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I think that Ben and Meg make a good couple and they should get married and stuff Benjy. I think Madame Carmen is right to split Gaby and Ricardo up send him to me. Tess and Tim should move on. Gregory should get a life insteac of trying to ruin everyones elses. Make the damn storylines a bit more interesting instead of unrealsitic.

Maria sucks. She can't act, and if I have to watch her pull one of those sad faces once more I will throw my remote at the TV. Send her back to Seattle NOW, and get her to take Benji with her! And she REALLY needs a new haircut.

Jumpin' Jenny
I really can't decide whose voice irritates me the most - Meg's or Gabby's. Meg's voice is so high-pitched and whiney that it drives me crazy and as for Gabby, well, her voice sounds unnaturally deep for such a scrawny, undersized little creature. Which makes me even more suspicious as to her true gender .......

Could Casey possibly be more boring and self-righteous? All those outraged protests at the very idea he might have a thing for Smeggy. That stupid, inane grin and monotonous, sickly-sincere voice. I wish he'd be the one to fall into the ocean for once, and the rest of the cast stood on the beach and cheered in delight.

Gabi's not exactly er... fragrant is she? She always looks to me as if she stinks of dirt, sweat and car grease or something. Also, was it a trick of the light or does she have a hairy back? My flatmate reckons she buys her clothes from the kid’s dept at Woolworth’s - they certainly look cheap!

I never thought I'd ever say this, but Antonio is really beginning to get on my nerves. This thing he has for that vile creature from hell Gabby is so ridiculous and the whole story is tedious. Why has he become so weak, pathetic and stupid? If Gabby was attractive, I could understand it but really, this sad little ugly duckling?! Why does he never get to interact with any of the other characters? He should be written out of the show before his character is completely destroyed. Better still, slutty, ugly Gab should be killed.

Queen Bitch
Wow, Gob's chest had a distinct non-supporting role this week-even worse than usual. Someone in wardrobe get her a wonderbra, please!
Has anyone noticed how Carmen is just like an older version of Gabi? Same hair, practically. Same bug eyes. So the saga of the tape goes on and on. I have to confess I'm so sick of it I looked up the spoilers which is saying something but I just couldn't take much more.
If I see Gobi stand in that irritating way - you know the one she does when she's trying to cover up something - with one hand in her hair and the other on her hip going "You know....Ricardo...why don’t we just take you back to...the hospital? Antonio can watch the tape" and so on Ad Nauseum, then I will throw something at the telly. Other irritations: Bokey Benji saying "Reeeeeeeeally?" with a face you could just smack, and Antonio's constant mouth movements and pained expression whenever he has to listen to Gobi. Not the poor darling's fault of course, as she would do that to anyone.

For ages, I have been wishing Tim would see Munchkin for the tedious little whinger she is and GET A LIFE. But now he finally has, he's even more irritating. Instead of all that pathetic scheming and intriguing, he's gone sincere on us. What was all that "Tess is a lovely lady" stuff last week? Yuck, YUCK. And as for that bouffant surprise, he calls a hairstyle! If someone set all that hair lacquer on his head alight, it would cause an explosion larger than the one that trapped Ben and Meg in the cave, OR the one that trapped Antonio and Gobby in the resort. The blast would be so huge, it would take out the whole of Sunset Beach.

I am only a casual viewer but when I think of all the wonderfully purile characters they could have killed off to generate a 'who dunnit' storyline, why oh why Franchester. Do the scriptwriters not realise that they can just stop writing all together and just fill the screen with the woman who oozes, class, style and sex appeal from every gorgeous curve! ....I wait anxiously for just one more flashback!!

Benji should be put down for his, and everyone else's sake. Is that a spoilt brat or what? He deserves a slap and being sent to bed for at least a week’s worth of episodes(covering a time period of any ones guess). I totally love the show because it is so tacky, but at least you can tell the actors are having fun while they are making the show.
What does any one think the deal is with Tess? It's blatantly obvious that Benji isn't going to be as he is made to be. We all know how easy it is to fake Paternity tests in SB hospital.....How insecure is that place. Anyone could get in to the hospital and steal, damage, alter anything they wanted.
Michael needs to be declared criminally insane, (to protect Vanessa [though she is so goody two shoes you want to slap her sometimes]) and spend the rest of his life locked up with Veronica, that'll teach him!! I love the beach, it's a great way to unwind after work. Who thinks they should get a story line in for Bianca from Eastenders, I'm sure she could cause a rumble or two!!!

The bitch is all the fans that hate seeing Ben and Meg together. No matter what you say or do Ben and Meg will be together in the end. So accept your loses.

US bitch
F**k off UK fans if you have nothing good to say about Meg then don't say it, BRITS. Be proper and bitch off the US page. Ben and Meg forever!

Barney Conway
Sunset Beach is pathetic. It needs help if AJ and Olivia do to go ahead as planned to get married this will be a could chance to get rid of some of the pathetic actors. Brad and Amy. Gregory plants a bomb at their wedding. They should bring back Derek, and bring the Mob to SB and have some couple go on the run. Because at the minute SB's couples are pathetic, Spelling and Co might think they have chemistry but they are nothing compared to greats like Genie Francis and Anthony Geary. If SB does not improve, I am going create my own homepage on SB Trash Central.

I hate it when Olivia and Maria (especially Maria) make stupid faces and noises when they breathe heavily all of the time, can you imagine what a horrible thought it would be to see what they look and sound like in bed. I am also very pleased that Vanessa and Michael split, as I do not have to see them kiss anymore and be sick all over my front room. Finally, Annie is the best character.

Benji has got to be the worst kid you can get, he only ever uses that whinging moaning tone of voice. if I was Meg I would turn him into what he already looks like, and that’s a dead zombie.

Amanda Torres
1. Send the gushing and irritating Smeg back to Kansas, where she belongs, so Ben and Maria can live in peace with little pale-skinned Bengy. Tim could follow her (that way we'd get rid of him too!) and no-one would ever hear of the two of them again. If Hank and Joan miss their daughter, they could adopt me instead.
2. Gabby gets her large pixie-head hacked off by a mad axe murderer. Oh, could I please play the part of the axe-wielding maniac, I'd really enjoy it!! Thicko Ricko can then fall in love with Tess and marry her and Antonio can go back to living in peace as a priest.
3. Sarah and Casey fall off the end of the pier and drown. Michael tries to rescue them but gets eaten by a shark. Vanessa then develops a phobia about the sea and goes to live in Kansas with Smeg and Tim.
4. Annie gets a potion from Mrs. Moreau to make Greasy Greg fall in love with her and be her slave forever.
5. AJ falls in love with Aunt Bette and they get married, leaving Olivia so shocked that she commits suicide.
6. Sean is so shocked by his mother's suicide that he commits suicide too.
7. Amy is shocked by Sean's suicide that she tries to find a curse to put on AJ, who she blames, but succeeds only in turning herself into a wrinkled old crone. Brad drinks some of the potion and turns into a weasel.
8. Cole decides that Annie's a hot cookie and is really the one he wants to do the horizontal foxtrot with and because Gregory's under a spell he lets them get away with it. Annie gives birth to Cole's child and names him "Tank". Caitlin takes Trey and hides in a nunnery, where she develops a funny "habit".

Queen Bitch
Oh Gad at last the Secret of the Tape is OUT! Carmen KNOWS, though know we know why she was being nice to Gobby - it was all an intricately contrived Plot Device to enable her to get all girly and chummy with Gobby so in the process of visiting her she "overhears" Gobby being a mite too explicit to Antonio on the phone. For goodness sake, subtle it ain’t. One minute we have Gobby not only shutting the door but shutting the blinds while she watches her and Antonio making luurve and the next she is leaving the door wide open while she blabs out her most intimate secret concerning same! What utter guff!

Steve "I'm not boring" Mills
Gabby is a really sad, pathetic excuse for a woman. Of all the sexy latin beauties they could have had they settled for this drab little creature. She has a really weird face, it's sort of large and flat with a big jutting chin. Ricardo and Antonio must be insane!

Could we please, please, PLEASE just have one episode that doesn't feature vomit-inducing flashbacks or video-clips of the beautiful Antonio with that hideous little goblin Gabby. She is the foulest thing ever to be on TV - please kill her off immediately.

Judith B
I agree wholeheartedly with everyone who calls Scabby-Gabby a stick-insect but I personally think she looks more like a scorpion. In fact she bears a striking resemblance to the one that crawled out of that statue that little Jimmy had when the Rosario jewells story was running. Oh, if only Gabby could be swatted and stamped on too, IF ONLY!!!!

Maxine (again)
How long can they drag this video tape storyline on for? It seems like it's been going for months, Gabby constantly referring to the tape of her & Antonio making love (just in case, we the viewer forgot or didn't manage to work it out for ourselves after the numerous flashbacks) & the 2 of them being caught guiltily by Thicardo & having to concoct some cock & bull story. There are only so many ways of dealing with this scenario & we have seen them all, so please let's have the denouement or just forget it. Mind you didn't Ben & Meg's wedding go on for at least a month?

Jo Richards
Bla Bla Bla Bla, all this bitching will not get u guys anywhere now will it? Be nice to the wonderful, "I can't act" dumb characters of the well scripted Sunset Beach - My fave programme.

Tamara Wright
Meg is the most bitchest of all. I can't stand her evil eyes were did she get them from she need to leave sunset beach and let Maria, Benji and Ben get on with there live in peace. She’s such a bitch.

Why oh why can't.....Meg ever....say a.....whole sentence in a.....normal way without leaving....pauses in stupid places? (I think maybe she's trying to remember her lines). Also, I swear sometimes you can see some characters lips moving when listening to someone else speak!

Even more bitches ...............

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