Should she stay or should she go?
Should Maria be.....

Slung back in the ocean?
Setting up camp?

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Hello and welcome to Should She Stay or Should She Go?
You know why you are here - youíre here to tell people your reason for either wanting the character of ĎMaria Torrez-Evansí to (a) be slung back in the ocean and never to set foot in Sunset Beach again or (b) set up camp in Ben and Megís bedroom never to be budged.

What you think.
Set Up Camp or Sling Her Back

So, if you would like others to know of your feelings on this subject please feel free to let your emotions run rampant and submit them to me using this fabulous form down the page.

But if you donít have time to do that right now why donít you just use the poll to express your feelings - I know itís not quite the same but it still has the same objective!

I know we now seem to have a plausible explanation about where Maria was but there is something suss going on there and we should still be open to more possibilities. If you have a theory as to where Maria was enter...
The Lost Years

This is the fabulous form!


Do you think Maria should...
Set up camp?
Be slung back in the ocean?


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