More reasons why 'Maria' should set up camp

Charlene Black
I feel sorry for her its not her fault everyone thought she was dead. I think she deserves some happiness

Varan Scott
Meg's a stupid cow with a daft face. Oh, and the fact that Maria and Ben are soulmates (she just can't remember it, that's all).

S. Sarma
Maria has to get back with Ben (I mean it's fate. Duh!!) and Meg should be with Tim or Casey. They'd be purrrfect. Maria and Ben deserve to be together, so bunk off Meg!

Kelly Smyth
Meg and Ben where made for each other so i think she should stay and go back with Ben and finish of their lives together

I think they should keep Maria, I know many people think she is annoying and ok maybe sometimes she is but I still think she should stay. I would go as far as to say that I want her and Ben to get back together too, they were so much in love, they were made for each other, I think it would be sooo romantic if they got back together, Ben obviously still loves her very much. I like Ben and Meg together, don't get me wrong but I still think it would be nice for Ben and Maria to be together after all this time.

Come on, it's better than a visit to the zoo!(Monkey ears, girrafe neck, wild rabbit eyes!)

Laura Mitchell
Poor Maria comes back from the dead to find her husband shacked up with an annoying cow like Meg. No-one deserves that not even Maria.

David Arneri
I admire her deeply!!!!!!!!!

Raksha Redfern
Smeg is just toooo nice and she's asking for it with her- 'We'll do whatever it takes to help you get your memory back!!!'

Because she is a nice person and she is a good actress and one of my favourite persons

Kori p
She has a family that has worried about her for years now, so even if she doesn't end up with Ben, she'll still have her family. I can't believe how sadistic some people can be when they say she should be thrown back into the ocean. It's an insult. Excuse her for not drowning for the convenience of Meg Cummings!

Georgie Knott
I think that Maria should stay cos I believe that for the past 5 years she has been living in Cedar Oaks with Ben's child that she was carrying when she lost her memory, and that her child is suddenly going to appear! Ben will then dump Meg and live with Maria and his kid (well it's not exactly far fetched in comparison to some of the stories!!)

Mrs Antonio Torres
I think Maria and Ben should get it together big time just as Munchkin Meg walks in with all her family and be so upset she would move back to Kansas with Tim.

Amanda Torres
Maria should stay because she's Antonio's sister and it would make him happy if she stayed and when he's happy I'm happy 'cos I love him!

Then maybe she might be able to learn a few more facial expressions, and I want to know what happened to her in the last 5 years, then they can sling her back in the ocean!!!

She gets up the irritating Sara's nose

Caroline Edmundson, Sarah Burnett, Kirstie Bartle
We all think that Meg is such a bitch and should suffer. Ben he should get together with Maria it would really tic Meg off and we think it would be a good story line for the beach.

Caroline Edmondson
I am a Freind of another girl who said the same thing as I am. I think she should set up camp because it would cheer me up seing Ben sad and anoyed. I also think it would be good because Meg would suffer and mabe want a divorce.

Susie Bright
She is so pitiful, she has to be kept on the show. If not, who else would make Ben & Meg's life so miserable? Who would keep Father Antonio at the Beach? Who else would drive Carmen crazy? But she HAS to get out of the bedroom. She needs to have an affair! Now!

Sarah Morton
Meg deserves to suffer because she is sooo annoying and we would miss Maria's crap acting if she left!

It would upset little miss perfect. Maria would be great teamed up with Annie. Plus if Smeg goes then maybe Tim will follow.

Sarah Burnett
I think that she should set up camp so she really annoys Ben and Meg. If this happens it should be a very good story line for the programme. I hate Ben so it should make me very glad for this to happen

Meg is wet and shouldn't be allowed to be so 'happpppppy' and it's fun seeing Ben all bemused

Mrs Antonio Torres
I want Maria to stay and Smeg to be slung into the ocean never to surface ever again.
I am so fed up of dippy Meg either either in tears or just being there. I like Maria as she can act unlike Meg who could not act her way out of a wet paper bag!!

Ben and Meg have been together far to long......

Uncle Matt
Because Meg and Ben have the potential to be happy together... and no one in Sunset Beach is allowed to be in love and happy at the same time!

Anything that wipes the smirk of Smug Smeg's face is OK by me - keep Maria, ditch meg (preferably in the ocean)

She should stay - if only to traumatize Smeg

Neill the wise
It seems to me that Maria MUST stay because she is one of the precious few characters who have potential motives for murdering Meg and unless someone bumps off that dwarfish pan-faced woman

Lucy Almaxaquotal
I hate Meg and want to see her life shattered...

Sarah Deschanel
Because anything that causes problems in the violent Ben and the Dumb Megs lives the better

Hi, I think she should stay and that Ben and Maria should get back together as they share so much. Maria is a great character and she should stay.

David Ferreira
Meg is a cow and shouldn't be with ben. Well that's what I think.

She makes Ben and Munchkin story lines beter, also she is a reason for father fit to stay in town

I quite like her - as a character she's definitely more interesting than Munchkin Meg.

once she gets her memory back(please let it be soon) she will hopefully forgive Annie and the two of them can reek havok everywhere

Because she is a nice actress and it would be boring with out her.

Leonora Vardez-Williams
Then my mate could continue doing her faaaaabulous impressions of Maria and not look like a dumbass.

It's worth keeping her on, if only to annoy Smeg

Meg really gets on my nerves and I think that Ben secretly still fancies his doe-eyed lovely; though it can't be for her brains. She wants to watch though, if her eyes open any wider her eyeballs will fall out.

I don't understand why everyone hates Maria so much. She's not trying to come between Ben and Meg. I personally think that Ben and Maria should be together. Meg is so annoying. every time she has a little problem, she goes crying to Casey or anyone else who will listen trying to get pity from them.I dont feel sorry for her at all. Meg deserves to be miserable and by her self.

Meg is not worthy of Ben :-) Also I think Maria could make a great bitch, if she ever gets her memory back.

Father Bonio
She is better than Meg and her orange suntan. She also doesn`t take 5 hours to complete a sentence.

I want her to be with Ben!

Meg is whiny and clingy. Her world revolves around Ben whereas Maria is artistic, loving, caring, passionate, and has great family members and a great husband. I'm from the US which is why I can say these things since we're further along and got to see some things.

She is Ben's REAL wife and they belong together. Meg isn't being understanding about the whole situation and is only thinking of herself

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