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28th Feb - 3rd March 2000

Posted 4th February 2000

Sob, wail, blubber, and throw yet another soggy tissue into the bin. Itís the end of and era. No more Sunset Beach. Sob and wail all over again.

Summary: Basically all the loose ends got tied up. Antonio and Ricardo made up. Caitlin, Sean and Trey came back to Sunset Beach with a little intervention from Annie and Jude. Not to mention Cole turning up later. After telling he mother to just shut the hell up Maria met a nice man in the park. Ben asked Meg to marry him and she said yes. Annie and Meg buried the hatchet (not in each other). Annie also called truce with Olivia after Livvy found out about Annie helping bring her children back to her. A double wedding ensued and both Michael and Vanessa and Ben and Meg got married. Then the writers decided to scare the crap out of us by pretending to do a Bobby Ewing Shower Job* by making all the past three years the result of a dream by Meg so that it appeared she was dreaming before she married Tim. Lo and behold she went down stairs (in the dream) and all her SB pals were there in Kansas. Happily the ĎSB dreamí wasnít a dream and she did marry Ben.

I was most annoyed when they pretended to make it all a dream. I shouted at the screen ďI canít believe they did a Bobby Ewing, I canít believe they did a Bobby Ewing!Ē But they didnít, and I was very happy.

As an avid Ben and Meg fan I wept, well cried a bit, when they finally got married - properly without wet, dead wives popping up at the reception afterwards. Iím sorry for Maria fans but Meg and Ben did all stem from the first episode (which happily they showed on Friday) and it only took them three years.

I was also glad they showed both Sara and Annieís fantasies/dreams (I think they showed Saraís last week). Both the Charlieís Angelís one from Sara and that bed one from Annie should go down as classic SB moments.

By next week I will have revamped Sunset Bitch Ė oh no, Iím not going just yet. 5 Omnibus will no longer be what it was. I will however put up the first ever 5 Omnibus and several other of my favourite summaries. I hope you have all enjoyed by ramblings on the wonderful, fantastic and superb Sunset Beach. Thanks to everyone who has sent comments in and to everyone who has given me feedback, especially the ones who said I was fab.

* Bobby Ewing Shower Job Ė For those of you who didnít watch Dallas, Bobby Ewing was killed and they did a whole season where he was dead. But Patrick Duffy who played Bobby decided he wanted to come back to the show and they made the whole season where he was a dead a dream, from which he woke up from in the shower.

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