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antonio's lover
I think that annoying whingy little brat should be dunked in the ocean, or even better, in a vat of Bens hair grease. Tess should stop sending him to bed every five minutes and take him outside to get some sunshine.

Justin Gilham
Amy Nealson-um, um, um!!!! For takeing advantage of POOR Shaun (!) And for being so beautiful and living so far away in the U.S! (BITCH)!

Oh no!! Hints this week that Bette has a pash for AJ. AAAAGGH. Why waste the best character on SB (bar Annie of course) on that piece of slime. Bring back Eddie. He and Bette were fab together.

Ok so I HATE Benjy! He has to be the most annoying five year old ever born! And is it me or are 5 yr olds supposed to be at school and not bugging their 'Mommy and Daddy'? And as if Greggy could manage to run that fast away from Cole when those teenagers arrived with his oh so realistic limp! And can I say I love Annie-she has to be one of the coolset characters cos she gets to tell the truth! Bimbi is a brainless beauty and Olivia (although I do love her bitching) does only breathe out hot air! Infact all she does is exhale! And why must whispering AJ adopt Trey-as if the whole relationship thing isn't confusing enough! And yes Gabi felt so guilty about sleeping with Antonio that she couldn't marry Ricardo, she just decided to sleep with him instead! Finally I think Aunt Bette is the coolest woman alive and I love Father Fit although he's been a bit drippy recently and Cole! And please can Gregory and Olivia get back together because the whole marrying AJ thing-AAAAAAHHH!!

Ex-Antonio Fan
Well, it's happened, I've gone off him. Antonio, that is. he used to really set me aflame but now I find him slimy and repulsive. It's Gabby, of course, seeing him with her over and over and over and over again has made me feel sick. She's a sick-inducing piece of filth and ought to be impaled on a pitchfork and roasted on an open fire

Rach and LuLu
Why is Meg such a dumbass? It is ssssoooooooooo obvious what Tess is doing and therefore Meg should be slowly tortured. Maria should pull herself together and see a psychiatrist instead of munting about with crazy old witches. Carmen is a dozy bitch, should wake up and smell the coffee and learn how to hide things properly, maybe watching the crystal maze would help. Benji should be led to a slow and painful death and learn how to speak properly. Thank you and goodbye

Ok. Antonio is the sexiest creature alive and Maria's not bad looking when she's not crying, breathing heavily or being "happy", which in her case is grinning manically and looking insane. So how the HELL do they have a brother as totally revolting as Thickardo? His mouth is the largest thing I've ever seen and that hair...oh God, he definitely belongs with Gobby the Goblin, with her inverted chest, oversized head and flat face.

Princess Bitch
I almost laughed myself silly during today's episode when Antonio told Carmen that what she'd done with the videotape was disgusting! If his sad, sordid encounter with Scabby isn't disgusting, I don't know what is!! Someone really should tell this spineless, wimpy little man (1) he has grotesque taste in women (2)he should have had the guts to tell Thickardo the truth (3) having sex with someone doesn't necessarily mean love (4)If the Titless One had really loved him she wouldn't have wanted him to break his vows (5) his constantly quivering mouth is becoming more and more comical.

Thickardo is the thickest person on the beach - it's official. That so-called police investigation into Greggy's kidnapping of Caitlin and Trey was a joke. Eight pople - count em, EIGHT, including Spawn for chrissakes - worked out they were in the grotto. None of them Thick. While everyone else was standing on the beach watching Greggy and Cole fight to the death, Thick was pictured at the lifeguard station saying "Where the hell has Gregory got to". Hell-ohhh! Then comes the sensitive imparting of the information that the search has had to be suspended, and what does Thicko do? Puts on the most hideously untrendy pair of shades I have ever seen, and shrugs his shoulders. Nice, tender little touch that. No wonder Caitlin hit him later in the show. And who's surprised that bimbo priestling Father Fit can track down Gabby before Thick even thinks about it? Not me.

I don't like Gab at all and find her repellent but it has just occurred to me that there is a positive aspect about her which we're all overlooking. Just imagine the comfort she must bring to women who worry about being flat-chested - one glance at her and they'll realise that they have absolutely nothing to worry about!!!

Queen Bitch
At last, some excitement on the show, if you can call it that...Greggy has finally confessed to killing Frannie and Annie showed surprising initiative in dressing up as her - but why does she always have to be sucking up to men all the time? What a pity Bokey Benjy survived the explosion, tho its the scriptwriters who need exploded for his dreadful lines, tho who can blame them for wanting to get Benjy together with a naked flame and a gas leak? I'm beginning to root for Tess by the way. I've had enough of goody-shoes Meg and maria. I'm having difficulty telling them apart these days. Nice to see a woman who really is only out for herself.

I wonder why Meg has stopped wearing her hair in that really peculiar style. You know the one she wears when she's 'at work' i.e. holding a clip board and wearing a suit that looks like she got it from Bianca Butcher's market stall.

Well, I now know why the people making Sunset Beach haven't let Tim get off with anyone for about three years. What a shocking kisser. I thought he was going to suck Tess's face off. And he STILL needs a haircut!!

The saddest and most stupid character has got to be Antonio. Any man who likes that ugly, titless, hairy-armed freak Gabby cannot be normal. It's sick. If he carries on like this he'll end up a laughing-stock. He should get out of the show before he loses what little credibility he has left.

Why does everyone always put Benji to bed no matter what the time of day, Maria, Ben or Tess say Iím going to putBenji to bed or Iím going to check on Benji, because of this fact I think they just keep rerunning the same clips.

I think meg has taken to many drugs and has a very bad case of paranoia. everything ben says to her she takes the wrong way talk about the glass being half empty all the time.

Today is 18th is still the day of Thickardo and Go Gobby's wedding. Without sounding like a real sad case I decided to keep tabs on how long the day lasted. Well, so far, it is 4 weeks, as it was the morning of the wedding on either july 21st or 22nd AMAZING! Do they really think time can drag so slowly.
Benji should die. Also, as the day has stretched over 20+ episodes, did anyone else notice that one day recently, Benji went to bed with a long fringe and woke up 2 minutes later with it short...... hmm! a case for Uncle Thick! Also, I'm amazed to say it, but I've gone over to Maria's side, after months of supporting Me. My reason? Well, if Meg ends up with Casey, we'll get rid of Sara as she will leave town brokenhearted.
Lastly - Antonio is gorgeous!!!

Anna Larke
Someone I know at work actually FANCIES GABI!!!! URRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! What putrfid taste he has! She is an extremely yukky, annoying, little imp! My friend says that 'she is doin' it!' (meaning that Gabi does it for him!). Yuck! The only thing Gabi does for me is that she makes me want to go and throw up in disgust! Father Antonio! You have hideous taste!

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