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31st August to 4th September '98

Posted 6th September 1998

Excellent Excellent Excellent week for Sunset Beach - best for a long while.

First there was Meg playing it to the hilt, with eyebrows jumping about all over the place and that unbudgable mascara to add the final touch.

Then there was Desperate Derek who was determined to get the Munchkin into bed if it was the last thing he did (which it probably will be). I loved the imagery of Ben being in white and Derek being black.

You know its about time all this Evil Twin stuff came to a head, I mean how long have we been waiting for this to happen? We had to put up with Meg being only slightly suspicious and talking out loud to herself about them so at any time Evil Twin could have heard her -she is a sensible one isnít she? And old Benny boy being killed all the time and them coming back to life -and youíd think Meg would have looked a little more surprised at seeing her fiancé alive wouldnít you?

Also excellent were those wonderful fantasies of Annieís that seemed to reappear. Greggy was so funny as the King all those pink frills and that hat - talking about hats at least that rat off Evil Twins head was finally killed - an also Annie as Sinderella, aww, the poor little scrubber.

So Annie finally got Greggy to ask her to be his wife - does he really know what heís letting himself in for?

And donít think I wasnít going to mention the new Caitlin, who is at least a tad more convincing than Vanessa 'Gormless' Dorman could ever be, but still not getting over the woodeness of it all. Cole didnít seem to notice either - not surprisingly he was to busy breaking the law with a purgeror and a priest.

Isnít it amazing that thereís always someone about who can pick a lock and whoís also an ex-international jewel thief?

Itís so easy to do anything in Sunset Beach isnít it? You can steal someoneís baby, pretend to be pregnant and still get a baby, get away with murder, make someone think they have an incurable disease, be a ground breaking doctor in all specialities, Iím surprised that no one is walking on water.

Still couldn't care less about the M/V/V story line - to tedious for my liking.

Now back to the Evil Twin saga and Ritardo (J. Darvell's -not mine!) - he was determined not to believe Ben wasnít he? You could still see he was a bit suss when Dotty Diane said she was with Ben, now that is a man with a grudge.

Benny, Benny, where for art though Benny. Here I am Meg; I have burst through the door at the most convenient time to rescue you my dear. Now now you could look a little more grateful, I have just escaped from someone else who had been trying to kill me. Aha I see you have also met my twin brother -you know the one you slept with and still didnít notice it wasnít me. I know my darling Ben, but like you I have been a little tied up recently trying not be killed by your psychotic brother and weeping over your ashes. But we have no time for talking for the evil Derek is upon us and itching to beat you into a pulp.

Livvy and Greggy finally got divorced - I know she loved the man but come on he was a bit Derekesque wasnít he with his evil plots? And they both wasted no time in getting with someone else didnít they?

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