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Posted 1st May 1999

Those of you who paid attention to the last 5 Omnibus that I did would know that I was on holiday last week so missed last Saturday’s omnibus and promised that if I saw any episodes whilst on holiday in the states would give any juicy gossip. Unfortunately the shops were so good is New York I failed to be around to see if there were any channels were I could pick up SB. Sorry.

I also failed myself to remember that SB started at 2.00 so I missed the first hour but I don’t think it made to much of a difference as I pretty much picked up the gist. Caitlin had told Cole that Trey wasn’t his and that Olivia had caught AJ and Franny ‘together’, Franny was also blackmailing Gabi and Antonio about the video of them getting down in AJ’s office, Sarah had convinced her parents to give Tim a job, Cole realised that Trey was his Olivia’s son.

So one of the longest running storylines has come to a head, well almost I think there is one aspect of the whole story that Caitlin is quite au fait with i.e. concerning the true parentage of Trey. Might I say some pretty nifty acting from Eddie C as the gutted Cole makes a change to see him expressing more than two emotions. And as for Kam Heskin come on I’ve seen better acting on ‘Barney’.

Also I going to continue the popular game of taking the piss out of Gabi’s hair - what was it supposed to be doing this week? It looked like she’d been taking styling tips from Don King. Also if it were me before I took what I thought was some money from a safe I would have checked to see if there was actually money there. Obviously some of these people have no common sense which is why she is going out with Ricardo and then slept with his brother, the priest - she’s just so full of moral ethics - as we know from the rape case days.

I have no idea whether we had any glimpse of Ben and Meg this week or the V/V/T/M plot so it would be pointless for me to mention them even further other than to say in that case why did we need to see Maria this week? In my opinion, she should be restricted to one episode a week for our own health and well being.

And isn’t Gregory one of the nicest fathers around? That f you didn’t realise is sarcasm. What kind of father would put his daughter through so much - (I know we don’t think much of her any way) - in the name of love? He has some serious issues obviously surfacing in these schemes of his and perhaps he should delve more into his actual work and realise that his personal assistant Meg never actually does anything apart from wander about the building with files under her arms. (Did we see the nice deviation there?)

Here are two weeks worth of your comments (Not that many I might add ;})

Mrs Antonio Torres
It is with great shame that SMEG had tried to ruin Ben and Maria's first chance of happiness. The scripwriters are notbeing fair to Ben as they keep writing his feelings for Maria as Hot and Cold, so they do not make any sense. Get your act together so that they can be together!!!!

Poor little Sean, daddy wouldn't let you help incase you got hurt. We think Daddy was wrong, we wanted some building to fall on you head.

Don't you think Antonio is a babe? Were are all thepictures of him, they have Ben, Cole but no Antonio!!!!! Annie, youneed to stop being so obvious!

I was most upset, when in Wednesday's episode of SB, the song "I don't want to wait", (the theme tune to Dawsons Creek),which I found from the internet was SUPPOSED to be in this episode, was not played. What did you do with it? How COULD you cut it out?

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