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28th June to 2nd July 1999

Posted 3rd July 1999

Firstly, sorry that there was no 5 omnibus last week. I was planning to do it Sunday after watching the tape but it seemed that as I was out my sister decide to watch MTV so my video got three hours of music instead of 3 hours of Sunset Beach. This means that I won’t be able to do a double dose. Secondly, do you know how hard it is to watch a tennis match the same time as Sunset Beach? I mean I really couldn’t miss the Henman/Sampras match but as I had already missed last week’s SB, it was mostly an afternoon of channel hopping.

Any way for those of you who didn’t channel hop and watched Henman lose: Here is what happened. Ricardo wanted Antonio to marry him and Gabi in the hospital but Antonio gave the excuse that they didn’t have a marriage license. Meg is still having problems with Tess and Benji (well who wouldn’t?) and keeps pulling those ‘someones-taken-away-her-Barbi looks’ whenever Maria gets close with Ben. Sara is still determined to prove Tess and Maria are in co-hoots and Meg is getting really pissed off about. Cole is determined to get Caitlin out of jail and his main plan is to get Annie to take her place, with which Annie is not best pleased with but luckily for her the DA wasn’t having any of it. Antonio and Gabi finally found the tape in the Media Library at the Media Centre and were watching it when Ricardo turned up and the tapes were taken away for evidence. Carmen suggested Maria got alternative treatment for getting her memory back and sent her to Mrs Moreau, who in turn had also been to see Vanessa and apologised for helping Virginia and offered to help her get Michael back with a potion but Vanessa told her to sling her hook.

Why hasn’t somebody locked Benji in a cupboard? I’m sorry but everyone in that household is giving Benji everything he wants except a smack. Could that child be anymore annoying? He’ll probably grow up to be ‘Benji - Sean #2’ -that is a frightening thought.

Strange things do happen - Carmen apologised to Gabi. What will we see next - Ricardo solving a crime by himself? Tim giving up on trying to get Meg back? Annie not talking to herself? Casey and Michael actually doing their lifesaving job? Hank not meddling in his children’s lives? Sean being attractive? (Actually, I fear we will never see that).

How stupid is Meg? - Or how much more stupid can she get. Tess gave her the perfect opportunity to get out of her predicament and she chose to tell the truth. D’uh! The woman has no common sense, which seems to be lacking in nearly everyone is Sunset Beach. I think it must be a condition on being able to live there. That and having at least one skeleton in your closet or even under your patio.

I hate to be repetitive but Antonio, could that guy be anymore deluded about Gabi? Even my male friends fail to see the attraction about her - the main thing that cropped us a reason was her lack of chestal frontage. I think Antonio has been taking to many sips of the communion wine.

OK - I have a question that may stump some of you as it did me when my friend put it to me. Whom would you rather snog under the mistletoe - Sean Richards or Robbie Jackson from Eastenders? Now take your time as either choice is bound to leave you in deep regret. (I’m not telling you my answer)

That’s it for this week

Here’s two weeks worth of your comments….

Now that they've put Caitlin in jail, I’ve just realised that she can act. I wish they would get rid of Tim. He looked so pathetic trying to chat up Tess, etc. both Meg & Maria deserve someone better that Ben. He may be rich but he's indecisive & looks like a monkey. How can Benji [the brat] say he loves Ben & Maria when he hardly spends time with either of them?

Do you agree that when Ricarso was lying in his hospital bed he looked just like a really old tortoise.

See you next week...

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