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Maria (no, not THAT one!)
I am so so sick of bitch-insect Gabbi why don't they just get rid of her?Whatever they try to do to improve her looks she still looks like a funny goblin with a large head and a nasty sharp cruel face.I HATE HER!

Scabby and Sean Hater
Am I the only one to find it laughable that we have the show's two most unattractive and uncharismatic characters - Sean and Scabby gABbby - at the centre of "love" triangles?!!! yes, it's comical, isn't it. Does anyone really believe that Antonio and Ricardo would for one minute be intersted in a repulsive insect with no tits like Gabbby or that two pretty girls would fight over Sean? No! My idea is that these two people should leave the show and be put in another soap called "Freak Beach" whichno=one will watch. They deserve each other and if they went, out Sunset Beach would be much much better, OK?

Antonio's best girl
Why oh why does Ricardo have to keep running back to Gabi,he is the most annoying person on SB and he looks as though he has got more Collagen in his lips than Ivy Brennan Please please please let Gabi go to Father Antonio

I am sick of you Meg fans calling Maria a mutt, slut, smutt, IT, etc. You people should be dumped to the ocean and drown FOR REAL. And can Casey be any more of a CAD? I hate Olivia and Caitlin, Annie should kick both of their butts! Amy is a spoiled brat! Sara needs to shut up and mind her own business, then maybe she wouldn't have been in the mess she was in! And one more thing to all you Smeg fans...get lost!!!!

Maria fan
Personally I don't know why everyone is so down on Maria - I think she's lovely, despite having only 2 expressions, one of which is surprised insanity. I would like her to get Ben as I can't bear Miss Goody Gum Drops Meg, altough I am not sure Ben is good enough for Maria. How about Tess and Maria getting it together?

We hate Benji
Let's all send him hate mail. He's a dead ringer for the Pilsbury Doughboy and can anyone's voice BE any more annoying? Even his name makes me want to heave ho - awww a little version of 'Ben'- lets call him 'Benji' - yuck. Everytime someones says "I'm just going to put Benji to bed" I PRAY they will accidentally smother him with a pillow.

I think that the bitch of the soap has to be Tess. She has not even been on the program that long and already has that Tim guy who looks like a toy out of the cornflake box has got his head into helping her. the program is finished if all these relationships are ending so what are we supposed to watch, people crying and ending up with the wrong partners. If you think about it if Tess had not shown her face in the beach then meg and Ben would still be together. Casey and Sara may still be together because Tim would not have opened his mouth in the first place and the beach would have been the little hectic place that it is.It is funny how Tess has distrupted most of the peoples lives in the soap except the Richards family , not that they have enough on their plate , however that is another story

So now we're being forced to see flashbacks/video clips of Antonio and repulsive Gobby Goblin about five times per episode, now through Thickardo's eyes. No wonder he looks so sick, I know how he feels. Why does someone of Antonio's stunning looks settle for a scrawny titless runt like Gobby? Isn't he man enough to handle a REAL woman?

Ben worshipper
Has the whole of Sunset Beach gone mad? Why did Casey drop Sarah and then go off and kiss Meg at every opportunity she gave him? Why the hell did Maria and Ben sleep together in Bem's office? Does the luscious Bem have any sense at all? The one couple I thought would be perfect for each other - Tess and Tim - are actually just using each other. What is Sunset Beach coming to? I want to know what is going on with Vanessa and Micheal or have the writers found a crafty way of writing them out. Ricardo needs to get over Gabi and Antonio- Why have a heart attack/stroke over it. Gabi is a bitch any way. Madame Carman got it right. My only other thing to say is LAY OFF BEN'S HAIR He is 100% stunning and the world needs to understand this.

I think Benji is just the most annoying little BRAT!!! I have ever seen, he is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying can't he and Tess just accidentally on purpose go missing and never return

Sunset Duran
Why doesn't John Taylor of Duran Duran fame come on as English's long lost cousin and play "Rio"? Then Annie can throw herself at him and forget about that coke head ugly Jude? Nick Rhodes can come on and sweep Meg off her feet and take her away to jolly old england. Simon Le Bon can play himself, and have sex with Olivia and Aunt Bette. "Sweet Cheeks" can find them in bed and shreek, "I love Duran Duran!"

Simon - I love you Cole!!! and bring back Frannie, she is the bestest in all the world & space
I find it really irritating how that Tess woman keeps saying to benji (throw him in the sea, by the way, he is irritating as all five yr. olds inevitably are) "now benji this is out little secret that we are going to be breaking up Meg & Ben and getting your mummy & daddy back together my little sweetheart... blah..." at the most inconvenient moment, Maria or Ben or someone walks into the room and you think "oh my god, she has just said that in front of Ben/Maria/whoever and they now know and oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! I have recorded this and I could just FF through the next bit as it is just so awful and I cannot bear to watch it!!" but of course they have not heard it and they just say "hello benji my little darling is it time for a biscuit or a drink of milk or a nap or a punch in the gob or something like that". Annie does it too, and Caitlin and Cole and Amy, they talk to themselves and then somebody walks in and they in fact do not hear the incriminating comments that the person made and so the secret perpetuates and the storyline goes on and we won't know what is happening until another month's time. a (long long long) while ago, when Cole was snooping around in Annieís place and she was in the shower and he was hiding in the linen cupboard and Annie is talking to herself and Cole says outloud something like "I will just wait here a bit and listen to what Annie is saying to herself, she always is talking to herself, maybe she is nuts and she will give me some clue to something or other. oh my god Iím doing it now and maybe Iím nuts too." that is really taking the piss too much of itself. also ( I hate to got on, but I must, really) there appears to be some strange time warp (lets do the time warp again!! etc etc) in sunset beach, where different story lines run at different speeds and how some people's days last for five or six omnibus episodes (I don't get to watch it in the week, I record it and watch it in bits in the evenings) and I know some people have commented on it, but some storylines give the impression that between scenes that have been a couple of days and others give the impression that the people involved have just walked from one room to the next. and after Casey went in the sea to rescue Tess, his hair was limp and un-gelled for weeks, whereas Tessís hair was perfect seconds after being rescued from almost certain due to the horrendous rip-tides in sunset beach bay. hmm, I wonder.

Will Maria ever wipe that sorrowful, yearning expression off her dumb(o) face? She's such a misery.

antonio's lover
What animal died in the production of the normally gorgeous Ricardo's wig. No hair that big can actually be real. The sad thing is that it steals all his scenes and is a better actor than he is! Did you see the anguished way it flopped about when he was watching the tape of sexy Antonio getting it on with the greasy-mouthed-one!

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