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27th September to 2nd October 1999

Posted 2nd October 1999

Unfortunately I couldn’t get round to doing 5 Omnibus last week, I could give you all a really flimsy excuse but I don’t think anything could eclipse a possible excuse for Ben sleeping with Maria as “I’m sorry it just slipped out of my trousers”.

Anyway, this week it was the reading of Gregory’s will. AJ got a horse called Hopeless; Olivia got a lifetime supply of Vodka, Caitlin got everything if she divorced Cole, if not (which was the case) everything went to Trey. Annie got a library of self-help books and her Liberty Corp stocks went to a trust fund. Annie, extremely pissed off that she didn’t get anything revealed that Trey was indeed Cole’s son and that meant Trey was not Gregory’s heir and that she would get everything instead. Livvy was having none of it and wouldn’t let Cole take Trey for a paternity test, but with Annie’s help, they managed to get Trey.
Things didn’t seem to get much further with the whole Sara/Meg/Casey thing. Meg and Casey are still dancing around each other and Sara is still wearing her ‘someone’s-taken-my-Ken-Doll-away’ look. Ben and Maria are also dancing around each other. Maria told him she still loves him but Ben is still wondering after Meg but not doing a lot about it.
Sean and Amy did the deed. (Not a pretty picture). Sean almost confessed to Emily but Amy covered up and said that he shouldn’t tell her. Brad is now mooning after Emily.
Ricardo still can’t do anything (not that we noticed anyway). Gabi, finally doing something half-decent with her hair, keeps professing her love to him (well it’s enough to make some men queasy) and his machine keeps going mental.

Not only did we have to have flashbacks of Meg seeing Ben and Maria ‘together’ we had to see Amy and Sean post ‘horizontal rumba’ (I refuse to say making love - it is one over used phrase in that show).
Also, we were shown another flashback of Gabi and Antonio at it. You know SB writers, I think we get it! Gabi and Antonio had a shag - that’s all we need to know ‘bout it.

When will Ben make up his mind? He still loves Meg but can’t keep his canoe in his pocket when it comes to Maria. At least pick one and just put us out of our misery so either Ben and Meg fans can hope that perhaps they’ll get together someday or Ben and Maria fans get can get out the champagne. I don’t really care anymore. No one is happy on SB, except Michael and Vanessa, and they are locked away in a cupboard until the SB writers can think of something to hamper their relationship.

I think I physically shuddered when we were presented with a topless Sean. A fully clothed Sean is bad enough, but a topless one is enough to make me, well physically shudder. I think that in compensation I should see more of Cole or Antonio with no clothes on. A lot more.

On another note. Death to Benji. I think that says it all really.

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