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Posted 6th Feb 1999

Sorry there was no 5 Omnibus last week but I just didn't see it. The only bit of SB i saw last week was about 5 mins at the beginning of the week with Antonio in the hot tub - which was a good 5 mins for me any way.

OK I'm guessing that i didn't miss that much last week because i was still able to follow the storyline. And we still seem to be chugging along with the ben/Meg/Maria plot and as far as i could tell we are still covering the same ground as always. As with Caitlin and Annie getting blackmailed, I think it was about time that the whole baby storyline was raised from the dead again to bring some life into the whole Richard family debacle.

Is there no end to Virginia's plan to get Michael? She seems to have a finger in every pie, so to speak. I loved the little pop up box about the turkey baster though. Made the show.

Well I think its about time that sister Sarah had a bit more to do in this soap rather than just make puppy eyes at Casey. She's developed a personality of all things which is encouraging I think to show a little bit of deviousness and bitchiness in a person so it doesn't make you walk out of the room when they're in a scene.
Also, either its the wonders of technology or just an oversight on the part of the writers (I'm gunning for the latter) - that Maria doesn't seem to have aged in all the time she was away from SB. Possibly it was the influence of Aliens and they removed that part of her memory and while they were at it they removed her sense of balance so she keeps falling over or fainting at the drop of a hat.

They toned down the Rosario jewels thing this week which was a shame because I was really getting into it, it makes a change from all the extra marital affairs and baby snatching that usually goes on.
I mean take your average British soap, which tends to have better actors, but only about three different storylines that they seem to rotate through all the characters. I mean you don't see Grant Mitchell shinnying up a drain pipe to nick Dot Cotton's family heirlooms do you? Mind you Cindy did manage to hire a hitman to kill Ian. Shame it didn't work really.

Quote of the week:
Ben to Tim - "Why don't you take your flowers and find another turkey like yourself to share them with.

Here are some of your comments:

Maria should stay because she is fine!

Hank Cheyne
I really think Im the best man!!!

Mrs Antonio Torres
I want lingering shots of Antonio and less of Smeg (will someone tell her Maria is better actress, please!!)

Anyway all for this week. Join me again next week for much of the same.

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