This Little Piggy...

Written by Joanne W

Title: This Little Piggy ...
Author: Joanne W
Distribution: If you want it you can have it, if you have it please let me know.
Rating: R - Slash
Summary: Spike/Xander. The boys get a foot thing going on.
Disclaimer: Spike and Xander and any other BtVS characters mentioned belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy et al. I own diddly-squat and have loan repayments so please don't sue.
Spoilers: None that I know of.
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Authorís Notes: Just for British spelling and *'s indicate thoughts.

Spike roused from his slumber to feel of hot breath descending on his toes. He opened one bleary eye to discover that it was his dark-haired lover who had taken an interest in his feet.
A cat-like grin began to spread over his face, but it faded just as quickly as it appeared when he realised that he was naked and his hands were bound to something above his head *Bloody hell. I must have been really out of it last night* Spike's grin re-appeared *So Xander wants to play a little game does he?*

Spike wriggled his toes to let Xander know he was awake. Xander looked up at Spike from his crouched position at the end of the bed, a grin on his face to match Spike's.

"Morning" the young mortal said running his finger slowly up the sole of Spike's left foot. Spike shivered slightly and Xander repeated the action on the other foot.



"What exactly are you doing?"

"I'm not quite sure yet" Xander gave his lover a lazy smile "Got any suggestions?"

"I can think of a few" Spike said slyly "Also you do realise that although these bonds are tight-"

"Oh, you won't be getting out of them" Xander interrupted.

"I won't?" Spike raised an eyebrow "What are they mojo'd or somthin'?" he narrowed his eyes when he saw Xander grin "You little git"

Xander laughed "Flattery will get you nowhere" he ran his tongue across the top of Spike's toes "But then again it might get you everywhere"

"You know, I don't know how clean they are" Spike said indicating his feet with a nod of his head.

"You're right" Xander said getting up from the end of the bed "Maybe I should clean them up"

"Huh?" Spike grunted softly and then watched Xander fill a bowl with warm water then collect some soap and a cloth before shortly coming back to crouch at his feet again.
Xander dipped the cloth in the water then ran it over the soap. He brought the cloth up to Spike's right foot and began to rub in slow, small circles on the sole of his foot.

Spike coughed slightly and craned his neck to get a better view of what exactly Xander was doing. He watched as Xander dipped the cloth back into the water and soaped it again. Xander brought the cloth back to the same foot and began to wash the topside of the foot. Spike let out a small breath as Xander began to absently run a free hand across his bare chest, circling his own nipples in time with circling the cloth on Spike's foot. He watched as Xander continued to run his hands over his chest as he cleaned the rest of the foot and around his ankle.
Spike cast a quick look at his groin as Xander switched feet *OK, it seems Spike Jnr has woken up*. He looked back to Xander who seemed completely wrapped up in soaping Spike's foot and was continuing to tug at his own nipples. If he'd noticed a certain part of Spike was now beginning to stand to attention he didn't acknowledge it.

They were both silent as Xander finished his ministrations then rinsed and dried Spike's feet. Spike watched as Xander studiously examined his accomplishment. The vampire coughed to try and get the other manís attention. It didnít work. Instead Xander stood up, his eyes still focused on Spikeís feet. Xander crossed his arms then slowly a smile spread across his face. Spike watched him warily.

"Xander pet" he ventured, as Xander crossed to the fridge "I hate to disturb your thoughts, whatever they maybe. But I seem to have a matter that needs to be taken care of" he paused as his cock twitched "Sooner rather than later luv".

Xander didn't answer him. He could hear the younger man rummaging around and soon Xander spun around brandishing a bottle of maple syrup and an evil grin.
Spike raised a tentative eyebrow *Maple syrup? Well, I guess the kid has a sweet tooth...*

The vampire never took his eyes of Xander as the boy walked back to the foot of the bed, a grin still plastered on his face. Xander extended a forefinger and squeezed a small amount of the syrup along the length of it. He locked eyes with Spike and put the finger into his mouth, seductively licking and sucking his now sticky digit. He repeated the action and Spike moaned softly as 'Spike Jnr' twitched for attention.
Spike closed his eyes and waited for whatever Xander was preparing to do with syrup before they opened again in shock when he felt the sticky substance drip in between his toes and along the soles of his feet.

"What the...?" he gasped, looking at Xander for an explanation.

"Well what else did you think I was going to do with it?" Xander said, the gleam in his eye belying his innocent tone and he squeezed some more small amounts of syrup on to Spike's feet.

"I fig-" Spike shivered as he felt Xander run his tongue along the base of one of his feet "Do it again" he commanded hoarsely.

Xander obliged, running his tongue even more slowly along the vampire's skin then taking his big toe into his mouth and sucked gently, using his tongue to clean away the syrup. Spike closed his eyes again and revelled in the sensations that Xander was creating. His cock twitched each time Xander took one of his toes into his mouth and as Xander dragged his teeth along the balls of his feet, his tongue darting out whenever he found some remnants of the syrup. Spike licked his lips when Xander started on the other foot. He shifted uncomfortably in his bonds as Xander's tongue wriggled it's way in-between his toes searching for sticky sweetness.
Spike groaned loudly when again Xander took the largest toe of that foot into his mouth "Xander..." He felt Xander grin around his toe as the mortal swiped his tongue across it, before taking the next toe into his mouth and licking it clean.

Spike wrestled in his bonds again, opening his eyes to see Xander's tongue dancing along the tips of his toes and before it disappeared from view to then trail down the length of his foot to his heel.
Spike moaned softly and Xander met Spike's gaze and began to make little cat-like licks up the length of Spikes sole, cleaning any remaining rivulets of syrup that remained.

Spike watched Xander as he stood to his feet, apparently the boy was satisfied that there was no more syrupy goodness to be had. Spike moaned again when Xander's tongue darted out and licked his lips seductively.

Their gaze never wavered as Xander moved to sit on the edge of the bed. Xander leaned over to place a kiss on Spike's lips. Spike raised his head slightly as the kiss became more passionate, he slipped his tongue between Xander's lips, tasting the syrup on the other man's tongue. Xander danced his fingers over Spike's pale chest and then down across his stomach, tracing light circles around the vampire's navel.
Eventually Spike broke off the kiss and nodded towards his cock which was still wanting for attention. He grinned slyly at Xander "We've got chocolate sauce you know..."


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