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BITCH:I think Tim should be done away with, he is so annoying. Meg and Ben belong together after all they've been through. As for those who say Ben should get together with Maria - NO WAY. Ben fell in love with Meg after he thought Maria was dead, just because she isn't doesn't mean they should automatically be together again. As for Virginia, has the woman no dignity and how thick is everyone (apart from Vanessa) not to notice what she's really like?

Mo email

BITCH:Ben's HAIR!! Ugh.............Why oh why does his hair look sooooo gross...I just do not like the look of greasy dirty hair... perhaps I am showing my age........I rather like Gregory ...even though he has a demented side.....Love the show!! just wash Ben's hair.

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BITCH:I hate that they replaced Vanessa Dorman & killed off Mark.!Why did they replaced Vanessa Dorman????????? She was such a sweety!!! I like her very much!!!!& also i hate that i can't watch SB !!!!!!

Kat email

BITCH:Who the hell does kam Heisin think she is, I mean this girl cannot act at all!!! She replaced vannessa Dorman, WHY??? And the fact that most of her scenes are with Eddie Cibrian, who is such a hottie and one of the best actors on the show...Why??? And whats up with Sasra, before she was ok, but why is she ruining Meg?!?! Meg is such a sweetie, and Im not surprised that everyoe is sprung off of her but why sara? Casey is way too good for her!!!!

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BITCH:why the hell did they kill mark!!!!! he was the best of all of them i love francesca. she is the only one that i would love to see hook up with cole. the new catlin SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the old one was so much better i can't belive they fired her. that made me so mad. you all should not say anything about sara and gabi they are my homegirls. meg is way to nice. casey and antoino are FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

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BITCH:Sara is the most immature, whiney, clueless little girl! Its funny how Casey treats her like a young brat rather than respecting her as his girlfriend. She deserves that kind of treatment from him, that whiney, jealous impulsive bitch. I hope she gets burned bad! Go Ben and Maria. I'm sorry Meg, Casey will have to do for you!

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BITCH:I hate sarah!!! she is so pathetic. I hate virginia. obviously micheal has no feelings for her and hopefully never will..

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BITCH:I think Virginia is such a bitch she is forever talking to her self.she is so sick in the head what kind of person is so desperate for a man that she goes and sticks a turkey baster up a girls p**** that is nasty. Micheal doesn’t want her sc**k ass. She should of gotten bit by that scorpian that was in the Madonna. She is so pitiful she belongs with that sorry ass d*** head Tim.

Lynn email

BITCH:Meg is way super nice and it pisses me off like majorly! The old Caitlin definitly needs to come back. Ben is so freaking ugly, why does everyone think hes goodlooking?? Sine when has Gabi been so nice, she was better evil! Maria is so annoying, every second she looks liek she is about to cry - and normally SHE does cry every second. Wither that or she runs away. Grrr!.

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BITCH:Maria is the worst actress. Derek should come back and hook up with Maria. Gregory is a psychotic weird old guy. Gabbie looks like a guy. We need the old Kaitlin back because this one sucks. Shawn is gay because he didn't want to have sex with Emily. Why doesn't Casey ever get any? After all Sara screwed the congressman why wouldn't she screw him. Virginia never takes care of Jimmy. Meg is too nice and thinks everyone is in love with her. Vanessa needs to tell Michael the baby isn't his.


BITCH:I am SO tired of this Gabi/Antonio obsession. They either need to get together, or get over it. And this Maria thing drives me crazy. I cannot even stand to watch Ben look at her. He'swith Meg now, and they both just need to leave Maria alone. She can go live with her crazy mother. And I'm tired of Amy, too. What a bitch.
Not to mention Sara, too. She's just as bad. She's just jealous b/c Meg's a hell of alot prettier. And she needs to leave Casey alone. He is WAY too good for her. Other than that, I think the show's great. :)

Speckybird Traceylee@biddy66.freeserve.c

BITCH: :Caitlin and Sean cannot act. (which is surprising because Mr Spelling surely has enough money to pay for acting lessons for his son.).


BITCH: : I hate how Maria is on the show, which means trouble for Meg and Ben. I also hate how Meg is too nice, I think she's a good actress but slightly too goody-goody.


BITCH: Saraaaaa, I don't know how she end up with Casey, she's weird and annoying. I laugh every time she's on.

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BITCH: What is the deal with bad acting? Meg is obviously too friggin nice all the time. She sucks......Big time. And Ricardo he bitches too much he needs to get a clue.
OH and the NEW Caitlin she sucks as an actor too. There are only 3 good actors on the show 1, Ben,2, KC and 3, Antonio. And that Folks about does it For that. OH and Sean he needs to take some Acting Lessons From Doogie Houser or somthing.

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BITCH:In the Poseidon adventure scenario when Gabi had to swim under the water to rescue everyone she took off her "car seat cover" beaded dress thing but left on her tight day-glo pink dress how on earth could she swim in that?!


BITCH:I was watching the end of Sunset Beach on Friday when the part with Amy and Emily came on. Apparently Emily hit Amy, but Icould not even tell at first. There was no noise. Then they showed it again on Monday, you could hear it when Emily hit Amy. Why does SB always make such stupid little mistakes? !

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BITCH:I hate that they killed off Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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