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6th September to 10th September 1999

Posted 11th September 1999

This is why we spend money on televisions to watch pure soap. We had Eastenders this week and, well, my heart went out to Ricardo this week. His poor little face when he saw the tape, bless his little heart.

Well anyway, obviously you can gather now that Ricardo saw the tape of Antonio and Gabi after finding it his mother・s bin. Carmen finally decided that she・d would leave the whole situation well alone after Maria had a go and told her the only people she would be hurting were Antonio and Ricardo. Ricardo went to the Mission to confront Antonio and Gabi.
Meg went up to Ben・s place in the desert and found it lived in recently but only because Tim had been there first and as you can guess it didn・t make her day. Tim and Tess・s plan got more involved when Casey overhead Tim and Sara discussing the things Sara did to keep Casey and Casey wasn・t best pleased and it doesn・t look good for them at all.
Annie decides everyone needs to know the truth about Trey・s parentage. AJ told Cole that he wants to adopt Trey and Marry Olivia. Amy still hasn・t managed to get her hooks into Sean yet. Gregory emerged from the deep, nicked some guy・s clothes and vowed to get his revenge on Cole and Annie.

Now I know we all make fun of Ricardo, but didn・t you just want to feel sorry for him this week, catching an eyeful of Gabi and Antonio doing the deed. Enough to give the man a heart attack
Now was it me or did that tape suddenly develop a zoom quality because before I don・t remember getting a close up of Gabi and Father Fit snogging. I mean it・s not something that you particularly want to see close up is it?
Personally I don・t believe a word Carmen said, she・s an annoying, interfering old cow with nothing better to do than watch tapes of her son shagging (See below)

Poor little Sara, her world falling apart because of a bigger scheme. The SB writers definitely don・t want anyone to be happy on this soap. But then I don・t think it would be half as entertaining if it was as luvvy as Neighbours. Now as much as I want to see Ben and Meg back together, I am beginning to realise that she is remarkably annoying. She・s always whinging about .Bin・ and .Mareeea・ and .Bingee・ and its gets on my nerves even more than Caitlin・s ears.

And why are people in this soap always .making love・? Why are they just not .having sex・, .shagging・ or .f*cking like rabbits・? And it・s the way they say it, like it・s some mystical phrase and must be said with awe and a strange expression on their face. Mind you most of them have permanent strange expression so it hard to distinguish. Take Maria for example, she has the classic .Deer-in-headlights・ look down pat, Meg has her .Roger Moore eyebrow・ party trick, Sean has his .Ugly as sin・ thing going on and Gabi has her .My eyes make me look like someone・s strangling me・ look.

Didn・t see enough of Annie scheming this week, although we did get to see a slanging match with Olivia which should happen every week just to make the show even better.

Here are some comments:

Have to agree with you there regarding Sean last week. he's definitely yucky-looking but just because he's Mr Spelling's son, he gets to be fought over by two [quite nice-looking] gals. brad is better looking, don't u think?

Congrats to Norwich City who won their first game of the season. About bloody timeK.

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