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27th July '98 to 31st July '98

Posted 1st August 1998

The second edition of 5 Omnibus. Yay!

WOW. What a great week for Sunset Beach. Wasn’t it good to see some good acting this week? When I say this I mean Bette, she was fantastic when she cried over Eddie (who did his best acting dead). Also Bette again when she moved out after that fight with Annie. Excellent Stuff.

I didn’t know we had any magicians on the show either. Did you see Ben when he leapt at Evil Twin? I liked the ending of the show with him paused in mid air. I can’t believe he got out of those cuffs like that either, if he could do that all along why didn’t he do it earlier and save us all the trouble of watching Evil Twin looking better than Ben ever did. (Was I the only one who noticed this?)

Meg’s hair! Did you see Meg’s hair? Did she suddenly get a new style over night? (And why won’t mine go like that?) She’s gone through more changes than Hayley in Coronation Street. Definitely better hair than when we first saw her. Aww and did we see her little face when Ben took a turn for the worse - she looked like she’d been practising that for weeks.

Father and son heart to hearts on the beach is something SB could do without. What a load of boring crap. Couldn’t they just have said hello and had it done with? As much as I like Cole he could put a bit of effort into it now and again. Maybe if he did he’d realise what an idiot his wife is. “Do you two know each other?” Of course they know each other you silly cow, you’ve just seen them talking to each other, d’uh!

I am reeaaly getting fed up with the whole Michael/Vanessa/Virginia saga and it’s still running in the States, bloody hell! Wasn’t it nice of Michael to think that Vanessa could never leave him. Why couldn’t she have just left him? Does he think that he’s so wonderful that she wouldn’t?

Do they have all-rouders in medicine like they do in cricket (Yay for England winning the 4th test by the way - who said Atherton was crap?) I mean he’s an O.B.G.Y.N, Martin’s Syndrome specialist, and surgeon of many areas. He is Super Doc.

Now don’t even get me started on Greggy chops and Annie. I’ve given up on them all together. I mean that dress Annie wasn’t wearing. Was that supposed to be some irony there, as it was white or something? “Looking like a virginal milk-sop maid” is a quote that springs to mind from ‘The Lady and the Highwayman’ - (an excellent film, you have to see it. It's got Hugh Grant in it).

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