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Julia email

BITCH:: Why has Olivia's eyebrow taken on a life of its own? And why does Maria only have one expression of indecision, fright or bafflement which consists of rotating her eyeballs wildly in their sockets? And why does Bimbi never do anything but check on Tres or go to see her mother? And how on earth does Cole manage to look so goddamn plastic? Probably because he is, I suppose.

Jen email

BITCH:: Hhow on earth can "baby" Trey be a baby? he's huge!! honestly, the child looks about 18 months old, when in sunset beach time it can't possibly be more than 4 months since he was born. Also, doesn't anyone else find it odd that olivia, cole, aj and caitlin are so sexually connected? cole has slept with olivia and caitlin, and probably slept in aj's arms as a child, olivia has slept with cole and AJ and probably often shared a bed with caitlin. all we need now is for caitlin and aj to get together. no, on second thoughts forget that.if caitlin got pregnant, a cross between her and whispering aj would be just too scary!!!

Ruby Elliott no email

BITCH::Why do they all think out loud??? Why when they wake up is their make up perfect?? Why can't Maria either die again or at least remeber coz its getting bleedin' boring watching her run arond every epsisode screaming leave me alone in her scared facial expression. Why don't Annie and Olivia have one finally cat fight and rip each others hearts out or something?? Why did Cole not notice that Caitlin morphed in to an evil imposter that cannot act?? Why is everyone so beautiful on that program?

Heathie no email

BITCH::How did Antonio answer the phone when it didn't ring? Also, I think everyone should chip in and buy Maria an asthma pump-she just may not catch her breath one day...

Newt no email

BITCH:: why didn't Tim die when Derek pushed him off the scaffolding and why does every storyline in this programme go on forforever and a day without reaching a plausible conclusion?

SB Worshipper no email

BITCH:: Why cant olivia get through a conversation withoutmaking 100 dramatic pauses and arm waving antics?.

Heloise Reynolds

BITCH::Ok, now were do we start,MEG. Super bitch, that sweet front is just a disguise. Ben belongs to Maria,one of the best people on SB, can't she get that through her thick skull and into her tiny brain? AJ, Why did you stop Olivia from killing herself? you would have done us all a favour. I liked the old smurfy Caitlin better than the snub nosed new one. Well thats about it.

Lauren no email

BITCH:: I cannot feel any sympathy for Meg as she cannot say a sentence without taking twenty breaks. Also, Cole should dump Bimbi a she is too good looking and all she does is moan.

Jen no email

BITCH:Olivia sighs too often, and her eyeliner pencil is so over-used!!!

Smurf Lover

BITCH:Kam BLOODY Heskin - SHOOT THE BITCH! Nah, I'm not *that* cruel. Drowing would be much quicker!

Big Bad Beacher no email

BITCH:WHy the hell are we supposed to feel sorry for Meg? I mean she is such a selfish cow. I hope Maria slaps her!

Namrata Kothari

BITCH:What was up with the weeks when Annie kept dreaming about those chess games!!!
Why did Annie keep dreamin of that chess game???? They were the most ridiculous scenes ever, not to mention the clothes!!!


BITCH:why does the same storyline carry on for so long? Melinda's wooden leg is the most animated prop, it's almost as wooden as Caitlin (Bimbis) acting!!!

Jane Reece

BITCH:Why hasn't Annie melted after all her trips to hell to visit her Dad?

Lynn MacFadyen

BITCH:No wonder so many people survived the capsized boat affair, with all that silicone in their bodies!!


BITCH:Why did Olivia say that they wanted to move closer tothe sea when all you can see out of the nursery window is the sea and an oil rig. And why is the only thing Caitlin and Cole say to each other is "I'm going to check on Trey." And Annie quit thinking about the chess scene PLEASE!!!!!!!


BITCH:Accept the evil twin's excuse of Does Casey have a life? HIMBO!


BITCH:Why oh why do they insist on talking ages to open a door. Are they that stupid that it takes them that long to remember what they were doing in the first place?

??????? no email

BITCH:Why, when Meg heard Ben scuffling and banging behind the cellar door, did she accept the evil twin's excuse of "A mouse problem"

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