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Sonya no email

BITCH:Why and how do storylines just vanish. For example AJ needing Cole to stick around for something to do with Leos health. What happened? Did I fall into a coma one day and totally miss the whole thing or could the curse of SB characters be upon me where Ijust lose brains? Please, please why the gaps?

Bill The Beacher no email

BITCH:HAIR - WTF do peopl like Annie find time to get what looks like 3/4 hour hair cuts?

Karen no email

BITCH:Maria should vanish leaving Ben and Meg to live happily ever after. No-one is that sweet and innocent I bet she has some deep dark secret (she faked her death and had been living with Evil Derek for all this time)

Neill the wise email

BITCH:Y'know what really, really hacks me off? Ben and Meg. And the fact that we are supposed to be interested in their dreary interminable lives. How on earth could any man have an evil twin and a back from the dead wife and yet still be as boring as bejesus? I would frankly much rather see more Antonio's sinful thoughts action and more supernatural nonsense. AND ANOTHER THING why has SB not had any alien abduction/ 'x-files' influenced storylines yet? It's surely only a matter oftime...

Kirsty email

BITCH:Sister Sarah, how come she only has three facial expressions? There's the one where she's looking lovingly into Casey's eyes, the one where Meg walks in and Casey ignores her (not suprising really, I mean with a choice between her or Meg she doesm't stand a chance!), and the REALLY REALLY JOLLY WELL ANGRY face!!!!!!

Mrs Antonio Torres email

BITCH:I love SB because it is so bad, but why could'nt they pick a decent woman to be Antonio's love interest and not someone who looks like she could be his brother (flat as a pancake and no curves!!)

Stephanie no email

BITCH:I just love to laugh at Sunset Beach, wow, it definitely is addictive, I even (sadly) look forward to it!!!!!!!! OK, Maria - you HAVE to do something about your hair girl, and why does she always look so awkward? I love Gregory, rrrrrrrrr he is so sexy!!

Ben's hairgel no email

BITCH:I think smeg should go back to Kansas so that poor Ben can be with me forever. Maria should be put out of her misrey and Mark should come back from the dead (wouldn't that make an interesting storyline!) And just what is the Richard's family's obbsesion with "the truth"all about anyway?

Heather no email

BITCH:Has anyone noticed how when Carmen speaks for more than two words then her "italian" accent disappears and lo and behold - the american drawl setsin! Also Maria needs to go - her "why is this happening to me?" routine has to stop, for the love of the tarotcards!!!!!!!!!!

Onyekah no email

BITCH:A couple of people need to be planked across the head. Meg: For her eternal stupidity. Maria's here, get lost girl!!! Ben: For being so two-faced. Your memoirs of she's here you can't do sh*t. Annie: For letting Mrs.C tell her off and get away with it. Maria: What can I say?! DUMBO!!!

Susieque email

BITCH:Gobbi, what was your hair like this week. Have you been using the same shapoo as Ben and Gregory? Thickardo may be stupid but he's not going want fight for you with your hair looking like a chip pan! is he?

Alison Smith email

BITCH:Why is SB so adictive? Nobody can act, the script is awful and everybody is plastic (and that's just the acting) - but I can't stop watching it!!

Antonio addicts no email

BITCH: Why does Gaaabis hair look like an oil slick. And why does Carmen have to call her GAAAABI? Carmen has been right about most things but they still choose to ignore her. Atleast someone reads her next weeks scripts. What was that pose Leo did when they heard the door bell in Bernie's house. And how did they all fit behind Bernie's sofa, I mean five people and neither, Bernie nor Hillary noticed!! Please, Hillary, put the whole nation out of its misery and kill CAITLIN, that silly twenties- where's my baby?- flapper. Why is Dr Tyus an expert in every medical field? I mean Gynaecologist, Neurologist, Medical Researcher, Dermatologist, ER, ITU, and he works at Cedar Oaks!! And finally, thank god Michael is sterile, otherwise dentists everywher would be baffled by his dental problems.

Jackie email

BITCH:What's wrong with Meg? She can't get over Ben!! Maria and him were married before Ben knew she existed and now that Maria's back, Meg should be out of the pcture already!!

Susieque007 email

BITCH:Maria...Why oh why do want to live with your mad mother,? Stop being so wet about Meg. She is evil !!!! And she has your man. If that was me, Meg would have a black eye by now. So stand up for yourself and get your ears pinned back while you are at it

Sophie email

BITCH: Please someone put us all out of our misery and inflict some serious damage/pain/death on either/both of the Richards kids...

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