More reasons why 'Maria' should be slung back in the ocean

She does not belong with Ben and there is no chemistry at all between her and Ben! That poor guy keeps telling her that he's in love with Meg and she just keeps dreaming about how she might get him one day! She's so annoying Iím not even going to go on about it , I'm sure everyone knows what Iím talking about. my family and I always end up laughing at her scenes esp. the ones where she does all that breathing stuff and tries to look romantic. She should get herself another man - Tim - and fight over him with Tess! Another annoying-.

Ben and Meg are happy with out here, and it would be best for everybody that way.

I can't stand her whining and making puppy eyes at Ben. Meg ought to kick her ass and send her and Benji packing along with that scheming nanny, Tess.

She is a liar and not wordy of Ben. and Meg is just a good woman and the perfect one for Ben

Michael from London UK
Sling her back, You never know she might just drown this time.
Who could forget giving birth to the mechanical child (no disrespect to the actor)


I think she should gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo as she makes Meg's life a misery and let's face it Meg needs all the help she can get . Also we may have a few less gasps and ashma attacks.

a) She has an annoying brat of a son called Benjy
b) Ben and mMeg belong together and need some happiness

Dorothy from Kansas
Iím sick of her. She schemed to get Ben to Palm Springs. She promised them a divorce and now sheís pretending that sheís not giving them one for Benji. Iím sick of her pathetic stares when she sees Meg and Ben kissing. She was Megís friend but has forgotten all Meg has done for her.

Ben is actually gay. (That's a new one)

Helen, Manchester
She is a dreary dull bint, who can't act and stares stupidly at the camera all the time, sling her into the sea attatched to Meg, Caitlin and Tim. leaving poor English all to me

Allie Dane
a) she's a waste of space
b) she winges constantly
c) instead of acting she whimpers
and if all of that wasn't enough she was responsible for spawning the demon child that is BENJI!!!!!!!!!! (someone should have aborted him after the first scan)

I wish someboby could kill Maria. I really hate her from the bottom of my heart and hope she died with her stuiped out of breath act, it make me feel sick. there is better looking fish in the ocean and know how to act. Ben and Meg belong together!!!4ever no matter what it takes. Meg has put up a lot and she need a break for that witch and nobody can take that away, not even Maria with that look on her face.
Please, please, please please, pleaseeee could some body get that unknow alien out of the SB. she needs to get out now so that we can enjoy watching SB.

Meg and Ben belong together, the Sunset Beach Legend states that and that can't be wrong. I get fed up of all Maria's whining and heavy breathing. Meg is the nicer of the two, just look at how she has cared for Maria even after she knew who she really was. Meg has been through emotional hell through her love for Ben she deserves to finally be happy.

Michelle'o Texas
First of all, thanx for the opportunity to rag on Maria. I respect the actress who plays her, but Maria herself is a sniveling, whiny, pathetic has-been, (NOT Ben), who gets on my every last nerve. I wish Derek would come kidnap her, and toss her off a high cliff.

I am from the US and I know what dastardly deed she has done. HaHa guess you all will have to wait and see.

Ben and Meg belong together and as long as maria is there they can't live the happy life they should.

I just don't like the bitch

She is a stupid cow who is spoiling Ben andMegs happiness. She has no talent she is ugly she has two facial expressions - very sad or very happy not much difference between the two and she needs to get a life. She should leave Benjy here as he is sweet but she should take butter-wouldn't-melt-in-her-mouth-Tess with her.

She would hopefully wash up near a decent acting school she can come back when she's had a few lessons!

She is annoying cow! boring,cann't act, her and ben not even closer she look out of space with ben, she look like she came form out of space and drop her into the ocean. if she break up ben and meg i will hate her like hell and that where she belong, 4ever in hell and that face, oh my ass that face i hate so much when she look at meg in a bad way, even when she is not with meg's face. she pok her noise where dosen't belong. i know she been drop back in the ocean, but i wise ben can kick her back to the ocean, this time shoud be for forever and rest in hell. one thing ben and meg forever. noboby sould change that!.

Fatema Moosajee
she should stay where she was and she has been separate from Ben for 3 years and that is long absence and allow Ben to enjoy with Meg and start new life. Meg is very strong person and will make Ben happy and alive. Itis Meg who brought Ben back to reality. She has made him very warm and caring person.

She has ruined Ben and Megs life forever She`s the bitch queen from hell!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Ben & Meg should be together 4-EVER, justlike most peeps say :):):) I think Meg, Ben, & everyone else should beat MARIA up!!!!!!! I hate her! I have faith in Ben to pick Meg, cause she is WAY prettyer, way nicer, & JUST BETTER!!!!!!!!!!! GO BEN & MEG!!!!!!! :):)

I think she should die now. Why, 'cause she'll never let Meg and Ben be together. No matter she seems to be going to.

Because Meg looks so beautiful with Ben :)

She is the most annoying thing to come out of the ocean. Ben would be better off marrying Jaws than that thing. She is only there to destroy Smeg and Ugly Ben. Smeg might be dumb, but she is Einstien next to Maria, and Maria had some happiness with Ugly in the past. It is Smeg's turn as they have had no happiness since they met.

If she does that butter-wouldn't-melt, give me back my husband, puppy eyed thing again, I might just chuck myself in through sickness

She has terrible fashion sense, and if she can't get Ben back she might have a breakdown and end up like her mad mamma!

olivia richards
That is where she has spent the last 5 years, where she was happily married to a dolphin (who has a special connection with her) and she should return

Ben loves Meg !!!!! Maria should die or be with Derek!

Tazima Choudhury
She is so annoying and i feel so sorry for the sweet meg. meg should be with ben they deserve each other

Maria is so annoying, ugly an she is the worst actress in the whole world! I really, really hate her, the only thing she do is trying to seperate Ben and Meg. Burn in hell Maria!

She is so awful! I just can't stand her! Apart from the fact that she can't act, she is ruining ben & meg's relationship! I WANT HER OUT, NOW!!!!!

Its the legend of Sunset Beach for Ben and Meg to be together and they deserve each other after all they went through with Derek. Also Maria is the most annoyning person in the programme. Let's just hope Benjy isn't Bens and Meg doesnt leave again.

Because she is a threat to the best couple in the wholeworld, Ben and Meg!! Lauralee
I don't like her and she is only causing problems for the precious Ben and Meg. Plus, Ben is over her and he doesn't wanther, he wants Meg. She should just get her sorry butt over it!

nardiya (laa laa) and Jess Woodsy (Po)
Ben and Meg are the best forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meg and Ben are the sweetist couple in the world, long live Dorothy and SB!! Maria is a fool, she can't act, she's ugly and we think she go straight to hell and take Annie and turkey Tim with her. We are sb's greatest fans in the whole wide world and Meg and Ben will survive this and any other trouble which comes in their way. BEN AND MEG FOREVER AND EVERAND EVER AND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melisa Lehtinen
I want that Meg and Ben be a couple and I dont want that Maria steal Ben from Meg!!!

Her & Annie are not friends for nothing! Underneath Maria is a nasty piece - mark my words

She is better off with Bens evil twin brother at the bottom of that cliff.

She's trying to come between ben and meg and It makes me furious.

Lianna Geromin
Well, for starters, where the hell has she been for the last couple of years without anyone whatsoever seeing her or without her telling someone she doesnít remember her own name. And OK, so she came back, not really knowing what she was doing, but then I suppose that was Annieís doing (and Timís) which is another story. But still, she came back remembered who she was and that she loved Ben. But who the hell does she think she is??? Meg she is a nice girl. OK so the way she puts a five-second gap GUARANTEED into every sentence can be a bit annoying but even so, being a woman myself I do have to say that our Meg is a very attractive woman. Yes, I am jealous but only of her looks. Oh and of her fiancť or husband or whatever. Anyway, Maria yeah........Well, I think she should be thrown back into the ocean. not only has she come back into the lives of Ben and Meg and wrecked that but also she had to bring her mother with her. Giving Madame Carmen huge scenes in which we have to listen to her ramping on about Gobby (he he) wrecking the lives of her two beautiful sons. (now that part I have to agree with).Now, I watch this proggie religiously every Saturday. My boyfriend thinks I am mad. I did try to explain the story to him once and he even started to seem quite interested but I listened to myself telling the twisted, complicated story and suddenly realised how stupid it all really is. I didnít realise I had so much to say :o)But I seriously think Maria should go. GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GOGO GO GO GO GO GO (And take your mother)

I hate Maria she deserves a good slap and booted back into the ocean where she belongs so Ben and Meg alone and Tim should go with her.

She is the worst actress on the show (and that's saying something), and everytime she does that gazing soulfully to camera/Ben/out to sea it makes me vomit, and ican't afford to keep paying to have the carpet cleaned

She is nothing but destroying! Ben and Meg where finally so happy. They are NOT gonna lose everything they've been fighting for!

Chris and Ramona
Her pathetic attempts at trying to act result in her uncanny resemblence to a goldfish, gasping for air. Just that really.

I'm voting again, cos I think that there should be unanimoty in getting rid!

She is the most annoying moose in the cast. Slinging her would save us all from those gormy looks, and comments such as "Ben, I remember," which you can only take so much of! Sling her out!!!! Meg and Ben forever!

I have many reason why Maria should have stayed in the ocean. My main reason is she is hiding something. We are now (here in North America) where Benjy has showed up and the test proves he is Ben's. Which I am not buying. Maria is up to something I don't think she loved Ben for Ben I think she loved him for his money. That is what I think

The Ben/Meg/Maria stories are brilliant but why does everyone think Ben should be with Maria. Ben & Meg have this amazing chemistry and should be together, Maria had her time with Ben, let Meg have her chance. Anyway I like Meg she's brilliant, the best female onthe show.

She breaths like she is drowning anyway and she is an annoyance! Finish the storyline and, I never thought I would say this, I prefer Meg!!

Ronnie G.
If she loves Ben Evans than she have to divorce and let Ben and Meg be happy together.

Zuki Savage
She is a complete waste of space and everyone knows that Meg and Ben should be together forever. I am sure that getting rid of her would be the best thing to do for everyone's sake!!!!

Tina Smith
She just can't come from the blue and say that she wants Ben back, Ben has suffered enough he has moved on and i think he should stick with Meg. But to make things easier he should make up his mind on who he wants to stay with. As for me i think he should get married to both of them.

Because Meg was there first Maria just needs to leave. She needs to take her pathetic self back to the ocean. She needs to leave Ben and Meg alone.
Ben and Meg belong together. Maria should realise 5 years is a long time, she should get a life and get out of theirs!

Renee Suttles
Shes too desperate and plays an innocent and she is completely blind to see that a child cannot bring back a man that doesnt love her anymore. She seems to not understand why Meg wont step aside. If she loves ben then she should understand why Meg does

Alexandra Brooks
Its been 5 years since she's been away. She might as well have stayed away forever. I believe its time to give Ben & Meg their chance to finally be together with nothing or anyone infering with their wedding plans and so all of us can finally see the best couple on Sunset Beach finally together. Its seems there's not one couple on the show that are happily married or even happily together.

Nardiya and Mashid
Ben and Meg are the best in the world and Maria is a silly cow who can't act!!!!!

She deserted everyone. She has been with Derek the last 5 years. Ben has moved on and loves Meg. Ben and Meg belong together. They have such a strong love for each other.

Takes up to much of the story and I'm sick of her heavybreathing and fainting all over the place!

Ashley Carter
First of all, Ben and Meg are the anchors of this show.Anyone who has watched the show since day one would probably agree, Ben and Meg belong together. Maria can stay, just get her a new man...Maybe stick her with Tim. They started out as friends.

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