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31st May to 4th June 1999

Posted 6th June 1999

OK SB was definitely more worth watching this week than last week. I have never honestly laughed so much at soap in my life. I am so glad I taped all the Jerry Springer bits. (Which if you didn’t see mainly consisted of everyone who had something possibly to do with Fran's death came on as ridiculous characters and tried to make Annie look bad).

For those o you who missed SB this week (And don’t I feel sorry for you) here’s what happened: Gabi and Antonio are trying to convince themselves that they should tell Ricardo about their secret love tryst in AJ’s office, but they never seem to quite get round to it. Greggy and Caitlin are still conspiring to get custody of Trey but suffered a set back when Olivia hired the only Lawyer that has ever beaten Greggy to put her case forward and she managed to get joint custody for the mo. Amy, wanting to keep living at Livvy’s rent free came forward as Livvy’s alibi after Ricardo found out that the gun in Cole’s car was hers - also it didn’t help when Caitlin also said that Fran had told her that she had taken Olivia’s gun off her when she had threatened her earlier. The Casey/Sarah/Tim whole pointless storyline is still continuing. Ben found out that Benji is his and wants him to move in with him and Meg, and to have Tess there as well. When Ben told Maria this she said yes only on the condition that she move in as well.

I know father Fit is a damn fine man but I do have to say that Cole (sporting his un-gelled hair) is looking just as damn fine, slightly edging out Ben, but oh so totally way ahead of Sean. Actually I don’t think Sean is even on my list so Michael then.

The Benji thing. Why didn’t Maria get tested to see if she was Benji’s mother? Or does everyone just take it for granted that she is. I know if she isn’t that doesn’t really explain how Ben could be the father, but you know still….
I have another theory about this being a Ben and Meg fan myself. Benji could indeed be Derek’s that is why Maria didn’t come back to Sunset Beach, and as identical twins have practically identical DNA it would appear that Ben could be Benji’s father.

Wasn’t that blurry 15 second shot of Vanessa Dorman just so worth waiting for? No really, I say bring back Smurf all is forgiven. After watching that abysmal performance of Bimbi in Annie’s fantasy I’ll put up with anything Smurf has to offer.

Also can I say well done for Livvy for telling Caitlin to shoe it. There Caitlin was shouting “Oh how can you take Trey away from me blah blah blah”. And Livvy said exactly what I was thinking (well not exactly) “How dare you try and take Trey away from me?”. Obviously it is going to take a long time for Caitlin to realise that Trey is actually her brother.

Also if anyone could actually shed any light on what Tim is threatening to tell Casey about Sarah please let me know, because I can’t bloody remember. That really show’s how interested I am in them doesn’t it?

Here are some of your comments

Quote of the week from Bimbi to Annie:"This isn't Melrose Place you know!"

Mrs Antonio Torres
OK after last week with Kristen who shot JR in Dallas, I will agree with you this week because I thought my very own Antonio was smirking in Annie's fantasy!! He looked SO cute doing it that we can forgive him, well I can!!

I think benjy is Tess's son with Derek [Ben's evil twin].what do you think?
The storyline involving Sara, Casey & Tim is soo..oo boring. sara shouldn't let Tim threaten her like that. In my eyes, she hasn't really done anything wrong to Casey. I think the producers should just get rid of the trio.

See you next week...

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