More reasons why 'Maria' should set up camp

Agent Blonde
Smeg is an annoying whinging BITCH! She should leave town. She’s a cow to Maria and to his sister Sarah. She's so f*cking rude!! Maria should stay with Ben forever and Smeg should become a lesbian with Caitlin and bring up Trey. Tee Hee!

For the simple reason that she is annoying Meg.

Look there is something that must be said! Meg & Ben had problems from the start Terror Island, Derek, Shockwave etc., etc. The problems or/and disasters never ended. Although, Maria was a big factor of their problems from the beginning Ben still pledged his love for Meg not Maria. Even after Maria arose from the dead. Maria Torres Evans lost 5 yrs. of her life! She came back to Sunset Beach not remembering a thing. I believe that Maria is a good person. She never intentionally tried to hurt Meg. All she wanted was time with to remember her past, her son, and make a life for herself in SB. Up until last week, when Meg found Ben and Maria had really slept together Maria stood by with only the best intentions of creating herself a new life with her son and as bad as circumstances were a husband she could not have. How would you feel? You might ask yourselves. Maria never schemed to get what she wanted like Annie or the other characters. My problem is not Maria, but Benji!. He is a scared, smart-ass kid who is never put in his place. Maria, Tess, and Ben never try to yell at him to show concern and anger over Benji's outbursts of hating Meg. He needs to be taught how to act, the correct way to behave especially when the circumstances are greater than he could ever imagines. I hope you all understand what I've said. I'd like your feedback as well. But, I don't want to post my email here because that would be in violation of the web masters hard work!


Because Maria is the best on the show, Meg should be thrown back into the ocean

Let it be heard
Maria and Ben had a story book marriage. Ben would have stepped in front of a train for her. Ben and Meg have had a forced uncomfortable relationship that should have ended a long time ago. They have only stayed together because other people have interfered with the natural tide. Ben LOVES Maria and is confused on what to do with Meg who has entangled herself in his life!!!! Meg and Casey are the next Ben and Maria.

Maria is a caring and loving person towards Ben otherwise; she would NOT have let him go off with Meg would she? It’s only a matter of time when Ben realises him & Maria & Benji belong TOGETHER. Ever heard of the phrase Meg.... 3's a crowd?

Because meg is getting a bit too Sunset-Bitchy for everyone's liking, and it's Meg who should go, after all, Ben is more attracted to Maria although he doesn't know it yet, and he has a child with her (unless they're gonna change that storyline and make it that Benji is Derek's child by some twist of fate!) Anyway, Maria is more likeable these days than Meg, even if she does gasp and wheeze a lot....

I'm sure we can poke a bit more fun here and there, if she stays. Also it's a good release of tension to shout at the TV screen every time Maria does one of those wilting/please don't argue/I'm so badly off/I wish I'd died/pathetic looks. She’s always a good character to drag out in most storylines too as she knows many of the characters from 5 years ago, and hates most of the recent characters. Anyway, I want to see the cat fight between her and Sarah/Tess/Meg which are bound to come at some point.

She is kind and understanding and she has nothing to do with Ben and Meg separation. Maria came back to be with her husband, it's not like she left Ben for another man and then came back to be with him I think that she is an innocent party. And a very friendly character. She should stay .

Bad news folks, have just read on one of the websites that Ben & Meg end up together - yuk. So we have the suffer more nauseating love scenes & cliched, unimaginative dialogue between the pair. Hopefully Maria will end up with someone with more personality that Ben (not difficult let's face it) & dear old Ben will be jealous as hell, realise it's Maria he loves, by which time it'll be too late. Ha! Apparently Benjy's true paternity is also revealed.

Maria had Ben first, and Ben loved her so much he mourned for years after she "died". And what is Ben's reason for choosing Meg? "We found each other when we were lost" Er, hell-o? Sara and Tim are the only reason they "found each other". If you ask me, Meg's the one who should be slung into the ocean. All my friends are now getting tired of Maria but I have stayed loyal as ever, and stuck by her. With the help of Annie, and maybe Tess, Maria should be plotting to get Ben back, and I say "the best of luck!"

Because Meg is an absolute cow. She pushes MAria down the stairs, goes rooting through all of Tess's things, makes Ben ask her to leave. Need I go on. Meg is one crafty piece of work under that innocent exterior. Maria is fantastic and she's Annie's best friend. Maria should stay and break Ben and Meg apart.

Lindsay Rogers
Because she deserves Ben, more than Meg after what she has been through. Plus as Meg is such a goody, two shoes who thinks that she is god's greatest invention.

Annoying as she may be, I HATE Meg even more and I think that Ben should get back together with Maria. I also hate Benji, Thickardo, Antonio (not fit at all), Madam Carmen, Hank, Sarah, Casey and everyone else apart from Annie. Annie is my hero!!!!!!!!!!!

Tamara Wright
She deserves another chance with Ben and Ben is her husband anyway. Meg need to leave them and go back to where she comes from.

Mark S
I think she should stay because she is a brilliant actress she has got potential she is a sweet and a generous person I think Ben should get back with her because they make a much more suitable couple. She is much better looking than Meg (Susan ward) and I hope she gets what she wants. We all love her this is a group from Teesside University. We are so glad someone as good as her has come in to Sunset Beach. She is Beautiful

Meg is so annoying and selfish, it would serve her right if Maria got back with Ben. Basically because meg is a first class pain in the ass

Maria has far more character (although let's be honest this isn't exactly difficult, Norma Major has more vibrancy than boring old Smeg) & is far more passionate. So I say Smeg should go & set up camp with Casey, just to annoy that awful sister of her's & leave Ben & Maris to play happy families with Benjy. And please, whoever wrote this storyline has been totally inconsistent. How can Ben go from being totally besotted with his supposed dead wife who literally haunted him, to rejecting her when she returns from the dead, for that eyebrow freak?

She's the wife for gods sake! And Meg has no right to live in that house which was built for Maria, anyway Maria's prettier and looks better with Ben. But then Ben's bit of a ba*tard since he chose Meg over Maria.. but then I get the satisfaction of seeing Meg gettign angry over the whole thing - especially when Benji says something hurtful to her.

Jossan o Lina
Ben is to ugly for Meg!!! And Maria and Ben are made for each other!!! We think that Maria should get another chance!

I hate Meg! plus what's with the stupid story line where Ben tells Maria he wants his kid to stay with him and Meg WITHOUT his mum! I don't think so ( and WHY is Benjy so pale?)

Maria is one of the most Honest person in all Sunset beach. She deserves Ben `cause he was her first and true love. Meg has no caracter and she just as spoilt as little Benji.

Amy.C in London
Maria should stay. Meg should stuff off and let Ben and Maria get back on down with teir original love. I missed last weeks show...Is Ben Jnr really Ben's son...or his twin brothers??????????

I enjoy to see Meg cry, apart from that Maria is a much more a family lady than meg, meg is just a spoilt little brat and has no virtue in the home in comparison to my dear Maria who used to cook for ben in those days. i've never seen meg in the kitchen even to make a cup of tea for Ben i'm sure she doent even know where the hoover is kept in that house. also as a reminder to meg that house was given to maria as a gift in those days and she should stop seeing as hers and Bens

Anders Lie (Norway)
If she's thrown back in the ocean there will be no fighting. And we wouldn't miss a girlsfight, would we...

Meg is a bitch!!!! Ben has loved Maria since the day he met her, so I think they belong together. Besides Meg is getting to got DAMN BITCHY, telling Maria to stay away from Ben because she is with her now. To hell with Meg. Anyway I think she should be with Casey just to get back at Sara stupid ass for causing all that damn trouble.

louise karvelis
Meg is a stuck up stupid crying little smurf & ben is better off with Maria

karen hynds
She loves ben and they now have anotherchance with each. Also because I think that Meggy can be a pain!!

Manisha Gohel
She was Ben's first wife and Meg can find some else e.g Casey, but Maria and Ben have more history together.

Anything that would make Meg's character miserable no end is good for me.

For a long time I was carried by my emotion. I want Mariah be reunited with Ben, they must be and the scripwriter must get a point that marriage is sacred and that What God Has united let no man separate. And to let Meg go back to Tim the man she left behind. Remember, a mistake cannot be corrected with another mistake and let the viewer find out that not all what we felt is not always right.

I can't stand meg. (fair enough! - BG)

Miss Unadkat
That is where she officially belongs

Meg is even worse!

Meg is a smurf and I hate her. Maris may be a plank but she annoys Smeg so keep her going!!

I think Dumbo should kill Smeg in a jealous rage, then run off to find Derek, so we get rid of both of them.

Maria is a much nicer person to like than Meg(stupid cow), plus she has gone through alot in the past 5 year's, the whole derek and losing her memory thing. And now that she's found out that her and Ben have got a son it's more of a reason than them suiting each other, that there a family. So I think they should be together and raise Benji, Meg can just go off and live with casey and Sara.

Maria is beautiful and wonderful, and so is Meg. I want them both in the series every day. But I hope Ben and Meg gets together, and Maria find someone else, like Derek.

Smeg's as thick as pig-shit and those goblin eyebrows are going to shoot off the top of that over-stretched face of hers. Go on Maria, do it - expose that mouldy colon for a brain she has, you funky femme fatale.

We'd love to see her try and light a campfire with those fingernails!!!!

Katie B
Anything that makes meg miserable has to be a good thing.

i hate Meg shes way too nice for her own good.

Meg is a slimy little munchkin twerp who does not deserve Ben. Maria on the other hand is groovy, attractive, and also the right age for Ben. Meg is obviously his long-lost daughter (this could be a new plot-line!)

She helps make the plot thicken between Ben and Meg. Soaps wouldn't be as entertaining without conflict, besides I have a feeling there is a good secret to where she has been 4 the last 5 years

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