barbara, ana, tomo i ana !
When she fell in the sea she went to the magical island and because she drank too much water she lost her memory.When she gave birth to the litle brat they found out that he's a devil.They put him in a cage and released him five years later.Then she went sailing and fell in to the sea again.Again she drank too much water and she had a vision about another devil in Sunset Beach named Meg.She came to kill that devil and take Ben to the magic island.
I think Maria has spent the last five years being continualy streched at the shoulders, which is why she looks so strange and top heavy. I also think that benji is not Ben but Dereks son which is why he is so evil and derek has been living with Maria and Tess

Marc Hill
She was eating dogs and that (Okay..... - BG)

Iain Harper
Maria was exploring her sexuality with Tess. (Different - BG)

When she fall over board, she got rescued from a dream prince of a man, she had lost here memory and they fell in love. 5 years later when she had this big fight with the dream prince she let the car take here far away from there home (san fransico), and had a excident in Dena point....
Taken by aliens who spent five years conducting behavioural experiments on her. However, their specimen was obviously of a sub-standard intelligence and so after years of failing to get anything other than a pouty grimace out of her, they rejected her and transported her back to SB. (Tess is obviously one of the aliens sent to make sure Maria remembers no details about these experiments, thus blowing their hiding place).

Living in a convent pretending to be Julie Andrews - have we ever heard Maria sing?

I think she was off having lessons on how not to act, so she could fit in with everyone else in SB

I reckon that Maria was out and about livin life to the max, and being a super slut, which she's now forgotten about and has reverted back to being a bit of a dreary dull bint, why was Annie ever her mate?

Maria was living with Ariel the little Mermaid under the sea. she thought Ben was Ariel's over friendly brother, but really it was Derek, Ben's infamous twin bro.

I think Maria was really pregnant but the baby was not Benís but Derekís. Of course because they were identical twins the genetic of the blood DNA has to be perfectly IDENTICAL. Maria of course slept with Derek thinking he was Ben and she got pregnant. Then she decided to escape but was to much in love with Ben to let him go. During the times in Seattle she met Tess and she decided to set up a plan to pass Benji as Ben son. It was not too difficult anyway....Then she decides to go back to Sunset Beach and plot against Meg.....but she lost the memory and all her ungry and fears......Maria was just another victim of Derek as the others.

Maria was upset the night she disappeared, so it cold be possible that she felt Ben would not want to see her anymore and kept away from him. at least she tried and was taking care of their son alone for about five years. I guess she deserves more respect from Ben for doing that, because he's brother derrick caused all these problems at least he also slept with Meg and he's still with her, talkless of Maria who didnít really do the thing.

Mrs A. Torres
Well you see for the past 5 years Maria and Tess had a thing going - well, SB hasn't had a gay themed story line yet - and have been living with Benjy somewhere, perhaps in Seattle after all. What happened was that Maria slept with Derek then staged the whole drowning incident but only to make sure she could spent her life alone with Tess in Seattle. However she didn't realise that Ben was actually going to mourn her, after all she was definitely thankful that she wouldn't have to share a bed with a greasy bloke. Therefore Maria came back in the form of Dana to stop Ben missing her and make his life general hell, and then finally she pretended to remember her life. But she still hated Mr Lard Head ( Ben) and missed Tess, so she invited Tess and Benjy (her love child with Tess - somehow) over to join the already complicated plot. By doing this she hoped to drive Ben deeper into Meg's arms and bosom (he enjoys it there) and this unfortunately for us means that Meg has to stay on with Ben and will never ever go back to Kansas. But does she come from Kansas? ......That's whole different story!!

Maria was off in Seattle having her and Ben's child. But Meg FAT ASS came in the picture, so now Maria has to wait a little while to get Ben back, but tBen and Maria will be to gether.

She has spent years in a very expensive hospital where many doctors have tried to make her ears a slightly more normal size. She has in fact returned to SB not to find Ben but to find Tyus the miracle doc who finds cures for strange diseases and therefore is sure to be able to do something about those dumbo ears.

Derek found her after the accident pretending to be ben and pretended to be really angry with her so she went into hiding-the kid is Dereks

Maria is in fact Derek - all those years were spent in plastic surgery - but at the moment she does not remember although he/she is succesffully driving everyone mad which was always the intention. All "memories" are gleaned from maria's journal (which has still not turnedup).
Tess is in fact in cahouts with Annie who has stolen Benji and organised the paternity test in an attempt to drive Meg away (Meg will go mad under the strain).
In a strange twist of fate Benji is in fact Derek's son (so the rigged test was uneccesssary). However, not realising this, Maria/Derek loses both Ben and Benji in those caves, leaving her/him free to return to his own face, take up Ben's life and marry Annie. However, realising that Annie is responsible for the kidnapping and disappearance of the son he didn't know he had, as punishment he forces Annie to bear his cloned twin children. As you know, what with SB time and the real effects of rapid aging on clones, within a couple of weeks all of SB will be popluated with Dereks. Then of course Jerry Springer will reappear accompanied by an alien spacecraft to abduct all the Dereks and Annie will wake up to find it was all a dream - or was it ?
OK I've started rambling now, but once you start it's hard to stop !!
Stripper in Soho club, stretchy neck got in way of dancing, thrown out of club, returned to torment us in SB.

laura and jo
Our theory is that she's been living in Harborne, birmingham, england, under the alias of "gina devito", where she continued to steal husbands, whine about how delicate and ill she is and generally piss everyone off.

She was swept away to Holland and was found on the beach by a pimp, who put her to work in an Amsterdam brothel. A few weeks later Ben went on holiday to Holland, which is where lil' Benji came from!! And why she is not struggling for money!

Anthony from ants nick kiriazis zone
I Personally think that maria was abducted by aliens and they empregnated her with a half human/alien baby and thats how she got benjy becouse benjy doesnt look all that human sometimes.. anyway that would nexplain why she cant remember becouse the aliens wiped her memory!. hows that? LOL

I beleive Maria is lying and didn't lose her memory. I think she escaped to some other foreign country then planed how she would win Ben back unfortunately Meg got in the way of things

So now Nanny Tess says Maria lived in Seattle with her and they brought up that child together, while Maria worked in the art-world. I bet Maria worked in the so-called art-world making home movies with Tess who convinced herthat they had a porn-star partnership and that the child is in fact Tess' child BY HER PIMP (who may or may not have been AJ Face Flannel, who needed to make money to woo that other high class tart Olivia)

Maria is really still lying on the bottom of the ocean. The 'Maria' we are seeing is in fact her evil twin, Laura, who wanted to marry Ugly Ben even though he didn't know she existed. She is trying to break up Smeg and Ugly by pretending to be Maria. What will happen next is that they will discover this, after Laura has taken Smeg hostage in an ababndoned warehouse. Laura finally cracks and lets slip to Smeg the truth, after holding her hostage for 1 month (normal time, 4days SB time). At this point, Smeg remembers that she has her mobile phone with her, and charges it up when Laura is with Ugly. Smeg phoes Lifeguardy Casey who rushes to the rescue and saves her. Then the real truth come out. Not only is 'maria' really laura, but neither of them are really carmen's children. They are adopted, and Carmen finally says this, when she disowns Laura. The entire female population then rejoices, because this means that Dumbo Maria is not really related to Father Fit, and they can all have his children without worrying that the kids will inherit Maria's defective 'thicko' gene.


more theories........

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