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2nd August to 6th August 1999

Posted 7th August 1999

Well, Iíd like to say itís nice to be back off holiday but looking at the weather today I know where Iíd rather be. I didnít get to watch much Sunset Beach while I was away but as I already knew what happened Iím not to gutted, (I just missed lusting after Cole and Antonio).

Anyway, this is what happened at SB this week. Livvy is still getting calls from Franny but Livvy thinks it is just Greggyís way of getting Trey back to him. Meg took the Devil Child to the Beach and lo and behold she turned her back for a second and the brat was kidnapped (but the guy didnít have the good sense to gag the kid). Ben was asked for 40 grand to get him back and when he went to meet the kidnapper they ended up wrestling for the gun and then Ben gets it just as Casey turns up. They figure out where Benji is who at this time is inadvertently going to blow Ben and himself up - and it looks like Tess has something to do with the kidnapping. Gabi did a runner after ditching Ricardo at the altar. Antonio managed to tell Ricardo that Carmen was right and there was another man but Ricardo misunderstood and thought Antonio meant the other man was Gabiís father. Cole and Annie are apparently still up to no good and Caitlin is on to them. Michael and Vanessa are back together.

Annieís fantasy this week is now my favourite of all time. How these people keep straight faces with the script, I donít know, and thatís when theyíre not dressed up as characters from the Wizard of Oz. (I honestly canít believe that Cole was the Scarecrow - and that heís started gelling his hair again, bummer).

Iím going to start keeping a tally of how many things Meg can do with her hair. But at least itís a lot better than the mop she arrived in SB with. Talking about hair - does Casey not look in a mirror before he leaves the house? Same goes for Tim and his uncanny resemblance to a toilet brush. (And Tim also seems to have borrowed Coleís pink polo neck for the day)

Woo hoo, Gabiís leaving Sunset Beach behind her - however will we cope without her. How will Maria live without her Neck Stretching twin? (Well, Joey had a Hand Twin in ĎFriendsí). Who will Antonio fantasise about now when heís alone in the Mission with only a sock for company? (Think about it). Who will Madame Carmen torture next? (I vote for Benji).

Annie said that Caitlin was a few peas short of a pod. Only a few? That girl shares her only brain cell with her brother who now seems to have custody of it. Come on the girl believes Gregory is helping her out of the kindness of his heart. (To which you all shout ďWhat heart?Ē)

Well Iím finished for this week. My team (Norwich City) could only manage a draw, Iím off to have a BBQ in the rain and my suntan is beginning to fade. Iím so happy.

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