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BITCH: I hate ANNIE! I think she is the most selfish and meanest person on soaps. And what is her bone with Meg? Do they to make-up some type of problem just so Annie will have a story line. I wish they WOULD HAVE let her die at the beginning of the show.

Robert Chen

BITCH: ANNIE/This show needs to run a check. Look it took this long to find out that Ben is a bigamist and no one will thank Tim for laying it out for everybody,including Meg? Come on what is this Port Charles or something? Oh hell nothing can top (bottom) Sunset Beach.Stupid storylines,horrible acting,and more people wanting to saveit than help themselves. Hey wait until they give next year's Emmy to Susan Ward.Then we will need a congressional investigation to figure that one out. Susan Ward is pretty as she is dumb. Pretty dumb.OUT.


BITCH: Caitlin is the biggest wh*** 'cause she is hiding stuff from Cole but still wants him for herself Francesca and Cole belong together not Stupid Caitlin.

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BITCH: I can't stand AJ. Everything he does id for the good of Olivia and he acts too sweet to her and like a jerk to everyone else. Plus he has a HUGE forhead. It freaks me out. I keep on thinking some weird alien thingy is going to pop out and destroy the town. And can't they get more doctors? I mean c'mon.......only Tyus..and he specializez in like every medical procedure known to mankind, yet he only helps Vanessa, Virginia and Michael. Plus, where did all those people come from at Ben and Meg's wedding? There are people there that were never seen before and they show up at this wedding for these two people they don't even know? They could at least give them names so they seemed bit more realistic. But I still love the show...especially Annie.

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BITCH:Virgina is the biggest looser of all times and needs toget a life and a man, and why are they constantly bobmbarding theviewers with Young and the Restless rejects. I hate the way it takes three weeks to complete one day!

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BITCH:The annoying way that Olivia says "baby" whenever/when she referred to Trey. She somehows extends it with her accent and all to "Bay-bee" and she always says "my bay-bee" in the MOST dramatic way. Just makes you want to tell her shut the h*ll up and stop whining Liv!

Kate no email

BITCH:Annie is such a bitch. She is selfish, spoiled and is never happy with what she has but always wants to punish other peoplefor being happy. She's pathetic.

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BITCH:what's up with the atrocious acting. this new "actress" they brought on as Maria makes Susan Ward look like Merly Streep. God, why do they keep giving us no talent women?


BITCH:Doesn't it seem odd that Cole was unconscious for awhile and suddenly after he is revived he is up and walking around like nothing happened? And day he is practically dead after a gas explosion and the next he is walking around the hospital like nothing happened!!!

Rainy no email

BITCH:SB needs a medical consultant, and badly! I can't believe how they have managed to screw up the facts concerning VonWillebrand's disease (what Trey supposedly has). He does not need his mother's plasma!


BITCH:I cant believe that they killed off the hottest guy on the show, . . . . . Cole. . . . . .what the hell is up with that?

BITCH:Olivia . . . .is the biggest bitch I think, she is treating Annie so freakin rude, . . . true what Annie did with Trey was wrong, but she was just helping Caitlin,. . . . . . . and Olivia did the same thing with Cole!


BITCH:CAITLIN: The ladies can swim with their shoes on! Also, Sara is so annoying, and if she would just stop complaining that they were never going to make it, she might just survive. On another note, Dana is TOO YOUNG to be Maria. She should be a slightly older woman, not Megs age. And anyway, Ben would have never loved someone as ANNOYING and wimpy as Dana

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BITCH:CAITLIN: Heh heh... it was funny when Ricardo revives, and instantly Gabi starts kissing him. I don't know, wouldn't Ricardo be a bit more interested in breathing, at least for those first few seconds?


BITCH:CAITLIN: After the new actress even remotely resembles acting, she then bitches to Francesca and turns into her usual Wooden Plank self. Get some acting lessons. TPTB should stop bringing on people because of their looks. They should be able to ACT, not win a beauty contest


BITCH: I hate how in SuBe in the most akward times (such asstuck in boat filling with water) that Sara and Casey managed to have aconversation? Please if I were in that boat I would be out by now causeI woulden't be hangin out and talkin!

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BITCH: Meg is the biggest bitch of them all, and then her little sis' Sarah, God how could she get Casey? I really the new Catlin too, She is the worst actress ever on SB!?

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BITCH: annie is the biggest bitch because she messes up everyone's god damn life!!! to hell with her!!!

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