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5th July to 9th July 1999

Posted 10th July 1999

Quite an Omnibus today.. Apart from the repetitive scenes in Ben’s house that we are forced to watch every week regarding that little spawn of the devil, Ricardo actually had me convinced that he had a smidgen of talent and the scenes with Annie and Cole were rather good - they should do more together.

Basically this week this is what happened. Gabi managed to switch the tape at the Media Centre but at the hospital, Carmen found the tape in her bag and Gabi passed it off as a sample tape for the wedding. When she got home she had to watch just the one last time (like you do) before she destroyed it. Carmen found out by earwigging that the tape had evidence that Gabi cheated on Ricardo and switched the tape and told Ricardo that she now had evidence against Gabi but Ricardo was having none of it and basically disowned her. Antonio looks gutted everytime the wedding is mentioned and we saw some lovely flashbacks of he and Gabi together and ‘together’. Also Cole managed to convince both Caitlin and Sean that he is not the murderer and is determined to find out who is to get Caitlin out of jail, where they had a rather touching moment. Cole enlisted Sean’s help to listen to Annie talking to herself where he found out about Annie’s plans to get into Greggy’s office using the cunning disguise of a box, where he caught up with her Annie told him she wanted his help to frame Gregory with the murder and they found a CD with a video on it of Livvy threatening Fran that Gregory had hidden. Lots of annoying noises came from the Evan’s household - most of them belonging to Satan’s child who was basically blaming Meg for everything including the shooting of JFK. Tim took Tess out on a date and Maria went to see Mrs Moreau to help her get her memory back but when Ben found out he went over there to drag her back. Michael said he still loved Vanessa but they couldn’t get back together until he had learned to trust her again or something to that effect - I wasn’t really listening. Aj and Olivia found out that Gregory paid Fran to break them up but Livvy later said she didn’t want to get back with AJ because he had taken the bait regarding Francesca. Also AJ has the same affliction Bette has with not saying people names right. This week it was ‘Ohhhh-Livia’

Does Mrs Moreau have a first name? I asking this because of her business card with just ‘Mrs Moreau’ printed on it - why would she have a business card in the first place - voodoo is hardly listed in the yellow pages is it? And how stereotypical is she anyway with all the crap in her apartment all she needs is a couple more dead chickens hanging from her balcony and she’s well away.

About that smidgen of talent that I mentioned from Ricardo when he was weeping at the end having chosen between his nutty mother and his cheating fiancée. Why do we not see it more often? Obviously he doesn’t want to show up the rest (well the majority anyway) of the cast. Not naming Randy Spelling at all in the talentless capacity.

Why did Gabi feel the need to watch the video again? I mean surely she was there doing the deed with Antonio - or was it that unmemorable? Obviously she needed to because then it would give her the chance to be caught and for them to drag the storyline out for another week or two - because obviously the scriptwriters feel we need that, - ‘that’ being seeing the lovely Antonio getting it on with that horrible cow Gabi. Bastards.

I think that Cole and Annie make a good team and it should be fun seeing them try to get Gregory. It makes a change from seeing Cole hanging on to bimbi’s arm trying to look sincere about saying he loves her. (Or I it just me who thinks that?) Anyway, Annie needs someone else to interact with apart from the Richards family and occasionally slapping Meg.

Getting onto Meg, I’m beginning to feel sorry for her (I know I shocked myself) but it’s not fair that everyone keeps dumping on her. Spawn of Satan keeps yelling at her and telling her he hates her. Maria and Tess keep getting the wrong end of the stick about everything before Ben steps in to sort everything out. She has annoying sister who unbeknownst to her fantasises about her and Casey making out all the time. (Well she does) Which I think if Meg found out she have Sara sharing a rubber room with Virginia.

That’s it for this week

Here’s two weeks worth of your comments….

I must praise you for the dedication you've given to the 5 omnibus. we need witty insulting summaries of the show; I’m glad you thought of supplying them. your 5 omnibus is indispensable. thank you!.. oh by the way, I missed the episode where Maria asked Spence/Ricardo to find out if Tess's photo was a fake or not...what was the verdict? can anyone help me out? I hate Benji...he's spoilt & he's not even cute. my daughters are spoilt but at least they look cute. Gabi has a funny figure; she's flat & her skirts are way too short. there's something funny about the way she runs/walks/talks too. I may be flat but at least I look human. how many times must the camera show her in a contemplative mood with her chin sticking out? she looks gross. Not all that lip-gloss will not help her looks. [I should have written all these in the bitch UK page...oh well, never mind].

Natalie Maule
Although I think the acting is so very poor and the plot silly and unreal, I always seem drawn to my t.v every Saturday afternoon. When will Annie stop bitching, when will Ben see sense and dump Meg and when will Ricardo find out that Gabi sleep with Antonio. Just as well life not really like that HEY! See you next week...

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