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5th April 1999 to 9th April 1999

Posted 11th April 1999

Well what an excellent week of SB we had. Three excellent storylines coming to about to come to their conclusions, and I was cursing Channel 5 for not having an extra half hour so I could see more.
(Plus I feel most satisfied that I saw enough of Antonio for this week).

For those of you too busy watching the GP Qualifying and the Grand National, here is what happened:
Gabi found out who the embezzler was at the Resort but he also knew about her being a plant (no jokes please), and decided to get rid of her by blowing up the office. Gerard’s wife got a conscience and went to try to tell Ricardo what was going to happen but ended up telling Antonio who went to rescue Gabi but were caught in the blast. Now trapped under moving rubble Gabi and Antonio confess all their feeling to one another. Meg gave Ben an ultimatum, telling him to find out who he loved the most, so Ben and Maria went to Palm Springs to see if they still had a marriage, and ended up snogging in the rain on the balcony. Tim and Sarah sent an unknowing Meg up to Palm Springs and it was a tad rainy and Meg’s car went off the road. Sarah sabotaged Casey’s car so they wouldn’t be able to go to Palm Springs as was the plan. Michael got a bit suss about the letter Dr. Green sent Vanessa and went to see him and got the truth out of him and Virginia about the letter being forged. Vanessa though was told by a rather nutty Virginia exactly how she got pregnant and Vanessa as you can guess was not the least bit impressed. Vanessa said she was going to tell the police but Virginia wrestled her to the ground and was giving her a bit of a slap until Michael found them and pulled Virginia off but Vanessa was having pains and something may have happened to the baby.

I just wonder, how many of you, as I was, were yelling at Antonio with words to the effect “Just bloody kiss her and get it over with” and the girls at the same time wishing they were Gabi. But obviously not wearing that horrible pink dress thing.
Also I was yelling at the screen when Maria got all smoochy with Ben to the effect of “You bastard Ben, you’re supposed to be with Meg!”. I know some of you think that Maria should indeed be with Ben, but I been watching this bloody soap since the very first episode and having been rooting for them for about two years, so forgive me for not being too fond of Maria.

Well, well, well at last all the dastardly deeds come out. Virginia has well and truly ruined any chance of getting with Michael now don’t you think? I can’t really see Michael saying “Well I know you impregnated my fiancée with another man’s sperm using a turkey baster, but I really think we can put all that behind us and make a go of it” - but then again this is Sunset Beach and anything can happen.

I had to say I liked Tim’s little fantasy about Meg coming back to him and the “Well, it could happen” to the screen afterwards. I wish he would sort his hair out though - he and Casey look like the ‘Loo Brush’ twins

Here are some of you comments

Mrs Antonio Torres
I think it should be written into Nick Kiriazis contract that he must appear as Father Fit minus his shirt, but still wearing the dogcollar so everyone still knows he is a priest.

Livvy and AJ in Bed..... Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! it put me right off my Tea. Father fit as sexy as ever... Gobi hands off!!! or I'll set mad woman Carmen on you!!!!!!

AlisonFather Fit surely can't be leaving, although I would hate to see him getting off with Gobby!. Maria really gets on my nerves, she always looks a bit "spaced out". Has anyone noticed the size of her ears? They're huge. My advice is to stay indoors in a high wind or he might just take flight. Meg is much better looking even if she is a bit thick. But I would look a bit spaced out if I had a mother like Carmen. Really, that woman makes me want to punch something - usually her. When will she see her own demise in the cards. That's an episode I will look forward to.

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