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5th September to 9th October '98

Posted 11th October 1998

I am just wondering if the words TITANIC mean anything to people watching this week's episodes. I won’t mention the words ‘total rip-off’ at all. OK, OK so it was quite good but you’d have thought they’d have come up with something a tad more original - I mean look at the storyline they’ve had so far!.

(Also I will mention this now before I forget - did anyone happen to see Loaded Weapon on Sat 10th - Anyone happen to see who was one of the German guards near the end? Yes Old Ritardo himself. Blink and you would have missed him).

Anyway. I think most of us can see that maybe Antonio is a touch jealous of Ricardo and Gabi, smiles a little to forced all round there I feel. You can just see Father Fit itching to get out of his dog collar and pounce on the little elfin can’t you? And they had to try and make Ricardo the hero didn’t they. Him diving about all over the place rescuing people here and there. Seemed to forget about his bro though. Then after all he has to be rescued by little Gabi. Bummer.

Relatives in this soap show p all over the bloody place don’t they? I’m just going to wait and see whom they pair up with whom next!

Casey and Sarah are making me nauseous - can’t they just get it on and get it over with? For our sakes?! Lots of staring meaningfully into each others eyes and all that gets on your nerves at least they got Ricardo and Gabi together before it got too bad.

I know I keep going on about how annoying the Michael, Virginia, Vanessa thing is but I feel it must get a mention this week because it just to unbelievable for words - even for Sunset Beach. Of course when you’re trapped under rubble after an earthquake the firs thing you are going to do is start going at it. Mean what if you don’t realise that at that very time people are digging you out and that the first thing they are going to see is something that doesn’t see a lot of sunlight? And of course the cure had to get smashed -it was inevitable wasn’t it, but no doubt Super Doc has another one up the sleeve of one of those tasteful jumpers he wears.

I have to say I do prefer this Caitlin to the other one, at least she seems more like a person Cole would marry - I mean the other one really did look like a Smurf. And of course there can’t be just the storyline of the sip just going down there has to be another conflict - i.e. an incredibly wooden villain and his ‘I’m trying to look sultry but can’t quite manage it’ wife who’s after Cole's jewels (and not type you keep in the safe).

Last but not least this from MORE SUNSET BEACH!! I think that speaks for us all, don’t you?

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