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4th October to 7th October 1999

Posted 9th October 1999

Not a totally exciting week for Sunset Beach, although we did seem to involve all the characters this week was a first for a while. Mind you Eastenders this week made up for it. And if you didnít see that what the hell were you doing?

This week we found out that Cole was definitely Treyís father, Sean does not look good in shorts and Annie doesnít suit the colour red. Michael became Ricardoís physical therapist, Ricardo is still fantasising about his brother and Gabi and giving them the evil eye everytime he sees them together. Gabi thinks that Ricardo must know about the affair because of all the things that have happened between them like Ricardo trying to strangle her. Emily is still too nice for her own good and Sean never quite gets round to telling her about his tryst with Amy. Annie and Livvy are still at each otherís throats and keep trying to throw each other out of the house. AJ and Bette got Livvy not to reveal all to the cops about Annie as it would affect Caitlin and Sean. Tess is reluctant to follow up on the promissory note that Maria supposedly gave her.

Thank God this week I didnít have to see too much of Maria and Ben. Iím sorry but Ben is really beginning to lose his appeal with me. I really canít see what he sees in Maria, the woman is soppier that a wet tissue and has even less character than one. At least Meg can give as good as she gets in a cat fight and can interact with other people on Sunset beach outside her family. I mean you never see Maria talk to anyone else do you?

Of course, nobody thinks that Ricardo could have seen the tape. I mean itís just a coincidence that the tape went missing and suddenly he looks extremely pissed at Gabi and Antonio, then has a stroke, and then tries to strangle Gabi. No itís just an involuntary muscle spasm.

Could Olivia get anymore annoying? I know she has her reasons for hating Annie, but itís starting to get repetitive. Please give the woman a new storyline preferably involving people outside of her family. Maybe she could have an affair with Tyus then he could find a cure for her involuntary muscle spasms like waving her arms about constantly.

I was almost happy for a moment, I thought Sean Richardís had drowned, but no, my happiness was short lived and he resurfaced. My telepathic vibes to Michael to hold his head under didnít work either.

Also, did anyone else notice in the opening credits for the omnibus this week there was no Meg, Ben or Maria?

Final words today are: "Free Matthew Rose" and "I love Sweden".

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