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30th August to 3rtd September 1999

Posted 4th September 1999

Hardly a humdinger of a week on SB I thought. Apart from Antonio going apeshit - that was quite fun!

Summary: Annie and Livvy had a slanging match over Gregory’s will even before it had been read with Livvy saying that Gregory wasn’t even cold yet. This is true since he managed to crawl out of the ocean onto a rock looking like crap. Annie and Cole went down to SBPD and it was confirmed that the tape with the confession on it was real and the charges were dropped against Caitlin. Annie nearly told Cole that Trey is his.
Tess and Tim are going through with their plan. Meg now thinks that Maria and Ben have gone away for a weekend together when in fact Maria went to go to Seattle and Ben to LA.
Ricardo showed up at the motel where Gabi was and Antonio told him that he thought Gabi had gone to Dallas. Ricardo must have been a bit suss and found Gabi still in Blanco and convinced her to come back to Sunset Beach. Antonio was already back in SB and was bawling out his mother because he knew that she had the tape and trashed her place looking for it. Amy managed to get a love potion out of Mrs Moreau after a little bit of persuasion and started to get to work with Sean.

Meg is so gullible isn’t she? I mean for someone ho is suspicious of Tess and supposedly knows Ben so well would know that they were being sold a pile of crap. If she thought that Ben still loved her, she would hardly think he would go away with Maria. However, this is Sunset Beach and WYSIWYG worse luck. What we should see is Meg walk into Ben’s house and say to Tess “I know you are liar and what you are up to”, instead of waiting 3 months for them all to finally figure it out.

Wow, Ricardo actually figured something out without anyone’s help. Such a shame he’s actually bringing Gabi back to SB though - I know I could have lived without her quite easily but it seems that those two brothers can’t get enough. I’ve lost all faith in Antonio now - he may be gorgeous but he’s acting like a bit of a twat. Ricardo though is all twat.

Amy is still deluded in thinking that Sean is attractive. I’m sorry to harp on about this but COME ON! He’s no Gianni or Beppe De Marco is he? More of a Robbie Jackson.

OK I’ve run out of steam now and ‘Twelve Monkey’s’ to watch so I’ll be off.

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