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BITCH:Oooh i hate Carmen...she sucks!I think Ben and Maria should get together, and i know this is impossible but i think Meg and Antonio should get together because i think they would make such a cute pair...and Cole and Caitlin should just get divorced and Gregory should get a life. What kind of luzer blackmails his own wife and daughter? Sometimes SB is amazing but sometimes its just plain stupid because it is so unbelievable... anyway i'd just like to say that Antonio and Cole are the only cool ones on the show...they make watching it worthwile and Francesca makes you dread watching it. I just wish Antonio wasn't a priest and Cole wasn't married to that ditz, Caitlin.I love you, Antonio and Cole.


BITCH:Annoying sound of high heels!!! Why do all the women wear heels all the time???? early in the mornin'till late at nite, everywhere!! especially MEG......And another thing! I cannot stand Ben's HAIR!!!!! But I love the show.....


BITCH:GABBI!!! Need I say more!!!!!!.


BITCH:I think Tim needs to get a better storyline, it's getting really old, Meg, meg, meg, give the man a new story before he leaves the show. I also hate Maria, and Megs stupid looks, that gets old too, and finally I wish Ricardo would just find out about them.


BITCH:I think something or someone should beat the hell out of Sara. Casey could do soooooooo much better.


BITCH:WHAT HAPPENED TO COLE's HAIR??????????? It looked very strange today............ .Perhaps they ran outta' gel or mousse or whatever!!!


BITCH:What's up with Ben? Excuse me, but couldn't he have had just a little trouble giving up Maria? I mean noone mourns someone all those years to the point he did and then just kicks them to the curb. I like Meg, but I really want her to get with Casey just to tick Tim and Sara off. I really can't stand those two. If I paid for the tickets, do you think they might go back to Kansas and take that jerk Hank with them. Speaking of which, how about Hank and Carmen as a super couple? Neither of them can keep from meddling in the lives of their children or believe that just maybe someone else is having trouble dealing with these mixed up relationships! Okay, I'm done now... Thank you, I feel much better.


BITCH:OK first of all I agree with all of you, Sara has got to go, she is sooo annoying and she couldn't act if she tried. I lauhg everytime I see her on the show she's such a loser and Casey should get rid of her! I think she and Tim should just leave the show. And what's with Maria she can't act either she's such a bad actress. Also I really really think that Amy needs to just go, she has no storyline whatsoever all she does is piss people off. All in all I lovce the show Antonio's my all time fav though, he is sooooooooo hot!!!


BITCH:I wish Sara and Tim would realize that they are made for each! Then the two losers could move back to Kansas and raise little loser children without wasting my valuable Sunset Beach viewing time!


BITCH:I think that Maria is a terrible actress I hate the way she looks when they do a close up on her and she is suppose to have this serious face thing going on that really sucks. Other than that I have no compliants that I can think of at the moment.


BITCH:Antonio is soo hot. He should not be a priest. He needs to get with gabi anain. Ricardo should get back with paula. Benjy is not Bens kid. Maria has to get over him, shes been gone for 5 years, did she think ben wouldnt get over her???


BITCH:I think that Virginia and Sarah must die...The are theWORST!!! I hate them...and btw...WHY DID YOU CHANGE VANESSA??? She was great! Kill those 2 women and the film will be PERFECT!!!


BITCH:I really wish that they wouldn't take Francesca or Leo off the show. I think they are both excellent actors and if anyone should be taken off, it should be Tim. I can't stand Tim and I think he should be the one who dies if anyone does.


BITCH:Francesca should be shot. I mean for gods sake, I know Cole is gorgeous but he's with Caitlin now so for gods sake GET OVER HIM!!


BITCH:The execs for writing off Leo. He's a very good actor.(not to mention good looking!!)


BITCH:What is up with meg she is so anoying. Get Ben and Maria together already. As for Sara give her a good story line would you.And give Antoino a clue would you he belongs with Gabi


BITCH:What's with Virginia. Does anyone else think that she looks and sounds like a man. Creepy! Tim is ugly he looks like he has two black eyes. No lip Sara ain't too attractive either. Why are two beautiful women fighting over Ben. He's funny looking too. Maria's lips shake so much that she looks like she's in a constant state of near death hypothermia. That being said I love Gabi and Antonio. :-)


BITCH:Francesca needs to get a life, cole's married now, she needs to find herself another boyfriend, but that doesn't mean trying to get into bed with cole's father. That's soo sick. Cole has slept with the mother and demented can this show get. everyone's sleeping around with somebody else. looks like they can't take hands off of eachother. why don't they all get together in one big room and everyone does it to everyone else. Then we can actually have a good story line besides sex. or maybe they should stop having sex so they wouldn't have to keep so many secrets from eachother and have their lives so demented.

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