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Posted 3rd April 1999

You'd think with all the schemes these people come up with they'd realise that if they are going to need to make a private phone call with out the people concerned overhearing that perhaps it might be a good idea if they didn't make them in their own living room where people could overhear them. D'uh!

This is what happened: Antonio told Gabi that he had feelings for her and told him later that she had feelings for him too but as a friend (yeah right). Ricardo was hounding his brother for the real reason he was leaving SB and Antonio almost gave but was saved by a nun. Some guy had a fight with Ben at the Deep and Maria in her concern said that she was his wife, obviously Meg wasn't best pleased with this and told Maria outright later that she wasn't going to give up on Ben and that she was in for a fight. Maria and Annie made up. Gregory was told that Trey wasn't his and also confronted Olivia abou Trey not being Cole and Caitlins. He also asked Francessca to sleep with AJ inexcahnge for 5 million dollars to get revenge on Olivia for sleeping with Cole. Fran said no at first but when Livvy hada go at her she told him yes. Cole found Dr. Brock dead and found out that that either Greggy or Annie has something to do with it.

Not too much of the Vanessa/Virginia/Michael/Tyus thing this week which is a shame because we miss Michael making a prat of himself trying to look tough or Vanessa looking totally sorry for herself after realising that she slept with Tyus (not a memory I'd like to have)or Virginia really revelling in the darstedliness of her scheme.

I'm surprised Gabi has already been figured out as a plant in AJ's office. Because you know she totally had me convinced. What with those Anthea Turner flicks she's acquired she really looked the part as a police plant, of the yukka variety.

Why O why does Cole insist on wearing pink shirts? If he's not careful he'll start being mistaken for Maria in those lovely pastel shades she wears - aren't those cardies of hers sooo fetching?

What the hell was going on with Gregory when he was having a barney with Livvy early on the show? My guess is his eyes were twitching from the fumes of her hair spray. Perhaps she should think about changing to Ben's brand which withstands bottles being broken on it with out a hair moving out of place.

Here are some of you comments

Father Fit's
Father Fit please don't go Sunset Beach would just not be the same. Who would we be able to drool over the rest of the men are horrible especially Casey


Mrs Antonio Torres
Is there any way another Tidal Wave could appear and take Smeg, Sister Sara, Derby & Joan, Tightpants Tim, Vixen Virginia, Mad Woman Carmen, Gobby, Thickardo, Jaffa (Michael), Little Jimmy Osmond, Bungalow (Casey), Bimbie (Caitlin), The Spawn which is Sean and Greasy Gregory!!!!!

Why does Madame Carmen have to stick her nose in to everyone elses lives, hasn't she got any friends of her own. Also I want to know why the arfernoon repeats have stopped, once a day is simply not enough!!

Mrs A. Torres
Lets hope all the convoluted plot lines and one-week-can-last-a-year-stuff conspires to keep yummy Antonio in SB for as long as poss.

Michael's fighting is worse than his acting, this plot so sucks. Bring back the turkey baser days, at lest they were funny
Maria- Your drawing improved.

Mrs Evans-Torres
Why don't Meg, Maria and Gaby just smeg off and leave my boys alone???

Jo & Maz
This has got to be the worst soap on tv, but wecan't seem to stop watching it, if we miss an episode we becomecompletely miserable and hard to live with. By the way smeg has had the same top on for the last 2 weeks. Poooh

I love those bitch fights between Olivia and Franchesca!!!!!
p.s where did the afternoon repeats go?

Thatís all for this week. Until next week.

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