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Xiao Dong FEND
Because she is one of my most favourite charactor in this soap. I pay more attention to watch when she's in the part of the show. I'd like to watch her bringing up Banji in the Beach. She is more like a mother than Mag.

Jennifer Sharpe
Meg is a cow and she really annoys me! Maria is really sweet and caring!

Maria was Ben's first love, and she is every bit as nice natured and lovable as the Magnificent Meg. I think that it would be impossible for any man to make the choice between the two, so I think that the only fair solution would be for Ben to become a Morman, therefore making it possible to marry both Maria and Meg. Problem solved!!

I think all you people who complain that she is a bad actress should WAKE UP TO YOURSELVES! I have watched SB since day 1, but even I realise that the acting displayed is hardly Oscar-worthy. OK, so Maria is a long necked freak, but Meg is just as bad an actress; she is a disciple of the Olivia school of breathy acting. Ben and Meg do belong together - maybe Maria could follow in her mother's footsteps and become a professional nutter? One more thing - Benjy must die!

Zara Haviland
Maria is the beast,her and Ben belong together.She loves him more than anyone can. Sunset beach made a good choice in bringing Maria back from the dead no matter what anyone says.

Ben and Maria belong together and Meg the Munchin should shack up with Casey which in turn would hopefully force that awful Sarah into the Ocean. There a win win stortline.

Guardian Angel
Maria is a beautiful, caring woman , who deserves the fairy tale marriage that she once had with Ben . As for Meg , I'll tell you what I would like to do to her, first , i would stick her in a room with derek and watch him chain her against the wall and sttttreeettchhh her , then untie her and chop her up into little bits and throw her in a furnace, after that I would s**t on her remains and give it to Spike the dog for dinner. That should sort the f***ing b*tch out !!!!!!! Maria and Ben 4EVER !!!!!!

Well none of the cast can act-although in other productions i've seen some of the cast's acting very believeable-and maria is no exception, i feel that Ben and Maria had a love so strong before she left and Ben and megs love is only partial, after all meg did go run off with Casey. Maria is so nice and Ben deserves somone like that-somone romantic so they can wallow in each others indulgance without ever having to worry about the rest of the beach again-Also meg and Sarah can not sceme to save there lives or loves so they should stop trying and leave it to annie

Samantha Clarke
I think her and Ben are good together. Also it makes the show more exciting because I love to see Meg get annoyed and frustrated, and she certainly does that when Maria is around.

Clare Kobusingye
She is a good actress and she is doing a nice job in helping some people like Annie and Tim.Please let her stay.

Aina Zubeda
I don't think Maria should be slung back in the ocean ,or set up a camp. I feel sorry for Maria who had almost lost her husband, and when she finally get back,she find out that ben have another lover. I also feel sorry for Meg who has found her love and get surprised when Ben's "dead" wife show up. It had been quit fun if Meg had gone back to Tim,Which always had love Meg,and Ben and Maria get back together,but that never happen

She Was Married To Ben And she Has A Place She now calls home. She Has A Son That Why She Should Stay.

She deserves Ben. They belong together, true love never ends!They make a perfect couple together. It wasn't Maria's fault when sleeping with Derek. Besides, Ben forgave Meg and why shouldn't he forgive Maria? She is just as innocent as Meg!

wimpy meg deserves wimpy casey, maria should stick with derek as he's much cooler, but maybe we'll never know the winner as the whole shows meant to axed anyday now anyway. LONG LIVE SUNSET BEACH

She is the bomb of the beach! She has been through so much and she still doesn't yell at every person she sees, like someone ELSE (ahem). She is Ben's first love and only love, and that is HER house that Ben built for her. They both should stay and raise Benjy, so he doesn't become mental like his real daddy. They really make the perfect little family. Ben and Maria LOOK like they belong together!

Meg just wants Ben's money and status, but she can't carry it off like Maria can. Maria is Ben's first wife and his first true love. If Maria went away he would realise how much he really loves her and not marriage wrecker Meg. Maria should go out with another man(maybe Jude) and make Ben jealous, then he'd realise who he wants.

Of course she should set up camp with Ben.... Annoy (oops typo) is the best character in Sunset Beach and if she can get her only friend back with her 'soul mate' at least there is some justice in the world. Then Meg can go out with Casey, aand Sarah can marry Tim. (I know this won't happen but I can dream can't I )

Connie W
i feel so sorry for Maria having to come back after 5 years to see Meg and Ben together. It's not her fault that Ben happened to have a crazy brother who slept with her and probably impregnated her. Ben and Maria are perfect for eachother. If you're going to blame anyone it should be Derek! Meg is just soooo sad for going to SB INthe first place. When she met him on the Internet she must be so desperate or what. I go to chat rooms and i've meet (not literally) loads of men... but do i actually meet them? Stark raving mad! she suits Casey more and leave Maria and Ben alone.

Mariah is the best character ever to set foot on the beach. Ben is an idoit not to stab Meg and get on with making more benjis with Mariah. They are the best couple ever!

Ben and Maria belong togther and then the people who should be together would be. Ben and Maria, Meg and Casey (thickos together) and Sarah and Tim. Tess should just die. Maria is top and should stay!!!!!

Christine Malainey
None because she is the best and she should be with Ben so she should stay.

Meg is a mad bint. If only to keep her miserable and hopefully suicidal, Maria should stay. Plus, this gives us a whole Meg running to Casey saga which will get Slapper Sarah too. Two birds with one stone!

C Armstrong
She and Ben are meant to be together - they are sole mates. Meg and Ben just do not go together

Maria is the woman in Bens life.She loves him and he loves her!!! Meg should get lost.She doesn't fit anywhere!!!!!!!

Anjola Nadine Arrowood
She's my favorite on the whole show!And they don't need to kill off any more people!If you're gonna kill anybody make it Tess!Plus,you need to bring back Tim,he's HOTT!!!

That is her house and that is her husband. They were torn apart by a horrible misunderstanding, and if it weren't for that misunderstanding, then here wouldn't be any Ben and Meg, period. It's all Derek's doing, and once Ben figures that out, he should do the noble thng and go back to his wife. But not without a lot of groveling first. He owes her some kind of an apology, not only for what happened six years ago, but also for what has happened ever since she has been back. Maria is the best and deserves to be happy!

Zoe C
meg should get lost and let the happy couple be together forever and after all they do have an anoying but cute son together and whats the deal with tess I mean she comes out of nowhere with whats supposed to be their son evan though he is the cutest and some of you benjie fans out their, but hes so anoying . maria is so pretty and she deserves ben to herself and tess should leave ,so maria can not go .

Meg should go on hols with Derek and then get tortured and killed by him because she's an ugly little shit. She hangs around Ben all the time, like flies to cowpat.

Chloe Williams
I know Maria is annoying enough, but that Meg really p`isses me off. She`s always doing her innocent act to get every one on her side, and tried to nick Casey off her own sister, BITCH!!!!!!!!!

avril raffan
I think she should stay but get out of ben and megs life

Meg is an annoying little snot. For some most of SB worship her and think she's little miss perfect. Maria and Annie should kick her butt and send her flying into the ocean and mess up her perfect little hairdo!!!

Maria loves Ben and Ben loves Maria. She is Ben's wife and she shuld stay with him !!!
I think that Maria should stay in Sunset Beach because she has a lot of friends there.Ben and Meg can help her.

She is Ben's true love, Ben belongs to her not Miss faded drama queen.

Maria deserves Ben's love after all that's happened. All that Meg can do is Cry cry Cry Like a baby cry. Maria is always there when Ben is upset or dumped by that ugly f*cking hoar. I wish at Maria will get together with Ben because they have a child together.

Ben Evans
I love Maria damn it! And Meg is . . . Oh wait I've got a better idea - I love Meg and Maria, 3 in a bed and the loose one said "role over ...ME"

Maria should deffently go with Ben. Meg is just a stuck up cow. She is always complaining. she is always crying too. I think Meg should go with casey and sarah should go with Tim. Tess should just get out of the picture. And if you think about it in reality you would go with your first wife. Meg is so mean to Maria. Maria and Ben make a really good couple. Don't you think Meg dresses oever the Meg should get out of the picture.

Justin Gilham
She can split up Ben and the Gorgeus MEG! Then I can have Meg all to my self!!!!
Love from Casey Mitchem!

Being Annie's only friend, she allows us to see a softer side to Annie. Besides thinks are looking up for Ben and Maria. Meg is stupid and deserves Casey.

Stephanie Davidson
I think Maria should stay and get back with Ben because I hate Meg, she's a Cow to Maria just because she found out she was Ben's first wife and lost her memory. Get rid of Meg or make her and Casey get together and get rid of Sara and let Maria and Ben get back together

maria's fan
Meg is a bitch! She stole her sisterís boyfriend. Every time she had a problem with Ben, she would run to Casey while he was with Sara. She does not care about her sister at all. A first I thought Sara was stupid for hooking up with Tim, but she was right all along. Casey did want Meg's fat ass. I think Meg should get a taste of her own medicine. Let Sara run to Ben every time she has a problem while her and Ben are together. Well maybe not because that would mean Ben and Meg would have to get together. And we don't want that shit now do we!!!!!

Meg is an annoying midget cow with bad hair and annoying relatives.

I think Maria's a really nice character I think benjy should go home and I HATE TESS!!!!!!!!!!!

She loves Ben and she has a son .So if she leaves she would take Benji and Ben loves his son so much he would go too and we don't want that now do we girls? I didn't think so!!! Anyway, she's not that annoying!!!!!

I think her character is very boring but i think that she should stay in the proggramme as her contribution is vital as we want to know what happened to her during her five years away and then she should fall in love with someone and get Ben jealous. so that he falls at her knees to come back so that she can refuse. So he loses everyone close to him. As she has only had disappointment since she has been back.

Because MEG IS SO DAMN UGLY! Maria has such a nice smile and one sweet ass body! She puts a smile on my face with that sweet smile of hers!

Will Meg leave the room just for once? Whenever Maria and Ben obviously need a private talk about THEIR son or something, Meg just sticks at Ben's side like the sick little dog she is, and looks so sad that Ben takes pity on her and lets her stay. And then afterwards, brings fake tears to her eyes and declares that she is moving out, and then never actually goes.
Maria is MUCH more sensitive and controlled than Meg. And she actually has acceptable eyebrows.

Even more reasons...

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