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30th November to 4th December '98

Posted 8th December 1998

OK interesting week so far. We had Ben thinking of Maria every other scene, Annie acting out of character, Meg being sickly sweet, Sarah and Casey getting even with Melinda, Vanessa getting rid of the bubble wrap and Antonio dreaming about Gabi

Why Tim and Annie had to have Maria appear on the wedding day is confusing to me. Wouldnít it just have the same effect if she showed up before the wedding? Then Ben and Meg wouldnít ever have the chance of still being married if Maria didnít show up after all at the wedding. If she showed up at before the wedding then there wouldnít be able to be a wedding - if you see what I mean - but then these Sunset Beach writers have to go about things the hard way donít they?

Well, what a sensible place for Virginia to hide sperm in the ice cream. Itís so out of reach there isnít it? I mean nobody will ever go to eat some ice cream while she isnít there to stop him or her will she? Iím still shocked by her waving that turkey baster about with the phrase ďThanksgiving is going to come early this year VanessaĒ Ugh.

OK first things first. How, even if Virginia manages to get Tyusís sperm, is she ever going to get Vanessa to Ďproduceí a baby with Tyus as the father? I mean she canít exactly slip it her drink can she? It doesnít really work that way, and I canít see Vanessa letting Virginia any where near her with a turkey baster (think about it), can you? And why does Virginia always put on an accent when sheís doing all these things. It hasnít helped her so far has it?

And of course we couldnít have some ordinary jewels come and get stolen in SB. Noooo, they have to have some kind of dark secret with people chanting about them. Well fair doís. I mean if Cole the master jewel thief wants to steal them and leave his finger prints all about the house (always the trade mark of a professional thief donít you think?) Thatís his problem.

You know what? Iíve decided that I donít like Maria or Dana or whatever you want to call her. I really canít see Ben with her can you? She is so simpering and doe-eyed you just want to kick her in the teeth. At least Meg can throw a punch (remember that memorable scene when she smacked Annie one?) or even Annie being friends with her.

Why canít Casey just smack a wet one on Sarah? Itís just so annoying them just dancing about infront of each other and everytime Casey goes to hug Meg you get Sarah sulking in the background. I think Melindaís description of Casey was very apt ďBaywatch rejectĒ only good thing sheís said.

Well I know I usually say more but Iím going to save it all up for next week as I can sense thatís when itís all going to happen
See you then

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