat of his body through the thin silk of her negligee. This was what she wanted. She wanted Xander close to her, holding her like he never wanted to let go. Buffy kept herself as close to Xander she could when she tugged at the shoulder of his jacket. Xander obliged her and let go of her briefly to allow his jacket to fall to the floor before his hands were back where they had been. As they continued to kiss, Buffy's hands slid down to Xander's rear, enjoying the gasp he made into her mouth when she squeezed hard.

Xander pulled away reluctantly for air "Buffy." was all he said as he studied the flushed face of his girlfriend, stroking fingers over her golden hair.

Buffy just smiled, taking his hand that had been on her ass. "I also have the evening sort of planned out," she said, stepping back from him "For one thing." Buffy continued "You've just got home after spending all day working…" she paused, trying to look innocent "You probably want to freshen up." Buffy smiled coyly again, tugging on his hand gently as she took a couple of steps out into the hallway "I'm thinking… maybe… a bath?"

"Is this your polite way of saying you don't want to touch me until I get the smell of restaurant kitchen out of my hair?" Xander asked as he allowed Buffy to lead him into the bathroom, upon where he was met with another surprise. The first thing he noticed was the fact that the bath had already been run. The second thing was the candles. The third thing was the fact that it was *clean*. Xander looked to Buffy who was trying her hardest not to look too hopeful for approval.

Xander smiled easily "Bubbles?"

Buffy shrugged "I thought you'd look cute in them."


Buffy stood closer to him "Uh huh." She glanced down briefly and began fiddling with one of his shirt buttons before raising her gaze again; looking up at him through her lashes "You don't think you would?"

"I don't know." Xander answered "My brain is stuck on a 'Buffy Looks Sexy' loop, thereby stopping all decision making functions."

Buffy smiled, popping open the button she'd been fiddling with. "I look sexy?"

"I think you look amazing."

Buffy's eyes sparkled and she smiled, undoing his final button and moving on to his cuffs "I like that."

Xander stood still as Buffy tugged the bottom of his shirt from his pants and then pushed it over his shoulders, pulling it down over his arms. When it fell to the floor, Xander circled a hand around Buffy's waist and pulled her closer to him. He lowered his head to hers; their lips almost touching before Buffy drew her head back, a teasing smile on her face.

"Shoes and socks please." Buffy requested.

"Then smoochies?"

Buffy shook her head lightly as she watched Xander removing his footwear "Then pants."

Xander kicked his shoes and socks over towards the door "Then will there be kissing?"

Buffy looked thoughtful "Maybe." Buffy reached her hand out and hooked her fingers just under the waistband of his pants. She stepped closer to him "Water's getting cold." Buffy looked up at him as she managed to get his belt undone with one hand and started pulling it through the loops.

"I should tell you now that I'm not wearing any underwear."

Buffy tossed the belt in the same direction as Xander's shoes "Can I ask why?"

"I was in a rush this morning," he said with a grin "I thought you said the water was getting cold."

"So I did." Buffy popped open the top button of his fly and took hold of his zipper. Buffy took a mental deep breath and pulled it down. She kept her eyes on his and realised that now, she could see that Xander was just as nervous as she was.

Buffy took another mental deep breath. //But there's got to be a time when you go from the on top of the clothes stuff to the full frontal nudity stuff//. Buffy reached in between the material and brushed her fingers gently against cock.

Xander swallowed hard and tried to remember to breathe as Buffy's hand went further, her fingers grazing against his balls. Buffy was pressing the heel of her palm against the top of his shaft, gently cupping as much of him in her hand as she could. Xander succeed in not spluttering out something unintelligible, unfortunately the only thing that came from his mouth was a whispered "Your hand's cold."

"Sorry." Buffy smiled a little sheepishly and withdrew her hand.

"No, that's uh, not quite what I-" Xander tried to retract his previous sentence "I mean you could put it back, 'cos hey, y'know, not complaining or anything… and that's my pants around my ankles now isn't it?"

"I thought I'd better do something to stop you before you started babbling." Buffy took his hand "Come on." she said, smiling "I'll scrub your back."

"Sounds nice." Xander stepped up to the side of the tub and lowered one foot into the water. He glanced down behind him "Shame that most of the bubbles have disappeared." Xander looked back to Buffy "Buff, there's something I want to ask you, well… clarify really." Xander set his hands firmly on her waist "I just want to know that you won't hurt me in anyway for ruining the this amazing little black number you're wearing."

Buffy's brow furrowed as she tried to read Xander's face "What are you talking about?". Then Buffy saw the mischievous glint in his eye and she put her hands over his "Alexander Harris don't you even think about it." she warned, looking at the water then back to him "This amazing little black number is very expensive and-and new. Let me stress *new*."

Xander grinned "Aw honey. Surely you wouldn't even think about using any unfair super power advantages you have against me." he pouted "Would you?" Xander pulled her a little closer. "Or I guess you could take it off. I really shouldn’t be the only naked person here."

Buffy took her eyes from Xander and studied - slowly - the guy infront of her. And it wasn't too shabby. Xander had put on some muscle since high school - his arm and legs had toned up and she could see the ever-improving outline of a washboard stomach. Not to mention the burgeoning erection which //yay, is all for me// was at present the prominent feature

Buffy looked back up at him "I think you're right." she said with a suggestive smile. Buffy took her hands off Xander's and brought one hand up to the opposite shoulder, pulling the strap slowly off and over her arm - then repeating the action with the other strap. She let the material drop to her waist where it covered Xander's hands. "You'd better take the rest of it off." Buffy suggested, "I wouldn't want you to feel left out."

Xander didn't need to be told twice. He dipped his head and captured Buffy's lips in a soft kiss and slid the black material smoothly over Buffy's hips until it was able to fall to the floor itself.

Buffy kissed Xander harder as he then cupped her ass with his both his hands, squeezing her cheeks hard. She stepped one foot into the bath as her arms went up to circle around Xander's neck, delighting in how he moaned softly in pleasure when she pressed herself hard up against him. Buffy put her other foot in the water and now she stood flush up against Xander, sliding one hand down to his ass so she could hold him even tighter against her.

They were kissing hungrily now, their tongues duelling against each other's with fervour, teeth clashing as they tried to devour each other's mouths. Xander had one hand at Buffy's head now, his fingers threaded through her hair. As he held her to him, he couldn't help but rock his hips gently against her body. She just felt so good against him like this, so soft underneath his hands as they caressed her body and so hot against him where there flesh connected.

Buffy's other hand then slid smoothly down his back, coming to rest on his backside, squeezing his cheeks roughly and then kneading the flesh underneath her hands. Not to be outdone, Xander mirrored her actions with his own hands that cupped Buffy's ass, massaging the supple flesh then moving one hand further down, his fingers stretching out and probing in-between her thighs. When Buffy wriggled against him, but made no move to pull away, Xander pushed his middle finger further between her legs until he could feel the softer, velvet skin at her core.

A gasp got caught in Buffy's throat when the tip of his finger slid against the sensitive skin that was becoming slick with her juices. Buffy broke off the kiss and moaned softly against his still parted lips. Her eyes fluttered shut and her let her forehead rest against Xander's upper chest.

"OK?" Xander asked softly.

"Mmm hmm" Buffy replied, still trying to get her breath back from the kiss "S'good."

Xander dropped his other hand on her hip "More?" he whispered in her ear.

"Mmm hmm." Buffy mumbled this time as she had her lips against Xander's chest, placing wet, little kisses against his collarbone and around his throat. She slid her hands up Xander's back when he pushed his finger deep inside of her. Buffy's hands clutched at his upper back, her fingers hooked tightly over his shoulders.

Xander slid his free hand around the back of Buffy's left thigh and pulled it up and around him, allowing him more access to explore with his fingers between her thighs. It also meant that his cock slipped into a slightly better position between them, the thin sheen of sweat and condensation on their skin making it easy to gain that much wanted friction as Buffy rocked slowly against him.

Xander inserted another finger, both digits now pumping in and out of Buffy. She was so hot and tight, Xander couldn't believe it and now she'd found an erogenous spot on his chest that he never knew he had and was kissing it and around it and make his breathing just that little bit more shallow and started off a tingling feeling in his toes that he knew damn well was going to go all the way up to his groin all too quickly if Buffy didn't stop making those little mewling noises against his chest.

Xander rested his head against Buffy's as he picked up the pace, pushing his fingers into her a little faster and a little harder, crooking them so the tips of his fingers rubbed hard against her vaginal walls that were slick and coating his fingers with her juices that Xander now just wanted to taste. To be able to drink her right in and keep her making those little noises in her throat for the rest of the night.

Buffy began kissing her way slowly down Xander's chest, twisting her body enough so Xander could continue to do the really nice stuff with his fingers and she could continue to taste his skin, her tongue flicking out and capturing the salt from the thin sheen of sweat that covered them both, mixed with the steam from the bath and something else that was just Xander. Something that she wondered why she hadn't gone after before in all the time she knew him. Buffy was just about to dip her head more to place her lips around one of his nipples, when Xander's fingers hit a spot inside of her and she moaned loudly, a delicious feeling hitting home in the pit of her stomach.

"Oh G-od." she panted "Do that again."

Xander continued to slip slide his fingers in and out of her "You mean this?" Xander pressed his fingers hard against the spot he knew he's hit before and was rewarded by Buffy moaning loudly again and clamping her mouth around one of his nipples and suckling hard the sensitive flesh there. Xander closed his eyes and his head went back as he matched the thrusts of his fingers with Buffy's tongue flicking out hard against the hard peak of flesh between her lips.

Buffy balanced her foot that belonged to the leg that Xander had hooked around him on a shelf that was fixed against the wall. Her hand that was opposite dropped from Xander's shoulder and to his ass where it met the top of his thigh and she curled her fingers gently the back of his leg and began stroking them against the soft skin just on the inside of his thigh.

"Xander…" Buffy was kissing back around his throat now "…Xan… want…"

"What? Oh *G-*" Xander couldn't even finish the sentence as he shuddered right through his body as Buffy just scratched the tip of her long hail against the small patch of skin just between his balls and anus. "Oh sweet Jesus." he groaned into the crook of her neck as Buffy did it again "Who in the hell told you about that?"

Buffy didn't answer, her head was thrown back now and her eyes closed. Even more strands of damp hair clung to her forehead as she rocked faster against Xander as he continued to move his fingers inside of her. Buffy's hand clutched at his shoulder again as she felt the first waves of her orgasm building up inside her.

Xander drew his head back and studied Buffy's face as it somehow became a mixture of concentration and total relaxation. She was breathing hard but it was steady. Her brows were furrowed slightly as she focused on working herself off on his fingers even as he continued to pump them inside of her, the evidence that she was close to the edge was coated all over his fingers and even beginning to trickle down slowly onto his palm. But what Xander watched mostly was her mouth; kiss-swollen lips parted just a little, the tip of her tongue coming out to wet them every so often and the soft little moans that came out between them on her breath.

And he kept watching her and her breathing became less controlled and she started to keen more, the soft little moans becoming louder and more urgent and, as if she knew he was watching her, Buffy opened her eyes and looked back at him.

Buffy moved one of her hands up to his head and carded her fingers through his hair "Xan… kiss me… need you."

Xander dipped his head and captured her bottom lip between his teeth gently before running his tongue along it. Buffy arched up towards him as she pulled his head down, pressing her lips hard against his, her own tongue sliding past his and grazing the roof of his mouth. She only needed Xander to nudge the tips of his fingers against that spot that had her practically melting in his arms just a few more times and Buffy knew she would go over the edge

And then she felt it, the blissful rippling starting from her very core and spreading quickly out, tingling all over her skin and causing her to shudder and buck her hips towards Xander. Moans of ecstasy coming from deep inside were muted as she refused to stop devouring Xander's mouth, holding him close and wanting as much skin to skin as possible as she came harder, her climax expelling waves of bliss throughout her body.

Xander's hand went from Buffy's thigh to the small of her back, her leg dropping back down into the cooling water with a quiet splash. His fingers were held tight inside Buffy, enveloped by hot, throbbing walls of muscle that were positively dripping all over his fingers. Xander could feel Buffy's heart thumping against his chest and she broke off the kiss abruptly, taking in a couple of big gulps of air and still he could feel her spasming all around his fingers, although he could move them now. Buffy whimpered when he eased his fingers from inside her, looking back at him with shining, lust filled eyes. She swallowed hard, still trying to control her breathing, and kept her eyes on Xander's as she moved her hand from his head to the side of his face, gently touching his cheek.

"There's nothing I can say." Buffy had to take another breath "That won't sound like a cliché." she kissed him, barely brushing her lips against his "Except… I love you."

"I love you too." Xander managed to get out before Buffy kissed him again, no tongues this time, just soft little kisses caressing his lips and around his mouth. Xander mirrored her, smiling around kisses and gazing at each other through half closed eyes.

Buffy had one arm over Xander's shoulder now and began to mould herself against him, biting his lower lip hard as she purposely pressed herself hard against his erection.

Xander drew in a sharp breath and closed his eyes when Buffy dropped her hand to his thigh, just brushing the tips of her fingers lightly over his hip bone before she pulled back just enough so she could slip her hand in between them both. Another gasp got caught in Xander's throat when Buffy's fingers encircled his cock at the base and she pumped her hand up and down his length a few times, using the pre-come leaking from the head of cock to slide her hand more easily.

Buffy placed the flat of her hand against his shoulder and pushed him backwards so he stumbled back through the water and his back went up against the cooling, damp tiles. Buffy positioned her legs so they were either side one of Xander's and her hand that was on his shoulder trailed slowly down his chest until it came to rest just on his side. Xander looked at her, one eyebrow raised.

Buffy smiled "This time I get to watch you." Buffy eased her hand slowly up the length of Xander's cock, rubbing her thumb over the head, smiling again when Xander closed his eyes and groaned softly. "Y'know." she said as she moved her hand back down again, starting to pump her fist up and down "I think the bath plan has kinda gone out the window."

"You think?" Xander's breathing was getting shallower "Well I like what we did instead better… ohh god… anyway." Xander's hands clenched into fists as Buffy started to move her hand faster and it took him a second to realise why one of his hands was sticky. He opened his eyes and glanced down at the hand that he now held out infront of him before looking at Buffy who really had a too innocent look on her face, especially for someone who was jacking someone else off. Buffy saw him look at his hand and she raised an eyebrow at him in puzzlement. Xander took his eyes away from hers, knowing though that she was still watching him, as he raised the palm of his hand to his mouth, licking at the skin with the flat of his tongue in two long strokes.

Buffy's hand almost came to a complete stop as she watched Xander then put just the tips of his fingers into his mouth, sucking gently and then she knew god damn well what he was doing and just a little part of her went *eww* and the other ninety eight percent just wanted to jump his bones right there and then. But she didn't. Didn't even think about pinning him against the tiled wall and then screwing his brains out as she watched his tongue come out and lick one finger from base to tip. Nope, not at all. Not even when he did the same thing again with the other finger and he murmured appreciatively.

//Bastard. Who does he think he is turning me on like this?//. Then Buffy smiled slyly, watching Xander as his head fell back gently against the tiles, his eyes staying closed as he gave the palm of his hand one final lick. //But then I am the one with his dick in my hand//.

Xander was savouring the taste of Buffy's that she'd left on his fingers, - a bittersweet, intoxicating taste that he knew he was going to need more of - when he was snapped out if his moment as Buffy squeezed his cock hard, her fingers curling tightly around him. Xander groaned loudly and his hips bucked forward and if it hadn't been for Buffy leaning up against him he probably would have fallen over.

"Don't worry." Buffy murmured seductively "I'll be careful I don’t break anything." Buffy jerked her fist hard a couple of times up and down his cock, causing Xander to groan again. Buffy put her free hand on his shoulder again and her mouth to his chest, her lips once again encircling one of his nipples. She sucked hard on the sensitive flesh, laving her tongue over the hardened peak before finally taking it between her teeth and biting gently.

Xander's hips bucked again and one of his hands went against the wall, trying to gain purchase against something as Buffy began to move her hand quicker up and down his hard length, swiping her hand every so often over the head of his dick and taking up the pre-come to make her fist slide easier.

"Buffy…" Xander managed to gasp out "Are you sure… you're not going to… unnh… break any… thing?"

Buffy drew her head back and looked up at him. Xander still had his eyes closed and his dark hair was beginning to stick to his forehead. His face muscles twitched as he breathed hard, his breath hitching everytime her hand went over the head of his cock. Buffy trailed her gazed down from his jaw, down the strong lines of neck and over his torso as it arched towards her until her gaze came to rest on her hand as it pumped the length of his dick. //Jeez, tell me a year ago I'd be doing this…// Buffy looked back up at Xander and smiled to herself //With this guy and that he'd look so Goddamn *hot* and sexy and make me feel the same…//. Buffy took her hand off his shoulder and moved his up to his face, brushing the hair off his forehead and smoothing it back, keeping her fingers weaved in his dark locks. "I promise honey."

Xander's eyelids fluttered open and he looked at her through long dark lashes "You taste beautiful y'know" then Xander's eyes fell shut again. Air expelled from his lungs quickly and his hips jerked involuntarily as he knew he couldn't hold back his release any more. A strangled cry of "Buffy" got caught in his throat as he came hard, his semen splashing over Buffy's hand and against her thigh. Xander shuddered throughout his body as the waves of pleasure from his orgasm travelled throughout his body.

Buffy slowed down the movements with her hand and Xander opened his eyes for the briefest of moments and locked his gaze on to hers before he closed his lids again as Buffy pulled his head gently down to hers, capturing his lips with hers for a soft kiss.

The kiss was brief but sweet and Xander's lips lingered for a few moments just barely against Buffy's, his eyes so close to hers he could make out all the tiny flecks of gold in her irises. "You're a total Goddess, d'ya know that?"

Buffy grinned and kissed Xander again, swiping her thumb over the head of his cock and cleaning off the last remains of his come. He moaned into her mouth, closing his eyes and kissing her harder. Buffy parted her lips and let Xander's tongue through and start tangling with hers and she started to get so lost in the kiss that she didn't notice that one of Xander's hands was inching slowly behind him.

Xander managed to snag his toes around the plug chain with his toes and he pulled it free, the water immediately starting to flow past their ankles. He guessed that bath time was definitely over, especially after what he'd just expelled into it. Plus he had other plans for cleaning off. Xander's hand finally found what it had been searching for behind him.

Buffy shrieked as the cold water hit her and tried to scramble from underneath the spray of the shower, but Xander grabbed hold of her wrist with one hand and his other encircled her waist and pulled her tightly to him.

"Xander, it's *freezing*!" she exclaimed, still struggling against him as she began to get thoroughly wet, although knowing full well she could be out of Xander's grip and the bathroom with no problem. But why would she want to escape from a naked, wet Xander? He'd let go of her wrist now and was brushing her wet hair off her face. Buffy looked up at him, blinking the water of her eyes "You wanted to make me a cold, wet Goddess?"

"Aren't they the best ones?" Xander grinned and took his other hand from her waist and moved that up to her head as well, cupping her cheek. Buffy shivered against the cold water but smiled back warmly. She pressed her hands flat against his back, holding him in an embrace as Xander then swept both his hands over her hair, firmly plastering it to her head and she closed her eyes as he kissed her softly on the forehead. "I love you." he said quietly "I love everything about you."

Buffy opened her eyes and looked back into his "Everything?" she smiled "Even the bad ice-skating movie obsession?"

"What kind of boyfriend would I be-" Xander smiled, his hands slipped down to her waist "If I didn't?"

Buffy laid her head against his chest, closing her eyes as she listened again to his heart beating. Buffy sighed contentedly, wrapping her arms tighter around him when he hugged her to him. "I love you too." she said "It's why I want-" Buffy broke off, hesitating for a few moments before continuing, her voice a little softer "It's why I wanted this… why I want us to make love." Buffy lifted her head up to look at him "And I mean we don't have to… tonight I mean… I just wanted you to know."

Xander reached around behind him and turned off the shower and suddenly it was just too quiet for Buffy and she laid her face on his chest again, half-regretting she'd even said anything.

Xander was all too aware that he hadn't said anything in reply to Buffy's statement. Truth was, he couldn't think of anything to say that wouldn't make him sound like a gibbering, lovesick idiot and he was pretty sure the moment called for suave and romantic and speaking words that had actual vowels sounds. Why was it Buffy did this to him? Why could she just look at him with those big, bluey eyes of hers and make him feel so good?

And she wanted him. So he kept holding her and he kissed the top of her head. Buffy looked up at him but didn't say anything and neither did Xander as he kissed her forehead.

Buffy closed her eyes when Xander then kissed her softly on one of her temples then kissing a spot just below, slowly trailing a path of butterfly kisses down the side of her face and her cheek and then finally putting his lips to hers. Xander kissed her softly and slowly; bringing his hands up to cup her face as he continued to caress the lips underneath his. After several long moments he pulled back and Buffy opened her eyes again and looked into his. Xander brushed a thumb over her cheek gently "I want you too. I want you so much."

Buffy kissed him back hard, crushing her lips against his, wanting to give herself to him right there. And it might have been the time, but it certainly wasn't the place. Moving her hands around from his back to his chest, never losing contact with his body, Buffy pushed her arms up through the middle of his and looped her arms around his neck, whereupon Xander's hands then went to encircle her waist tightly.

"Let's get out of here Xander" Buffy murmured softly against his lips "I'm getting cold"

Xander's mouth flickered into a smile "Come on then." Xander dipped a little then scooped Buffy up in his arms, one hand under her arms and the other under her knees. "We should probably get dry too." Xander shifted her weight a little in his arms as he stepped carefully out of he bath and onto the tiled floor "Don't want my little slayer catching cold."

Buffy pouted playfully when Xander then set her back down on the floor "I don't care about catching cold." Buffy kept her arms around his neck "And call me that again."

"Little Slayer?"

"No." Buffy replied, smiling shyly "*My* little Slayer." she gazed into his eyes "I like that."

Xander grabbed a large bath towel off the pile Buffy had laid out by the sink and then wrapped it around Buffy's back, just holding it underneath her arms. "Well, I'll have to remember that." Xander smiled "*My* little Slayer, right?"

"Mmm hmm." Buffy took the towel off Xander and finished pulling it around herself. She took another towel off the pile, draping it around Xander's waist and as she started to pull it around his front she brushed her fingers lightly over his hip bone before they just grazed with a featherlike touch over the base of his penis. Then she blinked innocently at him and finished wrapping the towel around his middle.

Xander gave her an amused smile "Tease."

Buffy just smiled. She reached out and trailed one finger down the middle of his chest until it reached the edge of the towel. "Tell you what." she said "Why don't you go and open the wine I left chilling in the refrigerator." Buffy ignored the raised eyebrow and grin she got from Xander and carried on "And I'll attempt to sort out the damage that surprise shower did to my hair."

Xander put a couple of fingers underneath her chin and lifted her face up slightly "You still look amazing." he said, kissing her tenderly.

"Thank you." Buffy ran a hand down his side so it came to rest on his thigh "But you're biased." she smiled, tapping her hand lightly on his leg a couple of times "Go. I'll be two minutes."

Xander kissed her again "OK". He turned and took a couple of steps out of the bathroom before he noticed a tugging at his waist and then something was missing. His towel. Xander turned around to see Buffy holding it in her hand, an appreciative smile gracing her lips.

"So it's OK if I catch a cold then?" he said.

"You wouldn't want me to make you feel better?" Buffy pouted in reply.

"Well in that case…" Xander grinned and turned on his heel, making his way to the kitchen.

Buffy peered around the corner of the bathroom doorframe and watched Xander's ass as he walked away from her. She sighed happily and then ducked back into the bathroom. Buffy grabbed a comb from the bathroom counter and began attacking her hair, quite aware that she had a stupid smile on her face.


Xander set the bottle of wine on the kitchen counter, leaving the refrigerator open for light, as he couldn't be bothered to sort out the other lights Buffy had obviously disabled earlier. He opened one of the overhead cupboards and searched for some wine glasses. No luck. //So maybe there was one thing that Buffy forgot//. Xander pulled out two of his cleanest tumblers and put them next to the bottle. Then his eyes fell on the two champagne flutes just nestled against the wall. //Or maybe not//.

Xander grabbed them, shaking his head lightly. //And there I was planning a quiet evening in with TV and beer// Xander sighed happily //And now I've got wine and naked Buffy//. Xander let that thought skip through his head a couple of times. //Hell, tonight wasn't how I'd planned our first time together//. Truth was he hadn't even planned it at all. //Idiot//. He'd thought that it would just somehow… happen.

//Not to mention the fact that I took longer than I should to tell her that I loved her//. It had been weird at first for Xander when he and Buffy had started dating. She'd been so into him for such a long time - before he even knew that she had any other kind of feelings other than friendship towards him - and he'd gone into this relationship with her straight after his tryst with Ren, Xander just wanted to make sure he was definitely *definitely* not rebounding in any way or form before he could say those three little words.

And when he'd had realised that he could say those three little words, it was never the right time. There were demons that had no consideration for anyone's personal life that kept appearing at the most inopportune moments and trying to kill you; friends that always seemed to be around, grinning stupidly at you when you started to get sappy with your girlfriend; co-workers that suddenly appeared at your side in the Bronze and wanted to talk about their day. Until one day a short while ago, he suddenly found himself without all these people around, no demons, no one to spoil the mood, not anyone but Buffy and him and he'd finally said those three little words. And she'd said them back. He'd never been so happy.

And now Xander was feeling light-headed without even having touched anything alcoholic. Xander felt like it was going to be his first time with anyone, not just Buffy. It wasn't of course; there had been Faith and Anya and he had a couple of faint scars from his time with Ren to prove that - a bite mark on his shoulder that you wouldn't really see unless you knew it was there and the other one Buffy *definitely* hadn't seen yet. It was going to be fun explaining that.

//And now is not the time to be thinking about anything to do with any previous girlfriends// Xander reprimanded himself. He collected his thoughts together as he took up the bottle, glasses and as a last thought, a corkscrew, before heading back to the bedroom this time. Buffy wasn't in there yet so he set everything down on the small table underneath his window and uncorked the wine and filled each glass about half full.

"Hey, naked boyfriend." a soft voice called from the doorway.

Xander grinned and turned around to see Buffy leaning against the doorframe. She dressed again in her black negligee and her hair was combed through and tied back in a low ponytail at the back of her neck.

Xander held out one of the glasses to her and she walked slowly over to him. She didn't take the glass; instead she pushed his hand back down so he had to set the glass back down on the table. Buffy then placed her hand on his stomach, feeling his muscles twitch underneath her fingers. She moved her hand slowly up his body, all the time keeping her eyes on Xander's, until her hand reached the top of his shoulder where she rested it for a moment before she reaching up further and tangled her fingers in his hair. "We can finish that later." she said, referring to the drink "Just come to bed."

Xander let Buffy take one of his hands "'Kay." and he followed Buffy as she led him over towards the bed. As they stood just before it, Xander let go of Buffy's hand and circled his arms around her waist, pulling her towards him so her back was against his chest.

Buffy's head fell back against his shoulder "What?" she asked softly, pushing back against him slightly and feeling his quickly hardening cock between them.

"Nothing." Xander nuzzled his face in her neck, placing small butterfly kisses against her skin. Buffy tilted her head to one side, enjoying the pleasant tingles he was causing to dance up and down her spine.

After several moments she turned in his embrace and she rested her arms on top of his, holding on to his upper arms. "Xan?"

Xander didn't say anything, a small smile had settled on his lips and Buffy raised a curious eyebrow just as he kissed her. Buffy's arms went up again around Xander's neck as he slipped his tongue in between her lips. She arched up towards him when his hands moved to her ass, pulling her hips closer to his.

Xander moved them both backwards so the backs of Buffy's legs were pressed hard up against the bed and with nothing to counter-lean against, Buffy had to sit down and Xander ended up on his knees infront of her. He'd moved his hands just in time and took some of Buffy's nightie with him so it was now gathered around her waist. Xander would've liked to remove it completely, but as Buffy refused to move her arms from around his neck or her lips from his for the present moment, he decided to leave it.

Xander, instead, slowly moved his hands from her waist down to the curve of Buffy's ass and then along the length of her thigh until his hands came to rest on her knees which were digging ever so slightly into his chest. As Buffy continued to plunder his mouth, Xander just put a gentle pressure on each knee, pushing them in separate directions so he now knelt just in-between her thighs.

Buffy managed to tear herself away from his mouth to speak "Xan?." Another kiss and she moved both her hands up to the back of his head "Whatcha doin'?"

Xander drew back just a little when Buffy went to kiss him again so her lips just missed his. He grinned at her pout and then kissed just her bottom lip, then a spot on her chin before beginning to dot tiny kisses along her jaw and Buffy started to get the nice fluttery feeling down the back of her spine again. Her hands drifted down to her sides when there became no where for them to go as Xander continued his path of kisses down her neck and throat.

The nice fluttery feeling deviated to the very pit of her stomach when Xander pushed her legs just a little further apart, sliding his hands over the top of her thighs and letting his thumbs just brush the soft skin on the inside of her legs.

Buffy closed her eyes when Xander's trail of kisses finally came to the top of one of her breasts where it just showed above the neckline of her negligee. //And why did I put this back on again?//. Buffy gathered up the black material at her waist and lifted it up. Xander drew back and as soon as Buffy had removed the clothing and dropped it over the side of the bed, Xander attached his lips firmly to one already erect nipple, bringing one hand up from her thigh to gently cup her breast he was gently suckling on.

A small sigh of pleasure escaped Buffy's lips as Xander then began laving his tongue in firm strokes around over and around the sensitive flesh. Buffy's breathing began to get shallower as Xander continued to attack her breast and nipple with his tongue. She moaned when Xander took the sensitive bud of flesh between his teeth and bit down gently. Buffy tangled her fingers more in his hair and pulled his head up and kissed him hard on the mouth, forcing her tongue between his parted lips and sucking hard on his tongue.

Xander had to brace his hands against Buffy's thighs as she kissed him harder, her tongue swiping wildly at his, leaving him no choice but to just go with it (not that he minded in the first place) until both of them had to break apart for air. Xander eyes locked onto Buffy's equally lust filled ones for just a few moments as they both tried to get air back into their lungs before Xander ducked his head again, placing one hand against the small of her back and immediately sucking hard on Buffy's other nipple, harder than he had before, rougher strokes of the tongue against the sensitive bud and surrounding flesh.

Buffy watched Xander this time, watched his head bob slightly as he made her squirm with pleasure, his tongue causing pleasant sensations to ripple out all over her body. She pouted again when Xander began to ease off, but he ignored her and placed a kiss between her breasts and then another one further down and another one and another one and Buffy watched Xander's head getting lower and lower until she could feel the slight tickle of his breath on her skin just above her small triangle of pubic hair. Buffy let out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding when Xander put his hands on the tops of her thighs, rolling her hips back a little and then dipped his face even more, his lips barely even brushing against her clitoris.

Buffy took another deep breath and held it as Xander's lips then pressed more firmly up against her clit, the almost-kiss on her sex making her bunch the covers on the bed up even more in her hands. Buffy closed her eyes and exhaled when she felt the tip of Xander's tongue run over the length of her slit, starting off at her opening and finishing up just brushing over the quickly swelling bundles of nerves at the top which caused a small moan of pleasure to escape her mouth.

As Buffy didn't seem to be complaining at all about where his tongue was, Xander pressed it harder against the slick folds of sensitive flesh as he ran it the length of her core again, putting his lips all the way around her clit this time and suckling gently. Buffy moaned his name this time which sent more blood to his cock and made him suck harder at Buffy's sex, in turn making her hips jerk up involuntarily and his face pressed even more in between her thighs. Xander inhaled deeply the heady bittersweet and musky scent that was now all around him and he stopped with his ministrations on her clitoris and pushed his tongue between her labia, tasting her juices as he went before his tongue finally broached her entrance.

Buffy's head fell back and she thought she was going to come right there and then the moment she felt Xander's tongue slip inside her. But she held on even as Xander's tongue gently teased the inside of her vagina and even as he thrust it further inside of her and then again and again, causing her to keen harder and harder as he continued to use his tongue over and over to stimulate her. Eventually she just let herself fall backwards and just let any control she had over her body go, relaxing completely and giving herself over to Xander and the delicious sensations he was creating.

Xander lifted one of Buffy's legs up and draped it over his shoulder, her heel immediately digging into his back as he continued to pleasure her, the bucking of her hips towards his face letting him know that she was close. As he withdrew his tongue this time, Xander swirled his tongue around her entrance, licking clean the skin there and drinking up the wetness that was all he'd been tasting moments before. Buffy whimpered as Xander continued to lap at her core, as he seemed to savour the taste of her on his tongue, taking an excruciatingly long time before finally placing his lips once more around her clitoris and sucking hard.

Buffy bit her bottom lip hard to stop herself crying out too loud, her brain telling her once again just to let it go, there was no reason to try and delay the inevitable. Buffy could already feel her insides beginning to throb and when Xander began to lave his tongue roughly over and around her clit she knew she was there.

As she moaned louder and she began to squirm even more under the strokes of his tongue, Xander took a wild guess that Buffy was pretty close to coming and he sucked roughly on her clit one more time before biting down sharply.

Buffy came hard, crying his name out in ecstasy, her hips thrusting once more up against him and her heel digging painfully into his back. And still he held onto her, continuing to suck at her clit, more gently this time as Buffy rode out her orgasm, her hands clutching at the covers above her head now.

Buffy was still breathing hard, little moans escaping when Xander still stayed between her thighs, lapping at the now moist again skin there, cleaning her up once more. Her hands let go of the covers and just stayed limp, the only thing moving now was her chest as she tried to breathe normally again.

When Buffy seemed to have stopped spasming, Xander eased off and just placed one soft kiss on her clitoris before lifting Buffy's leg off his shoulder and letting it fall carefully back against the edge of the bed. Xander ran a tongue over his lips and then quickly swiped a hand down his face removing any remaining evidence of their exploits. He then placed a few little soft kisses along the inside of Buffy's thigh before just nudging her legs back together and then kissing her again, starting a trail up from her abdomen.

Xander had just about reached her belly button when Buffy spoke. "I think I've melted." she said softly, a note of amusement in her voice.

Xander grinned inanely, glad that Buffy still had her eyes closed so she couldn't see it. He sat himself on the bed to one side of her, tucking one leg underneath him as the other hung off the edge of the bed next to Buffy's. Xander leant one hand on the bed while the other hand reached out to brush an errant lock of hair off her forehead. His grin flickered quickly down from inane to just goofy when Buffy's eyes fluttered open at his touch.

She smiled back at him, even as a flush of colour spreading over her face as she met the eyes of the man who'd just made her scream out in pleasure. She gazed back at him in silence for a few minutes before speaking again "Y'know you were the, uh, first person to… y'know" Buffy smiled, a little embarrassed "Do… that… with me". //And please let you be the only to do that ever again//.

It didn't show on Xander's face, but the immature part of his mind immediately leapt up and started giving the finger to all of Buffy's previous boyfriends, one tall, dark and broody one in particular. //Ha. At least there's something of a first between me and Buffy//. Instead, on the outside, Xander just flashed Buffy another goofy grin. He rested the hand he wasn't leaning on, on Buffy's stomach, just stroking the skin underneath lightly with his fingers. "Well, I'm glad you, uh, melted."

"Oh yeah, you melted me good." Buffy grinned back. She managed to move one arm and propped herself up on her elbow so she was facing Xander "You can melt me *any*time."

"Can I have that in writing?"

"Xander honey." Buffy didn't even bother to hide any innuendo as ran her hand along Xander's thigh "You can have anything you want."

Xander's eyes drifted shut when Buffy's hand then went to his cock, her fingers stroking his erection he'd had since she'd first taken him towards the bed. "Buffy…" he uttered, barely audible.

Buffy took hold of his arm and pulled him with her as she moved further up the bed. Buffy pulled out the tie that was holding her hair back and let her drying hair spread out behind her as she laid her head back against the pillow. One of Xander's legs fell between hers as he lay half across her and one of Buffy's arms was curled around him, her hand resting in the middle of his back. He had one hand placed by her shoulder, just raising him slightly from her body, the other hand bent underneath him.

Buffy gazed back up at him, her eyes sparkling in anticipation "Kiss me."

Xander lowered his head and kept his eyes on Buffy's as he softly brushed his lips against hers then took her bottom lip gently between his teeth and nibbled on it. Buffy lifted her head a little and pushed her mouth closer against Xander's, her tongue just flicking out and tracing a wet line over his lips. Xander responded and his tongue danced briefly with Buffy's before they closed their lips against each other's, eyes still locked as they kissed.

Xander moved his hand from by Buffy's shoulder to one exposed breast and he cupped it, squeezing the firm flesh gently, rubbing his thumb hard over her peaked nipple. Xander felt the slight buzz of Buffy's moan against his lips and he did it again, making Buffy arch towards him, her fingertips beginning to dig into his back and his erection pushing hard into her body.

Buffy moved her hand down to his ass, running her hand over his skin making Xander moan this time as she pulled him closer towards her. Xander kissed her harder and his hand left her breast, reaching over towards one of his bedside tables, going for the condoms that he knew were in the drawer - put there for one of those times he though it would just 'happen' between himself and Buffy.

But Buffy had caught hold of his wrist and pulled it away. Xander's brow furrowed in confusion until he saw Buffy's hand reach underneath one of the pillows and produce a small foil packet and then pressed it into Xander's hand.

"What else have you got under there?" Xander asked with a grin.

Buffy smiled back "I wanted to avoid hurried scrabbling about in drawers." she gave his ass a gentle squeeze "Want any help?"

"Well…" Xander kissed her again "If you're offering."

Unfairly using her preternatural strength, Buffy hooked one of her legs around Xander's, flipping him over so he was on his back and their positions were reversed. Buffy ran her hands over Xander's chest before she straddled his thighs; one of her hands now straying to his penis which was lying against his stomach. Buffy curled her fingers around it and she could feel Xander throbbing with need under her touch.

Still Xander kept his eyes on Buffy's as she moved her hand up and down his shaft, her thumb flicking once over the head that glistened with pre-come. "You're really, really good with your hands." he closed his eyes briefly and groaned when Buffy gripped his cock a little tighter "D'ya know that?"

"What kind of Slayer would I be if I wasn't?" Buffy grinned and then deftly caught the small packet that Xander threw at her with her free hand "See?"

"I wasn't arguing with y-ou" Xander's breath got caught in his throat as Buffy's fingers scratched against the sensitive skin on his balls "Especially with what you're holding"

Buffy gave one last stroke of his cock before she let it fall back against his stomach. Buffy tore off the top of the foil and removed the condom, taking up Xander's cock again and sliding the rubber down his shaft slowly.

Xander's breathing got shallower as Buffy inched herself closer up his body, raising her hips and kneeling over him now, positioning herself so his penis was just nudging the now slick again folds of skin between her thighs. Buffy placed her hands on his abdomen and kept her eyes locked with Xander's as she leaned forward a little and rolled her hips backwards, trying to part her legs even further as she felt the head of Xander's cock just push into her a little.

Xander covered her hands with his as she pushed herself further down before she stilled. Xander swallowed hard as he felt the heat of Buffy and the tightness of her that he could feel throbbing around him. His eyes were still locked with Buffy's as they stayed like that for a little while longer, before finally she moved another inch downwards and Xander became even more encased in hot and wet velvet walls of muscle holding him snugly.

Buffy bit down on her bottom lip as she pushed down again, Xander's long, thick penis filling her and stretching her and she began to wonder if he was ever going to fit at all. She closed her eyes and moved her hips again, finding a better angle to slide down his shaft. Pressing her hands down harder on Xander's stomach as she moved, she could feel him just quivering ever so slightly underneath her touch. Buffy opened her eyes again, looking back at Xander again, he was still watching her and she saw nothing but herself in his eyes, all the love he felt for her right there for her to see. Buffy felt herself relax all over and she sank down on him completely, a satisfied moan coming from deep inside her, as all she felt now was Xander filling her completely.

"Buffy" Xander's eyes fluttered shut as that one word came out in a single, soft breath. He'd never felt anything so beautiful in his entire life. Walls of fire were holding him so intimately and they contracted around him so tightly that Xander didn't think there would be any escape should he even stupidly contemplate it. Xander's hands slid up over hers and then over Buffy's wrists until they settled on her waist.

Buffy leant forward, her hands moving further up Xander's torso so they were now on his ribcage and she raised her hips off his, sliding back up his dick again before sinking slowly back down again. Xander stifled a moan and his fingers pressed a little harder into Buffy's skin, just wishing she'd keep still for a little while longer, allowing him to savour the feeling of her wrapped around him.

But Buffy still had other ideas. She moved so she could bend one knee a little better and she began to straighten her leg so it ran as close as it could to Xander's leg, close enough to just push hers underneath his and using the new leverage to roll them both over so she was now on her back. Xander's hands that had previously been on Buffy's waist now slid around to her ass, pulling her hips closer to his as he continued to be enveloped by her. Buffy moaned at the closer contact, Xander pushing himself further inside her. She wrapped her legs around him, her powerful thighs over the backs of his, holding him tight.

Xander placed his hands by her shoulder, pushing himself up so he could look at her, his back arching as Buffy rocked her hips upwards. "Oh God" Xander exhaled sharply, his lips then flickering into a smile "Like I was going anywhere in the first place."

Buffy took hold of his upper arms tightly as she crossed her heels behind him "I know that." she said, smiling back at him "I just want to have as much as you as possible."

"Oh, you can have me." Xander replied, lowering his head to hers and kissing her hard on the mouth before pulling back "Am I supposed to surrender now?"

"Mmm yeah." Buffy rocked her hips and watched Xander bite down on his lip "I just wanna feel you for a little longer that's all."

Xander smiled "Just be gentle."

"No promises". Buffy drove her hips downwards, making Xander groan out loud. Buffy continued to hold him as she controlled the moment, rolling and twisting her hips so Xander barely moved inside her, but moved enough so she could feel his dick pushing against her vaginal walls, feeling him hot and hard inside her.

Xander was supporting his weight on his hands, Buffy gripping the backs of his upper arms tightly as she continued to torture him exquisitely with the lack of movement between them. It didn't help that Buffy was making those mewling noises again in her throat, almost purring. Xander closed his eyes as he listened to her, listened to her make those noises as she rocked against him, listened to her moaning his name softly when the angle was just right and her clitoris got the friction it craved.

Buffy arched up against him when Xander began kissing the hollow of her throat, soft kisses alternated with harder ones, his tongue occasionally darting out and licking the skin there. Buffy clenched her inner muscles around him hard when he began kissing at her neck and she felt his breath on her as he moaned in pleasure, her own sound of bliss matching his when Xander then attached his lips to the pulse point on her neck. Buffy arched up against him again, crushing her breasts up against his chest and she moved her hands from his arms to his ass, her fingers digging into his flesh hard as he continued to kiss at her neck and throat.

And still they stayed tight together. Buffy's hips continuing to rise and fall by the smallest amounts, barely giving Xander even an inch of movement, wanting to just to feel him inside her, just as she'd told him, for him to fill her physically as well as emotionally, wanting to tell him that she never ever wanted to let him go.

But Buffy knew this wasn't just about her and that Xander needed her just as much as she did him. She uncrossed her heels and loosened the grip her thighs had on him. Immediately Xander with drew a couple of inches, pausing for a moment before thrusting back into her again. Buffy felt the shudder that went through him as she still pressed herself close to his body and she began to gently knead the flesh of his ass with her hands.

Buffy ran her hands over his smooth back, feeling muscles twitch underneath her fingers and she continued the path up over his shoulders until both hands were in his hair. Xander raised his hips again, pulling almost all the way out and then pushing himself back inside her.

"Xan-" Buffy was silenced as Xander's lips met hers. She parted her mouth more and let his tongue slip in, thrusting against hers with the next rise and fall of his hips.

Xander lowered himself so he was mostly covering Buffy, but taking some of his weight on one of his now bent forearms that lay flat against the mattress. The hand of his other arms starting off at Buffy's shoulder and gliding down the side of her body, brushing against the curve of her breast before holding her gently at the waist. Xander closed his eyes and let his tongue explore her mouth at a more leisurely pace as he began to move his penis slowly in and out of her, angling his hips so he was pushing down against that spot inside her that his fingers had found earlier.

And didn't Buffy know it. She moaned into his mouth every time the head of his cock nudged hard against it. As if it wasn't enough he was stretching her inside every time he entered her again, Xander was making her throb even more around him when he hit her g-spot. Spreading her legs wider to accommodate him more, Buffy hooked just one of her legs just over his and began to run one foot lightly up and down the back of his calf.

Buffy 's hands dropped from his head and then slipped around him, her palms flat on his shoulder blades and her nails digging into his back. Still they were kissing - long, slow, wet kisses with tongues swiping lazily against each others, keeping almost perfect time with the slow thrust of Xander's hips downwards and Buffy pushing hers up to meet his, her clit occasionally getting smooshed just right between them both and making her whimper into his mouth.

For countless minutes they stayed like that; hips undulating against each others; unhurried kisses; soft moans; Buffy's hands never staying in one place on Xander's body, always moving, wanting to touch more of him; Xander feeling Buffy so close to him whenever she arched up against him.

One of Buffy's hands was on his shoulder again; the other cupped his face, caressing his cheek as still they kissed. The next time they broke for air, Buffy pulled back a little, about to say something, but as she looked back into Xander's eyes, she realised that she didn't have to. Not one word was needed. Buffy traced one finger lightly over one of Xander's eyebrow before it fell back to his cheek again. Her eyes smiled up into his and Xander's smiled back down.

Xander looked back down into Buffy and knew this was it. This was love. Love that hurt, love that made your heart ache with it, love that made you grin like an idiot and you had to be told by your friends to stop doing it because you were scaring them. That kind of love. And Xander was in it deep with Buffy. He grinned the scary grin in his head, knowing there was no one but him there to tell him to stop. Buffy Anne Summers was in his arms, she was underneath him responding to his touch, over powering his senses. Buffy Anne Summers surrounded him completely and Xander never wanted to leave.

Xander began to slide his hand that was on her waist up Buffy's body. As it came to her breast, he cupped it gently at first and then squeezed it a little harder, bringing his thumb and forefinger to her nipple and rolling it between them. Buffy moaned loudly when he pinched the hard peak of flesh and she bucked her hips upwards, clenching her inner walls tight around him, making Xander groan this time. A groan that was quickly quashed when Buffy's lips found his.

Buffy worked her lips against his hard as Xander pinched her nipple again before sliding his hand over her breast and then underneath her shoulder, pushing his hand between the bed and her body, his hand finally curling over the top of her shoulder. As Buffy held his head to hers, continuing to devour his mouth, Xander straightened his other arm and brought it down to Buffy's thigh on that side, holding it tight. He slid his hand underneath it, lifting it and hooking it just over the back of his leg.

Buffy pulled her lips away from Xander as he rolled them both over onto their sides. One of Xander's arms was against the bed, curled under and around Buffy, his hand resting gently on her back and the other hand still on her thigh. Buffy looped one arm through the gap between Xander's neck and the flat of the bed until their shoulder's practically met and her arm was draped down his back. Buffy thrust her hips forward, closing the gap between them even more and entwining her outside leg with Xander's, rubbing her foot down the backs of his calves again.

Xander started to move his cock in and out of her a little faster this time, his hand running smoothly along Buffy's thigh up to her ass and kneading the flesh underneath his fingers as he pulled her to him. Buffy exhaled slowly as she began to match Xander's thrusts, pushing herself down on him every time he slid back inside her.

Buffy closed her eyes and rested her forehead on the top of his shoulder, one hand on his ass, slowly moving in circles over his warm flesh. She could feel his breath on her neck as he sighed in contentment. Buffy began kissing his shoulder - soft, sweet little kisses, her tongue flicking out to lick his skin, teeth grazing ever so slightly over his collarbone.

Xander turned his head and placed a soft kiss against her temple and then another one just above, his lips on her hair that was falling around her face. Buffy turned to look at him, her face so close to his she could make out every single one of his eyelashes. Xander just barely pressed his mouth up against hers and Buffy felt him mouth three words against her lips. "I love you."

"I love you too." she mouthed back. Buffy took his bottom lip between hers and bit down, pulling on it gently. Xander smiled and kissed her softly, Buffy responded and the kiss became more ardent.

With the kiss they became lost in each other again; Xander thrusting quicker inside her - hot, wet walls of muscle welcoming him back each time; Buffy pushing down harder on Xander's cock as it filled her, his hard length rubbing up against her g-spot more often now, causing throbs of pleasure to pulsate from deep inside her; Xander kissing her harder, passionately.

Buffy's arm dropped from his shoulder, her arm bent between them, palm flat against his chest. As she rocked her hips against his, Buffy began to squirm, feeling the tell tale tingle in the pit of her stomach. Xander's hand moved up from her thigh to her breast, squeezing it gently, brushing his thumb over her nipple and she moaned with pleasure into the kiss.

Buffy arched into his touch as he squeezed her breast again, breaking the kiss between them. Xander moved his lips down to her neck and Buffy's head fell back, closing her eyes as Xander sent shivers down her spine as he planted kisses on her neck.

Xander could feel Buffy's breathing becoming harder and he knew he was as close as she was. She was rocking harder against him, wanting her release and he wanted to give it to her. He kept his rhythm steady, sliding in and out of her and letting the feel of her all around his dick flow all over him as he filled her completely, begin to send him to the edge with her.

"Mmm… Xan… der." Buffy had her arms around him now, holding him tight "I want… want you."

Xander kissed Buffy's jaw just by her ear "You got me." he whispered "Completely."

The two lovers faced each other again, eyes locked on one another's, reading each other like only they could, both of them knowing they both weren't quite ready to let go yet, just wanting a few more moments close together, craving the intimacy.

And soon both of them saw in each other that there was no going back. Buffy's orgasm was powerful, coming in strong waves, her vaginal walls spasming hard around Xander, causing him to finally give himself over. Xander thrust his cock into her hard, a loudly hissed "Buffy" as his hips became flush against hers as it felt like a continuous explosion, black spots dancing before his eyes as he came hard inside of her.

Buffy kissed Xander eagerly, whimpering into his mouth as she rode out her orgasm and he kissed her back with just as much fervour, holding her tightly. They rocked against each other gently, not seeking pleasure any more; just a reaction to the moment they just shared.

Eventually they stopped. Stopped rocking and stopped kissing and just held each other, heads buried in each others shoulders, breathing slowing down, heart beats not so fast. And then they looked back up at each other, grinned stupidly and kissed again.

"Y'know, there's really no way-" Buffy stopped to kiss him again "We can go back to-" another kiss "Being just friends now don't you?"

"Guess we'll just have to…" he kissed her "Keep going out together then."

"Fine by me."

They kissed for a little while longer before they both pulled back for air. Xander brought one hand to her head and brushed her hair back from her face "Y'know we can't stay like this for the rest of tonight.". He raised his eyebrow and smiled at Buffy's pout "It'll get messy." he pointed out.

Buffy sighed melodramatically as she disentangled her legs from Xander's, allowing him room to extricate himself, only half-successfully stifling a whimper when she felt him leave her completely. But he was soon back after disposing of the spent condom, and a smile graced her face once again when he ducked his face between her thighs, licking clean the skin on the inside of her thighs, causing nice tingles to spread over her body.

Xander's tongue then went to the slick folds of skin between her legs and he began lapping at her there, drinking up and tasting the evidence of their exploits until nothing was left. Happy sighs and moans from Buffy drifting down to him.

Eventually he resurfaced and Buffy pulled him into her arms shuffling the bed covers around them both so they were snuggled together underneath them. Xander wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to him so they were entwined; her back against his chest and her head in the crook of his neck. Buffy sighed contentedly and placed her arms over his.



"Promise me one thing for the rest of tonight."

Buffy twisted her head to look at him "What?"

"There won't be any in-depth discussions between us about the change in our relationship." he hugged her "It's just… I know how you feel about me and you know how I feel about you-"

Buffy looked into his eyes "Then we don't need to have one at all then." she smiled "Just hold me Xan." she said "That's all I want." Buffy laid her head back on his shoulder again "That and more oral sex."

"I knew it. I have you completely under my control now."

"I wasn't talking about me honey." Buffy bit down a grin and deliberately didn't turn to see his face "But right now, I just want Xander snuggles."

Xander chuckled softly as she turned over and laid her head against the crook of his shoulder, one arm bent across his chest and one leg entwined with his. Xander curled one arm around her back and brought his hand to her head, stroking it over her hair, he looked down at her just as she looked up at him and they shared happy smiles, eyes staying on each others for a few more moments before Buffy closed her eyes and settled her head against him again.

Xander smoothed his hand one more time over her hair before his hand went to her waist, his arm draped lightly over her back. As Xander closed his eyes there was still a faint smile on his lips.

Tomorrow was going to be another good day.




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