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3rd May to 7th May 1999

Posted 8th May 1999

“Wow, you really are a special needs kind of a gal.”

Tremendous stuff this week, finally Caitlin has found out about her husband and her mother and their boudoir antics. At least Cole was doing the right thing about wanting to tell her shame it had to come from the woman who said the best line this week, Francessca (see above - I don’t think anyone has really sussed up Caitlin quite so accurately).

Anyway looks like someone is also putting some more spokes into Ben and Meg’s relationship - can’t the scriptwriters just leave them alone for a couple of months? Some mystery woman who talks to doors and has a dodgy picture of Ben is looking to be knocking on their door in the not too distant future. Anyway I see Meg is sporting a new hairstyle, I think it’s written into her contract that it must be changed at least once a month so she can claim more Boot’s Advantage points buying hair care products.

Why on earth would Vanessa want to even see Virginia? The woman inseminated her when she was asleep for crying out loud; she’s a nutter! And she should know not to turn her back on her, giving Virginia the chance to lose her straight jacket, does the woman have no common sense (of course not what am I saying - she thinks Michael is attractive - but then again rather him than Sean). Also wouldn’t they have panic buttons in the visitor’s rooms or something just in case thing got out of hand?

Can I just say yay for Eddie C again this week? More good acting from dimples - it got me choked up when Cole had to give Trey to Greggy (who I might add I don’t like anymore, he’s just nasty). You know Cole can’t win here can he? He won’t get to see his son again, he’s stuck with a lunatic arm-waving mother-in-law, a psychotic father-in-law (who doesn’t like Cole but is still willing to bring up his son - odd don’t you think?), a wife who really doesn’t help the ‘blondes are not dumb’ cause and an ex girlfriend who tries to seduce his father then threatens to kill his wife and also is blackmailing a priest.

Either I missed it or we didn’t have any fantasy scenes this week, which is a shame as I think it would have lightened the mood. Carmen was as depressing as ever - does the woman have nothing better to do than interfere with her children’s lives? Also if she doesn’t think that much of Ben, why does she want Maria to be with him?
I loved the expression on Maria’s face when Ben handed her the divorce papers, gutted or what? And if thing were only that simple to get divorced in a day - but they live in Sunset beach so a day does sometimes last a few weeks, so they wouldn’t be really gaining that much would they?

Why O why does Antonio find Gabi attractive? She is the whiniest, annoying woman that ever lived, Caitlin had more appeal than her and that’s saying something. Obviously, Ricardo is well suited to her because then they could double their character's dimensions to two, but Antonio - “just wake up and smell the dumb coffee”.

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Rajan Jani, Harrow
I would like to say sunset beach is the best programme I have been watching it since it started and Channel 5 have made a brilliant choice in broadcasting it. I am a particular fan of Annie whom I love for her evil and manipulating role.

I have lost track of the weeks but how come Antonio suddenly arrived at Francesca's hotel room all windswept without dog-collar (was this meant to be a sign of things to come). What did he do on the way there? Enquiring minds want to know?

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