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Posted 6th March 1999

Ahh, a time for Christmas miracles, even if it was in March.

Just a quick summary to let those of you who didnít watch it (and if not why not?).
Antonio and Gabi managed to get the Madonna to the mission in time to save everyone (who had any doubt that they wouldnít really?). Gregory is still tormenting Annie and Caitlin and he talked to Dr Brock who told him that Olivia didnít know anything about Annie stealing her baby. Francessca knows that Annie and Caitlin are hiding stuff from Cole and is determined to find out what it is. Maria is beginning to remember stuff about her and Ben. Meg managed to incorporate another hairstyle in to her collection and is concerned about Ben and Mariaís behaviour (and she taken this long to only start being worried?). Maria remembered what happened the night she supposedly drowned. Gabi decided to crank her relationship up with Ricardo in the hope that it would quell the doubts she was having about their relationship. Carmen is sticking her oar with G & R in and is convinced that Sarah is the anti-christ when it comes to Ben and Maria. Vanessa still hasnít told Michael that the baby isnít his and Tyus that it is actually his.

Well we were all wondering what the script writers were going to think of next and completely surprised us all - Spike the talking dog - Wasnít that the highlight of the week? Apart from Sarahís dream obviously - my favourite - even better than Annieís Wild West one.

Also Annie and Caitlin should really just tell everyone to mind their own business when everyone keeps asking them to explain what they are up to - it would save a lot of hassle and spare us the cringworthy efforts of them digging themselves deeper and deeper into the guano.

I loved the way the walls moved when Ben tried to open Mariaís window - well thatís reinforced cardboard for you. They go well with the hollow marble staircase. And the changing scenery from Mariaís window - as someone pointed out to me - depending on what time of day it is the oilrig gets bigger and then a couple of hours later its smaller.

I was really disappointed this week not to see Virginia being vixeny about Vanessa-she gets all the best lines but I donít envy her with the turkey baster thing - sheís on her own there.

Here are some of your comments

Mrs Antonio Torres
, I have never known a Christmas Eve to last a week, if only that could happen in real life!!

, I'd just like to say that even if Gregory is getting nasty he is still totally gorgeous

U British people r really mean!!!! what someone said about sean on the top of this page is so mean! u should have a little more respect for people. u people r just flat outrude!!!!!!!how would u like someone saying that s*** about u??????
(This was what was said by someone at the ĎTV Timesí (Not me!) - "Since a modicum of beauty is the least requirement for residents in Sunset, itís hard to see how chunky, spotty teen Sean got his visa"

Thats all for now see you next week!

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