Bitch Guidelines


1st August 1998



  1. Bitches can be sent to me with foul language but do not expect them to be posted exactly the same.
  2. A ‘Bitch’, in context with this site, is something that you LOVE to HATE about the show, i.e. long pauses, perfect make-up even when they crawl out of bed etc.
  3. DO NOT just put a singular character from the show unless you give good reason as to why they deserve to be there, i.e. something they do that annoys you or just an aspect of their character. Singular character names with no reason will not be posted.
  4. It is always a good idea to make your bitches humorous as this will make them better.
  5. I encourage regular posters to my site, unless they continue to post the same bitch.

All ‘Bitches’ will be posted ASAP. After the current month is up all the ‘Bitches’ for that month will move to the Bitch Archives

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