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Benji the little bastard
That my mommy was taken away by aliens and made to look like a duck with a very small face and an extremely quivering lip

She has spent her time being the mould for Barbie dolls...

living life under the sea as a mermaid, until her feet had grown back and she had no choice but to come back.Damn!

She was with benji and Tess in Seattle. Benji was not called benji, he was called Derekji cos he was Tess and Dereks son. Tess used to sneak off to meet Derek at night and when Mariah caught them kissing one day she ran away at got found at the hospital in Sb

She was making lesbian porn movies with Tess in Seattle, then they became lovers for a few years. Then one day Maria the Ditz walked in on Tess with Derrick. She was so shocked that she cheated on her with a man, that she had a stroke coupled with amnesia. Then Tess found out about Maria's wealthy past and brainwashed her while taking care of her so she could get her hands on her money!

My theory is that she was taken by aliens to some far off galaxy where they performed weird experimentnts on her like impregnating her with one of their own kind, thus creating Benji (DIE!), and strange neck pulling exersizes!

ok maria was in Seattle with Tess but Tess was hynotising her into giving her money when she got back together with Ben and Maria had that car crash because she was driving away form Tess in an angry rage and Tess crashed into her then left. Now Tess doesn't want her to remember

michelle macdonnald
i think that maria is a good hypnotherepyst and has played with all the minds of the crew (ben meg and that nanny)to believe that she and ben were once and still are married .so she can nick ben for hereself dump the kid with him and take off with bens money well i would any way

I think she has been off and has been having a lovely time with derek, forgetting completely that she should be with the gorge Ben and not his evil twin bro.

Sunset Beach är såååå bra.. jag älskar det... Fasj jag vill veta vem mördaren är!!!

She was obviously having a relationship with Tess and the both of them planned the whole thing all along!

Danuta Wojtowicz
Benjy is really Gregory's love child, as Maria had had a secret affair with him before falling off that boat. Gregory has een living a double life for the past 5 years commuting from Sunset Beach to Seattle but when he wanted to bring Benjoy back to Sunset Beach on a permanent basis Maria flipped and Gregory had her removed. Unfortunately you just can't get rid of the girl that easily and she popped up in Sunset Beach without her marbles.

Louise O'Donnell
I think that Maria was kidnapped by aliens and they programmed her to remember nothing. I believe that Benji isn't Ben or Derek's evil child, I think that one of the aliens got Maria pregnent. I also think that Tess is an alien in disguise to protect "Alien Boy".

simon - i love you cole!!! and bring back frannie,
She was with Xena (another brillinat Ch5 investment) and she constantly has massive orgies with xena and callisto and gabrielle (hopefull not named after our commonly hated gabi from SB)
Tess is Derecs bird and Benji is their son. They kidknapped Maria 5 years ago and tryed to kill her but she escaped.
She made her way back to Sunset Beach to look for Ben but she was in a car crash and she lost memory. Benji is T and D's son and Maria was fooled into thinking it was her and Ben's son!

steph and michelle
We think she has been with derek and they had the child together ans she was proberly having a threesome with tess and is why she is having trouble remembering

Trying to stay as far away from her family as possible in the hope that she would be able to avoid the inheritence of the evil sideburns that have entrapped the rest of her family and even seem to have got Gabi.

She gave birth to the wierd Benji child after the encounter with Derek, which turned her into a lesbian with Tess. She then realised that she could not go on without her beloved Ben. Spurned Tess and went in search of him. Found out that he was with another woman(evil, ugly and annoying Meg) this upset her so greatly that she suffered a nervous breakdown (which was not aided by her remembering her family!) During this time her mind blocked everything out and she forgot her previous life. Lets face it if you had a lesbian experience with annoying voiced Tess and was spurned by the beautiful Ben for horrible Meg wouldn't you try to block it out?

Maria was in jail facing charges for all of the jewelery heists Cole got away with. After she was aquitted she turned to a life of drugs and prostitution, aquiring a sexually transmitted disease which she has passed on to Ben.

She was in Africa undergoing medical treatment on the back of a camal while on a tropical rainforest trek.

Maria is not actually Carmen's daughter, but Olivia's first. When she found out, she decided to get as far away from Sunset Beach as she could, so that she could escape evil Gregory and drunk Olivia. However, Gregory isn't actually her father - AJ is - which explains that deer-caught-in-the-headlights look she can put on whenever Ben is in the room.
Maria had an affair with Derek, who at the time was married to Tess. When Maria decided to leave the beach, she went to stay with Derek and Tess in Seattle, and be the nanny for their son, whom they named Benji and raised to be a total whining brat so that they would never forget Ben, who'se money they wanted.
While Tess and Maria eventually pursued a lesbian affair, Derek went off to get Ben's money. However, he fell in love with Meg, which really cheesed Maria and Tess off, which is why they came back to Sunset Beach in the first place - to torture the woman who stole their man, Derek. However, Maria lost her memory in this accident, and actually *befriended* the darling Meg, so Tess had to take radical action.
While Tess waits for Maria to get her memory back, Derek is scheming on how to foist Benji off on Ben, and also pick up all of Ben's money. Also, he's plotting on how to get AJ and Olivia's money to go to Maria - who obviously is the rightful heir. Also, if he can set up the belief that Maria was Gregory's daughter, then he's hoping he can pit Maria against Annie in a battle for Gregory's money. The result will be that Meg figures everything out, and kicks Tess's but up and down Ben's house, while Maria and Annie mud-wrestle over Gregory's money - however, Cole will choose Trey over Caitlyn, who will promptly divorce him, and come in and in a surprise ending, kick both Annie and Maria's butts in a 2 episode long battle, and come up as the richest woman at the Beach.
Meg and Ben will decide to put Benji up for adoption, Maria's memory will come back and she'll run away from the beach just as Olivia tries to reach out to her "daughter," Annie will go to jail for life - like she should - and meanwhile, Derek will bail Tess out of jail and take her back to Seattle where he'll pimp her out on the street to make money.

well, it seems so obvious: Mr ghostly pale, cutey pie Benji is really Derek's son, but not by Maria (Carmen was always right so far, so why not there, re. not being able to 'see' that Maria had a child). Derek, the evil twin, planned a long-haul revenge on Ben plot: he'd been monitoring Ben and Maria's movements and so managed to pick her up out of the raging sea after the boat accident, making her believe he is Ben and whisks her off. Having told her some really silly reason why they can't go back to SSB, he makes her life hell and she only realises that he is Derek after some dastardly deed (must have been rape), but by then he had already introduced his sidekick Tess into the household (and who cares whether that was in Seattle or on the Northpole) to make sure Maria stays put while Derek goes away (wasn't he supposed to be in prison for some time, or something?). Tess or Derek found someone to hypnotise Maria into believing that she is preggers by Derek (so she can't obviously go back to Ben and SSB), but the hypnosis/medication makes her really sick - which is why Tess leans over her in the 'right as rain' flashback. Benji is not Tess' son (too easy), but someone else's... trouble is that I can't up with a really laughable solution as to who the real Mom could be. Someone paid by Derek? Nah, too pragmatic... Someone from SSB? Oh gosh, that someone would have to have amnesia herself (too silly), .... erm...? Any ideas?

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