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Please will somebody hit Maria repeatedly. Then she might get her memory back, and we might stop having to look atthose Dumbo facial expressions for 20 minutes each episode. And Gabi? Why? Just why is she there? The sooner Thickardo finds out about her bang-bangs (Father Fit? Yes,she did, Franchesta? Possibly?) and bangs in the slammer we will all be happier. And when will Amy actually mourn for her Father? It's been months now. And she still doesn't care. And where does she live? With 'I'm supposed to be 16, but I'm really 36' Brad? Who knows? Who cares? But Franchesta can not die! This is Sunset Beach after all....

I have a brilliant solution to finally finish the whole Ben, Meg, Maria thing. We didn't actually see Deereks body when he 'died' so they should bring back Derek to get together with Maria and then finally Ben and Meg can get married. And is it me or is Meg the most winging person alive, why do all the men in sunset beach seem to like her so much, I think she is too perfect and has a sinister past no one is telling us about.

Hey. Well, my first bitch goes to Benji. I know he's kinda cute and a kid and not expected to be able to act well, *but* the kid just can't act!! He is so awful!! And Francesca's shooting, I was kinda disappointed!! She's usually so melodramatic, and she was sooo fake when she got shot!!!!! It was annoying!! Also, how long did Trey's b-day go on? I agree with every1 else that if his birthday's are always that long, the poor kid will be a baby forever!!!.

Can't stand meg, gabby, tess, ben, sara and tim. love francesca, maria & caitlin.

Ok i've read the other comments and i have to say i agree with just about every one! meg has to be THE most irritating one, what with all her eyelash fluttering and CONSTANT complaining, she drives me completely mad! but then Antonio can always cheer me up, but why on earth make him the priest! it's just not fair!!!

Wow, so many things to bitch about... maria is a rubbish actress, especially when she first came back, why do so many people rate her? The way she blinks emphatically and when she first started to get her memory back -she's comical. And has a weird body, but i guess she cant help that. Still, she really should avoid those denim combatty things - they do her no favours. Now: emily's new hair (suspiciously bronze and granny-curls) where did that come form? She's another one who should change her jean-wear... gabbi is very thin it's true, but at least there's no silicon there...unlike voluptastic annie. How could ben buy that house for meg (the random meeting and "encounter" in rain one) just like that? It was a matter of hours. And how could they just set to like that in some strangers house - very weird. I like sara -she is the most realistic, as she's neither good nor bad all the time. And why is meg touted as a goody-goody all the time-she can be a real bitch, like to sara, and even to maria - the way she jumped down her throat the other day about the divorce, when maria was about to say about the Dominican republic plan - she literally accused her of being a scheming bitch. A bit mean.More jeans bitches (i think i'm obsessed0 - what was sean wearing when he did his charming rap act? Mc hammer eat your heart out, you have a rival in the fashion stakes... you'd never guess how much i love this show, but i do. It's just that it's much more boring talking about what you like about it and why - no-one would be here if they didnt like it would they?

As cute as I think Trey is, I am getting very annoyed that his birthday has been going on for the past two and a half weeks. I know that in The world of SB, time isn't linear but puhleeeease, Two and a half weeks to act out a day, that's ridiculous!

Is it just me or is every one really sick of the Ben Meg Maria thing? and why the hell are the stupid writers getting rid of the shows biggest attraction Franchesca i only hope there will be some great twist and it's really Meg dressed as her..

Graham Burton
Why does Ben look so pissed off all the time? He's got two women on the go who both fight over him (I think the issue should be settled with a mud-wrestling competition). He's really rich. He never does any work, except occasionally hanging around in his bar. In spite of this, all he ever does is walk in on people's conversations, hands on hips, saying "What the hell is going on here???!!!", before he goes somewhere else to be generally stroppy. LIGHTEN UP!

Eve email

BITCH:What the hell could even the desperarate Thickardo see in Gabi, let alone a gorgeous, dog-collar thing wearing gorgeous priest with a dog-collar like Antonio - she's obviously been dipping into Carmen's cauldron and hooking out love potions.

SB is my life email

BITCH:I'm just waiting for the mysterious visitor (who is obviously an old flame of Ben's with child in tow)to show up next week and spoil yet another wedding. Come on nuffs enuff let Ben and thunder thighs get married at least before things go wrong again. Still it's one in the eye for Maria I suppose

Tom no email

BITCH:Meg . This f***ing bitch pisses me off so much !!! She just too f***ing nice . I think that Maria should kick the f***ing s**t out this little whiny, annoying slapper and send her and her whole family back to Kansas and get her husband and life back !!! I hate Meg! I hate Meg ! I f***ing hate Meg !!!

CJ no email

BITCH:Meg has to be the most downright irritating , annoying little bitch in the world . Why can't she just f**k off back to the hole in Kansas she crept out from ?!!! She has to realise that Ben is Maria 's husband and that she will always be the outsider . If anyone should get killed next it's this f***ing bitch . And as for Ben , well , lets just say I've seen more personality in two planks of wood !!! Why the f**k can't the stupid w***er see that Maria is the one for him ?!!!

Anna no email

BITCH:Why on earth does everyone like Ben? He's awful - he and Meg should be thrown in the ocean - Maria could find herself someone better. I hate Michael too! Love Antonio!!!

Antonio Worshipper email

BITCH:The only character in the show I hate is Gabby. This bitch isn't merely ugly, she's positively grotesque. Has anyone noticed what horrible hairy arms she's got - ugh! And isn't she a teensy bit too old for those micro-mini skirts? She has a really nasty nature too - all she cares about is herself. It's about time Thickardo came to his senses and threw this cheap piece of trash out with the rest of the garbage.

Esther email

BITCH:Since the Antonio, Gabi love story is a blatant copy of "The Thorn Birds" why on earth didn't they do a better job? If I had been in the explosion with Antonio, (ummmm!)I can guarantee that our activities would have caused the rubble to cave in on us.

SB no email


Jo no email

BITCH:Has to be...Gabi and Franchesta! Gabi - what a nightmare - I think the reason her eyes are so big is that she is the result of a genetic experiment with aliens (hence the scrawny body and big head - spot the "gray"!!!), which would also explain her inexplicable attractiveness to the Torres boys (mind control!). I could understand Antonio de-frocking for a nice girl, but really - yeuch! All we can hope for is Carmen getting her gun out again like at Ben and Meg's wedding and taking care of her "boys" by killing Gabbi! However, I love Franchesta, can't believe she's going to be gone - she could rival Annie in the scheming stakes and I will miss her tossing her hair all over the place and flouncing about!

Timon no email

BITCH:Father Antonio shoud do us all a favour and have his mother exorcised....Hers is a clear case of demonic possession. Gabi is a sweet little angel sent from heaven to test Antonio (did he ever fail)He should be sentenced to 20 years hard labour in Anchorage, where, I hear there are no women!!

Ellie no email

BITCH:Okay here goes. I really hate Michael. The problem (strange though it may seem) is his mouth and teeth. He really bugs me every time he opens his mouth! It's not just me either. I recently managed to covert my mum to the show and she hates him too (with no prompting from me). So Michael, lets hope the next cave-in/tidal wave/explosion/gunshot is heading your way!!

Louise email

BITCH:I hate Maria and her pathetic sulks and running off from Ben the other week and confronting Meg was just stupid. Maria you have to face facts you are a dullard and Ben hates, we all hate you and you should leave our screens asap!

Anon no email

BITCH:I just want to express how worried I am for Ben, Smeg and Maria as they spent the entire last omnibus sopping wet. Ben's hair was dripping all over Smeg's upturned sweet little face on the bed(euch!) and I'm sure she wanted to wipe the drips away and say "geettttorrrrfffff B-en your spoiling my makeup" I hate the way Smeg pronounces Ben's name - she really elongates it and it's only got 3 letters to it!! Love Antonio. The Vanessa impregnation plot by far the stupidist so far ... but the cursed glowing gems are a close second!! LOVE THE SHOW!!!

Sam and Viv email

BITCH:There is only one conclusion that can be reached asto the Maria debate - she should go or not - the answer is simple she should go - but there will be a use for exit - not only will the intelligence level of the characters increase at least ten fold - this is due to Maria and her very long neck - which enables her to suck oxygen into her body at a much higher level leaving the rest of the SB's in competition for the oxygen found at lower levels. But the hole in the ozone layer that lies directly above SB will be "plugged up" by Maria, her very long neck annd those chunky arms!

Alison no email

BITCH:Why is John Darvall so keen on us seeing Ben as James Bond? I keep getting this comical picture of Ben standing there with his ugly, expressionless face and saying in his dull, expressionless voice, "My name's Evans, Den Evans". It really is hilarious! The guy is an ugly, greasy slimeball who couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag. Take note, JD!

Nardiya and Jess Woodsy no email

BITCH:Maria is the stupidist BITCH in the world, closely followed by Annie. Why can't Maria die like she should have done five years ago, Meg beloings with Ben, we knew she was thick but we thought even she could see that. As for Annie what she did to Olivia was evil. Her plastic chest and rubber lips make her look a tary bitch... go to hell Annie where you belong!!!!!!!!.

Cath email

BITCH:I can understand the bitches of SB fighting over Cole, I can even sort of understand them fighting over Michael. But Sean? What ever happened to that story-line anyway? Please oh please can they not start a fight over Fr. Fit-where they accidently rip all his clothes off!! Hmm-hmm! Time for that cold shower

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