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Posted 9th January 1999

Good Saturday afternoon telly was what was on offer this week. Dead people appearing left right and centre, cursed necklaces turning into snakes, people taking an enormously long time to turn round a chair, mad people running about in wedding dresses… you name it, it probably happened even if we didn’t get to see it.

Anyway back to what you came here for

That basically describes what happened this week so only a little bit of elaboration is needed. Ben finally agreed to have Maria stay with him and Meg but Maria said no and moved in with her mother which she regretted when she realised her mother was nuttier than she was. Ben hit Tim again for trying to get Maria more into Ben’s life, but then no one ever needs a reason to hit Tim do they? Virginia wondered how she was going to get a sample of Vanessa’s urine for a pregnancy test. Tyus told Vanessa and Michael he was leaving SB. Annie and Livvy had even more slanging matches about setting Cole up.

Now lets talk about that whole cursed jewels thing - plausible? I don’t think so. Mind you anything can happen in Sunset Beach. So old Bernie turned into a corpse eh? - Could anyone even tell the difference? I’ve left that storyline unexplored in the NBC episode guides - it’s going to be fun seeing it unfold each week.
So I think all that Sean, Amy, Emily, Brad and Leo need now is a van called the Mystery Machine and a dog called Scooby after there little escapade in Amy’s house. Those pesky kids. Shame that knife missed Sean

I love Annie’s and Olivia’s slanging matches - I think they make the show, they’re really too alike to be friends so enemies is better
Also would you put a creepy necklace back on after it tried to choke you and turns into snakes at the drop of a hat? Hell no! I would have told Livvy to shove her head in an oven, or put it on herself. That “wicked bitch of the west”.

One storyline I’ll finally be glad to see the back of is the Ben/Meg/Maria one, well not glad as such, just wishing they’d hurry it along a bit. You know drop a brick on Maria’s head or something, give her memory jolt. Alternatively, just drop a brick on her head for the sake of it. Mind you she’s finally just showing a bit more of her character than just screaming and running about Cedar Oaks. Now she’s shouting at people and running about in her wedding dresses. Obviously, come along way then. Ben obviously being the knight in shining armour then rescuing damsels in distress an all that. Can the man do no wrong? No of course he can’t that’s why they had an evil twin for him.

Here are some of your comments


I think Ben and Maria should be together.

Emma Symmonds

I must admit that the bed scene was pretty cool!!!! Why dose it take two weeks for anything, like a conversation or even a single small kiss?


Has the turkey been basted yet?


Virginia should take a hike from this show! She is so.....Bitch!!!

Thats all for now see you next week!

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