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31st Jan - 4th Feb 2000

Crack open that champagne and pop those left over millennium party poppers because the Richards chidden have gone. Was that a little over the top? I’m sorry but I’m just so happy!

I only caught dribs and drabs of the beginning of SB so I only saw Ben tying Casey up and trying to figure out how to get Casey to do what he wanted. After that Gregory as Tobias told Annie that he was going to take over Trey’s estate until Trey was 21. Olivia didn’t put up much of a fight when letting Caitlin and Sean go (and I say thank you) with Trey. Gregory wasn’t too happy about that either and almost blew his cover with Livvy. Jude it turns out is in cohoots with Greggy but he obviously didn’t count on acquiring feelings for Annie. Annie’s day didn’t get any better after ‘Tobias’ told her his ‘good news’ because Amy found out that Sean has left Sunset Beach and threatened to tell all about Annie being the cause of Olivia’s drinking then after that she had Bette giving her an earful. Ricardo stepped up his plan of revenge for Gabi and Antonio and threatened his mother that if she told them about his walking, he wouldn’t speak to her again. After he had managed to get Antonio and Gabi to check out his timeshare cottage, Ricardo called Michael over after cunningly setting up the video. Michael wasn’t best pleased about this as he had just got Vanessa to agree to marry him on December 31st 1999 (Handy that wasn’t it) and he was probably about to get lucky.

I had quite a few emails last week, mostly people welcoming me back, but also questioning my statement that I had found Ricardo slightly more attractive and that “Had I gone mad?” Can I just say that I only meant slightly more attractive. That does not mean I’m aching to jump his bones (unless his suddenly morphed into David Boreanaz or Nicholas Brendon).
I think Ricardo is really good as a mean character. I can’t blame him for wanting to get revenge on Gabi though; she did after all get in on with his brother, THE PRIEST. The woman has no morals I’m glad she’s getting her cummupence – I preferred her as the conniving cow that first came to SB to break up Ricardo and Paula, not this sappy little thing she’s turned into.

So Jude likes Annie. Well that’s OK Annie’s cool, slightly deranged but cool. I bet he hasn’t told Gregory that he’s shagged his wife though.

Do a little dance and clap your hands because Sean and Caitlin have gone and taken the child with the enormous head with them (that’s Trey – did you check out the size of that kids bonce?). Thank god Livvy was drunk; she’d have been able to talk sense in to them otherwise. God bless the booze!
Also how does Caitlin expect to find Cole? Hasn’t he gone like deep underground so that people like Gregory won’t be able to find him? Are we supposed to imaging that someone with Caitlin’s intelligence is supposed to be able to do what they can’t?

We were also honoured with a fleeting appearance of Super Doc who returned with Vanessa’s now lump free mother. At least one couple in this show is happy, I’d never thought I’d say this but Vanessa and Michael are a breath of fresh air in this particularly mad soap.

A ‘5 omnibus’ comment

I adore Sunset Beach. I now live in Belgium and was horrified when I couldn't watch it here. I now have to have it taped for me in England and and posted to me to satisfy my craving. I really hope something can be done to keep it on the air. LONG LIVE SB.

See you next week...

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