Written by Joanne

Title: Offside
Rating: UK 18 (NC-17) contains m/m sex
Summary: Spike/Xander/David Beckham.
Spike plans to show Xander just why he thinks Manchester United were worth saving in ĎBecomingí.
Disclaimer: Spike and Xander and any other BtVS characters mentioned belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy et al. Manchester United is the Trademark of Manchester United FC (I think - Iíve put it just in case!). David Beckham belongs to himself and Posh Spice.
Spoilers: Ummm 'Becoming pt. 2' I guess and reference to mid-season 4 episodes - set after 'Doomed'.
Warning: This is kind of a silly fic and has no storyline whatsoever - just in case you were looking for one.
Authorís Notes: (1) My beta reader pointed out that the vast majority of the readers of this fic may not know who David Beckham is so I have provided a link to a picture of him here at also Old Trafford is the name of Man Uís home ground and David Beckham doesn't speak because he sounds like a 12 year old girl when he does. (2) Iím from the UK so Iím using British spelling.

Spike and Xander stood on the halfway line on the pitch at Old Trafford. Spike was completely enthralled by the entire stadium; Xander on the other hand was bored. There are only so many red plastic seats you can be excited about. Plus it was midnight and he'd rather be in bed, preferably being thoroughly rogered by the vampire standing less than a foot away.
"Spiiiike" he whined "Why are we here? 'Cos it'd better be good for me to stand out here freezing off parts I'd rather have attached".
Spike grinned "I'd rather have them attached as well".
Spike put his arm around his lover's shoulder "I've got a surprise for you" Spike continued "I think you'll like it".
"Surprise?" Xander gave Spike a dubious look "Your last attempts at surprises kinda blew".
Spike sniggered "You mean arranging for Anya to walk in on one of our more, how would you put it, Ďvigorous sessionsí?"
"Well that would be one, yes" Xander said.
"Well I hope youíll like this one, heíll be here in a minute".
"He?" Xander sighed "It had better not be Angel again, I was _so_ not impressed last time."
Spike rolled his eyes "It's not Mr Tall, Dark and Brooding. I promise. I learnt my lesson after that incident. I certainly don't want you withdrawing privileges again". Spike looked over Xander's shoulder, smiled and took his hand. "Anyway, mystery man is here now. Close your eyes" Xander obliged and Spike waited for the third man to join them.
Xander opened his eyes when Spike told him to and smiled. Yes, this was definitely a surprise he liked.
Stood before him was a Greek god of a vision dressed in full Manchester United kit. One of Spike's stipulations Xander guessed.
"Oh, so you like him then?" Spike asked Xander who grinned back. "Well I suppose I'd better introduce you two then. David this is Xander. Xander this is David Beckham, star player for both Man U and England".
"Hi" Xander said. David just smiled and nodded to Xander.
"Another one of my requests apart from the kit was that he doesn't speak." Spike whispered to Xander "You'd understand if you heard him."
"Right then" Spike took hold of Xander and David's hands "Time for shagging" and he led them towards one of the goals.

Standing between the posts Spike recited ground rules to Xander and David.
"There are to be no jokes about *scoring*" He looked pointedly at Xander who tried to look innocent. "*Or* jokes about hand-ball, dodgy tackles or about David Seaman. They're not funny and they're just going to waste time. Also David remember that you can't speak. You may moan and groan and even whimper occasionally, but if I hear anything else I'll get a few of my friends to sort you out, OK?" David gave him a thumbs up, albeit being a tad paler in the face. Spike pulled out a tube of lube and a packet of condoms and threw them on to the pitch "Lastly, you two will also be using these, me, I don't need to use the rubbers, I'm hardly gonna catch something that's gonna kill me." Spike sat on the ground and proceeded to remove his boots.
Xander took off his jacket and threw it into the corner of the goal and immediately he felt a chill.
"Spike?" Xander asked, moving closer to the vampire that was now running his hands through David's hair.
"Yes pet?"
Xander stood behind Spike and tugged his duster off "Can I just ask why we're doing this outside?" He untucked Spike's shirt before continuing "I mean, it's kinda cold out here" He waited for an answer as he ran his hands up and down Spike's spine, but his lover was presently occupied with David's tongue down his throat and also trying to remove the other man's shorts. Finally succeeding with the shorts, Spike broke off the kiss and said silent thanks that David had gone commando. Xander repeated his question, grabbing the vampire's rear, just to make equally sure he had his attention. He did.
Spike turned around and ripped Xander's shirt open and began to run his hands over Xander's chest. "We're doing it out here because it would be sacrilege not to" Spike explained before kissing his lover passionately and pulling him tight, both feeling each other's arousal. Xander moaned into the kiss when he felt David behind him with his semi hard-on pressing against him.
David pulled the rest of Xander's shirt off and then inched his hands between the two men and unzipped Xander's fly. Xander moaned again when David cupped his balls, gently massaging them (Xander always went without underwear now he was with Spike). Xander reached round with a free arm and rested his hand on David's backside and began to draw light, lazy circles on the surprisingly warm flesh.
Spike withdrew himself from Xander's embrace and then watched as the two men turned to face each other. David ran his hands through Xander's hair and pulled him into a kiss. Xander tugged David's shirt up and their lips parted to allow the shirt to be discarded. Xander then took the initiative and thrust his tongue into David's hot mouth; his hands began to explore David's athletic body before coming to rest on the other man's now fully erect cock and began to gently stroke the hot shaft. David moved his lips down to Xander's collarbone and Xander could now see Spike standing there just watching, gently caressing his own dick. Their eyes locked and they both grinned.
"You just gonna stand there?" Xander asked huskily as David snaked a hand down the back of Xander's jeans.
"You two seem to be doing fine with out me" He watched as David succeeded in removing Xander's last item of clothing save for socks and shoes, which came next. He smiled at Xander again "I'll just stand here and watch".
Xander shrugged "'kay, just give us a shout when you want to join in." Xander's breathing became heavier as David's kisses moved further down his chest. The heat of David's mouth on his nipples was so different to the coldness of Spike's, but both were equally as sensational.
David took Xander's hand away from his cock and began to trail his tongue down Xander's chest before taking Xander's shaft fully into his mouth. Xander gasped as David sucked hard just once before moving his mouth to between Xander's thighs. Xander parted his legs gladly as he felt David begin to roughly lick at the insides of his thighs.

Spike looked on as Xander closed his eyes. He felt nothing but lust for the boy. He loved feeling the heat his mortal lover gave off, even when they weren't fucking like rabbits. Spike took off his shirt with his one free hand and tossed it on the floor. He began to lightly stroke his chest, paying close attention to his sensitive nipples. Spike would have preferred to be having Xander swirl his hot tongue around them, but the boy had other things on his mind, moreover on his cock, because David had occupied himself with taking Xander into his mouth again. Spike looked on for a few minutes more before he could sense that Xander was close to coming and began to quicken his own pace, wanting to be in time with his lover.

Xander opened his eyes again and they locked with the vampires. They were both teetering on the edge; Xander took hold of David's head, pulling the other man closer to him. David took Xander down to his core, his tongue faintly circling the base of Xander's shaft to finally drive Xander over the edge. Xander moaned loudly, bucking against David who began licking clean off Xander what he hadn't swallowed down. Xander's gaze had never shifted from Spike who had timed his own pleasurable release with Xander. Xander cupped David's face, guiding him up to face him then capturing his lips in a kiss, savouring the taste of the other man and the lingering traces of himself.

Spike meanwhile had stripped off his remaining clothes and had moved to behind David. He placed his hands on David's shoulders and leaned in to lightly kiss the nape of the other man's neck. He felt David shiver and grazed his teeth over the same spot before moving his hands a little further down David's back, planting another kiss between them. He repeated this action until he had kissed all the way down David's spine and had reached the base where he then proceeded to run his tongue achingly slowly back up David's spine.

Xander meanwhile had moved his kisses across David's cheek and down his neck where he began to flick his tongue into the little hollow there. He could feel the other man's breathing becoming more rapid. Xander smiled and kissed David again, this time harder and he placed his hands on David's chest, positioning them so his thumbs ran over David's nipples, causing the other man to push harder against him. Sensing David's need Xander broke off the kiss and sank to his knees. He ran his tongue slowly along the underside of David's cock, feeling the other man buck his hips in response. Xander looked up at Spike who had now moved in to kiss David and had taken the other blond man's arms so they were turned awkwardly in an embrace. Xander shifted slightly to get a better position and took the head of David's cock in to his mouth and placed one of his hands at the base and began to suck and lick the top of the member like a lollipop. Spike could feel David groan into the kiss and smiled inwardly. Xander must be performing his speciality.
They both felt David tense a few minutes later. Spike kissed him harder, attacking his tongue for all it was worth and Xander deep throated David when he came, swallowing gratefully what he released.

Spike tore himself away from David's hot exploratory tongue and began to scramble around on the ground trying to find the lube he had thrown down earlier.
Both men eyed the vampire's pale cheeks waggling around in the moonlight and laughed. Spike turned around, grasping the lube triumphantly in his hand and pounced on Xander, straddling the boy's chest and pinning him to the ground.
"David, you may literally have to give me a hand here," Spike said as he thrust the lube into David's palm.
"Yeah" Xander said as he mock struggled against Spike arms. "I'm a wriggler" he grinned.

David rolled his eyes and squirted some lube on to his fingers and knelt to the side of Spike. He ran his hand lightly over Xander's semi erect cock before moving his hand further round and down, brushing a thumb over Xander's opening.
Xander parted his legs and raised his hips to allow David better access. A small breath escaped as he felt a hot, slick finger enter him, probing against his insides.
Spike could feel Xander squirming with pleasure underneath him, making his own cock stir even more. Still pinning Xander's arms to the ground he leaned forward slowly, gaining some welcoming friction on his erection against Xander's chest and suckled the dark-haired boy's lower lip.
Xander elicited another gasp as David inserted another finger. Spike kissed down Xander's chin and down to trace little circles with his tongue in the hollow of Xander's throat until he felt David reach between them and a well lubed hand take hold of his cock. He sat upright, releasing his hold of Xander's arms and moaned as David ran his hand up and down his shaft, making it slick.
"" Xander signalled David to stop his actions.
Spike locked eyes with Xander; moving backwards and positioning himself between his lover's still raised hips, which were bucking slightly in anticipation. The vampire gently nudged the head of his cock just inside the boy then slammed himself home into Xander who unsuccessfully tried to hold back a scream of pleasure. Spike withdrew again just as quickly before slamming into him again. Xander dug his hands into the ground desperately trying to get some leverage against Spike's pounding.
Sensing Xander's struggle, David knelt behind Xander's head steadying his shoulders. He leaned down and ran his tongue over Xander's lips before crushing down onto them with his own, feeling the other man moaning constantly against him as Spike kept up his pace.

Finally coming up for air David began to suckle an eager nipple of Xander's, causing him to buck even more wildly against the vampire's thrusts until finally Xander felt his lover's seed erupt inside him accompanied by a loud growl from Spike.
His cock softening, Spike withdrew and bent down to take Xander's still hard shaft in his mouth. Xander shook his head and indicated to the condoms lying near by. Spike leaned over and picked them up and threw them at David's head as the other blond man was still teasing Xander's nipple. David looked up then looked at the condoms then at Xander's cock, which was standing proud. This was all the motivation David needed to rip open the box then the foil and place the rubber on Xander's cock before finally straddling it. He allowed Spike to thrust some well-lubed fingers into him, letting the other man's cool finger's explore him. He tugged playfully at one of his own nipples, whimpering as he felt Spike's fingers leave him. Xander ran his hands over David's athletic thighs as Spike applied some slick over the condom. He took firm hold of David's hips guiding him down slowly, noticing David's eyes flutter closed as he breached his rim and then open again as Xander became fully enveloped by him. Xander began to thrust slowly inside the other man aware of how tight he was.
Spike dragged his teeth down David's chest before jabbing his tongue into the other man's navel making David buck against Xander who was still thrusting slowly inside him. Spike ran cool fingertips along David's cock, which was lying hard against Xander's stomach before flicking an equally cool tongue across the head. David ground himself even further down onto Xander urging him to quicken the pace. Xander stepped up only a faint notch, not wanting to lose his concentration, he would not be happy if he came too soon because the sensation of David's heat so close around him was something he wanted to savour.
David's eyes closed again his breathing becoming shallower. Spike had continued to flick his tongue just across the head of David's cock. Xander watched the vampire's lizard like actions, knowing exactly what it was doing to David and that it would only be a matter of a very short time before Spike would be swallowing down David's juices. Xander closed his eyes; he was losing his concentration, just imagining future events. Unsuccessfully trying to hold on, Xander thrust up hard into David, coming with a shout. He was followed a few moments later by a moan of pleasure from David as he succumbed to Spike's attentions.
Xander and David collected themselves before David disengaged himself from Xander who removed the condom and threw it over his shoulder. Both men then turned seductive gazes on to the vampire who sat beside them.
Spike raised both eyebrows as both men crawled over to him, gently pushing him to lie flat on the ground.
David and Xander knelt either side of Spike, each running a hand slowly down over his chest, trailing fingers lightly over Spike's abdomen before both men clasped digits and took hold of Spike's semi-erect cock together. David and Xander slowly began to pump Spike, their fingers entwined. David leaned in towards Xander and kissed the other man gently on the lips before parting them with his tongue. Xander returned David's attention, running his tongue alongside the other man's. Xander slid his free hand around the back of David's head, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss.

Spike watched the two men through half shut eyes. God that was turning him even more on, if that was possible. Spike could feel his blood, if you could call it that, rushing to his cock. The two men were continuing to pump him in unison, their lips still locked together.
Spike closed his eyes fully as David placed his free hand on the inside of the vampire's thighs. Spike licked his lips as David's fingers brushed lightly against his opening before teasingly pushing the tiniest tip of a finger inside him. Spike silently willed David to thrust more in but he didn't, David just ran his finger barely inside of Spike. Bloody tease, Spike scowled but neither of the mortals noticed they were still too engrossed by each other's tongues. David's finger was also weakening his concentration and Spike soon came, spilling his seed over the two mortals still joined hands. Xander finally broke of the kiss and bent his head down to lap up the vampire's secretions. David followed Xander's lead and Spike opened his eyes to find both men licking clean around his balls and softening cock. He sighed in pleasure as Xander's lips found their way up to his mouth and took him in a brief sweet kiss. David kissed Spike's chest before he and the other mortal laid down either side of the vampire.
"You know Spike, now I know why you like this place so much. It's got a certain atmosphere." Xander said taking his lover's hand. Spike laughed "I knew you'd like it". He sat up and patted David's shoulder "Come on David, best be getting you home mate". David pouted and Spike rolled his eyes before kissing David hard on the mouth "There that's all you're getting, now get your clothes on"

After all three men were dressed they said their goodbyes. Spike and Xander watched David's arse as David entered the player's tunnel and then disappeared.
Spike turned to look at Xander and smiled "We should come back right?" Xander had a flashback to running his hands over David's thighs and grinned back at Spike "I think you'd better invest in some season tickets".


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