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26th October to 6th November '98

Posted 7th November 1998

Sorry about the lack of 5 Omnibus last week but it was all down to the fact that basically I didnít have enough time, so this week I am going to try to incorporate 2 weeks into one.

First things first - Annie on the ledge. Point One - Where was the safety harness attached to on the wall? Point Two - How come we never saw anything of the harness when Annie was on the ledge but it was clearly visible when she was off the ledge? Point Three - How on earth did she mange to get up on that ledge in those shoes and that dress in the first place? There is no doubt about it she is invincible. Mind you she did put in a pretty convincing performance. Good acting on her part.

What next? How about that lovely pop up item when ĎDanaí was Ďdrawingí that pic of Ben? (Also I donít know if anyone else noticed but were there two pics of Ben floating about Cedar Oaks? Iím sure that in one Benís hair was different).
Also how could have Tim known for ďa few weeksĒ about Maria? Surely only to Sunset Beach days have passed? And is Meg just stupid? (Iíve answered my own question there havenít I?) Or is she just blind to Tim acting extremely suspiciously?
And Annie again showed good stuff when trying to wrestle with getting Timís stocks (;-} I wouldnít) or trying to protect her best friend. Mind you she didnít think about it for very long did she?.

If Livvy and Greggy get anymore gooey eyed at each other Iíll swear Iíll throw up. I almost did when she kissed Ashtray AJ - how could she?
Getting on to AJ. This Dr. bloke that we keep seeing him talk to - wasn't he on the SB scene before AJ appeared? You know. getting samples of Cole's hair etc. Wouldn't that mean AJ knew about Cole being his son before Livvy told him? If anyone has answer to this let me know

OK, my Ďfavouriteí subject - the Michael/Vanessa/Virginia/Tyus situation. Why did Tyus give Michael the cure? Couldnít he have just left him to die? Iím sorry again to any Michael fans out there, but the world of SB would be a much better place without him. Also how come neither Antonio, Gabi nor Casey noticed nothing about their friend being at deaths door? They live together donít they? If they did know they didnít seem very concerned.

Mentioning Casey - I loved the way he just crushed poor little Sarahís heart when he told her parents they were just good friends. Her face was a picture. Also Casey didnít look too chuffed when Munchkin said she was finally going to tie the knot with the lovely Ben. Gutted eh?

Antonioís dreams seemed to be getting him a bit flustered donít they? Bet you anything the mystery woman looks a tad like a pixie.

I canít think who that Emily looks like. She either looks like somebody I went to school with or a friend of a friend. Iím stuck. Mind you if she likes Sean she wouldnít be one of my friends. They have better taste. (Mind you some of them only marginally!). Iím sorry but what can she possibly see in him (apart from his money)? Itís not his dashing good looks or his personality (or lack of it). And it couldnít possibly be his singing Ďtalentí. I mean come on I have never heard anything worse in my life - apart form the Spice Girls singing live.

OK thanks for taking the time for reading this.
Ben and Megs and Jesus in a Camper Van
See ya next week.

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