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3rd August to 7th August '98

Posted 8th August 1998

The third edition of 5 Omnibus. Yay!

What a week eh? Old Benny laid up in hospital being looked after by the Super Doc Tyus. Annie pouting away so conveniently near Olivia when ever she goes to remember something about the baby, AJ and his amazing phone (Iíll get to that later), the excellent detective work of the SBPD and last but not least, Evil Twin and his cunning array of disguises.

How I would just love to go to Sunset Beach and tell everyone all the little secrets that everyone has about everyone else then at least SB wouldnít be so annoying half the time, with the most annoying being Annie every other scene talking to herself about the baby napping incident as if we all didnít know by now. And Cole with all the innuendoes from his dad about his Ďrelationshipí with Olivia (Do we really need to see flashbacks of those two together in bed?)

How about a week of SB when only four people seemed to change their outfits? Munchkin Meg was a complete surprise, usually she in and out of outfits at the drop of a hat and yet she stayed in her uncreased dress all throughout Benís little escapade. Evil Twin has the amazing costume ability also. I didnít quite see where he got that surgical gown from, either we didnít see it or I was making a cuppa. And how about that excellent southern accent when he called the police? Oh my god, I nearly wet my self when I heard that, he just gets better and better doesnít he?

Why does Ricardo think that just because that guy had Benís wallet on him that he was the attacker? He was so convinced that Ben was attacked in connection with Eddie why would he just assume that anyone would be caught with the wallet. Well thatís SBPD for you. I mean Elaine had to confess to murder it wasnít any detective work by them that caught her was it?!

Now to AJís amazing phone. It starts when he gives Cole his card with name and number. When Cole called him, AJ picked up the desk phone in his room. Now, AJ has only just arrived in SB, he didnít go to any hotel straight away to get a phone number to put on a card so one had to assume that it was a mobile number on the card. However, AJ didnít pick up a mobile phone in his hotel room when he answered it. So itís just the SB magic is it? Like those fairies that apply your make up in the night so when you wake up in the morning you always look perfect no matter whom you wake up next to?

Why canít Michael except the fact that the fact that Vanessa could have left him for no other apparent reason than she just wanted to break up? No, he has to believe that she been kidnapped as some sort of conspiracy or something. Men!

Annie. She is the bitch. You know when I first started watching SB I kind of liked her little scheming bitchiness, but now sheís gone to far. Of course the authoritiesíll never catch her, but Iíd like to see her rot in prison. I mean look what she did to Caitlin, turning that sweet little idiot into a lying, deceiving little idiot. Itís disgusting.

And who cares if Soppy Sarah slept with a congressman. They must be really short of news in America if thatís all they can dig up. Sean is getting itchy pants after the nameless girl, Greggy is just ordering more grey suits (How many has he got?) and Enrique just keeps up acting better than most of the cast.

Thatís all from me this week. Bye bye.

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