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7th September to 11th September '98

Posted 12th September 1998


Now last week on SB was what television was invented for. I have never been more engrossed in a programme. It had everything, violence, death, love and you know the usual stuff like psychotic evil twins, incarcerated gorgeous priests, 70’s throw back cops, dodgy daydreams (for several people), weddings in Vegas…. and more.

We’ll start this week with the ultimate storyline Handsome hero comes to rescue his lady love from the evil twin brother who’s slightly deranged. Like I said last week we have been waiting so long for this storyline to unfold but it was worth the wait, wasn’t it? But don’t you think Meg would have used a little more than just natural instinct when she had to choose between the two. Also did anyone else see when Derek lost his jumper and was suddenly in a white shirt or did I blink? Any way she should have noticed when Ben was standing in front of her, with that handily placed hatchet that happened to be in the cabin, that he was the one with the big red bloodstain down the front of his shirt and was therefore easy to distinguish from Evil Twin who didn’t have a big red bloodstain down the front of his shirt. But maybe that’s just me being picky. Anyway Ben and Meg are now going to be happy ever after (or are they…?)

Annie finally did it didn’t she? She got her claws into Greggy and flipped at the same time - those dreams of hers are really beginning to rank alongside Ally McBeal’s. That giant clock thing dream and those chess images last week - she’s on that same stuff as Super Doc and Lumpy Chops.

I am really beginning to like Virginia - is anybody else? She is getting as many good lines as Bette. Her face when she was ‘arranging’ Tyus and Vanessa (I’m not even going to mention their little tryst except to say this word - THERAPY) to make it look like they were doing the ‘wild thang’ as she put it was classic.
And also Bette still showed that she is the best by getting Antonio and Gabi out with that wonderful verbal display. Great stuff .

Ah Tim Tim Tim. What are we going to do know that Dim Tim is now going to be back on the streets perhaps he will get together with that screaming woman at Cedar Oaks who’s Maria. NOO NOO NOO I said DANA (I've been reading to far ahead ignore what I said please!)

Also if I see anymore flashbacks of Olivia's and that bloody cabin I swear I will do some one some damage. WE know what happened so do we really need to see it over and over again, especially with Ashtray AJ constantly over her shoulder.

Now last but not least, I am a Ben fan but maybe not for all time because father Antonio is looking better and better all the time - they did a good thing bringing him into the show. Because Casey and Ricardo and Cole and actually that’s all the other HALF-decent blokes in SB - (not a big Michael fan myself and I wouldn’t touch Spelling with a ten foot barge pole) - are not really on my list.

Presenter quote of the week
PAULINE: I beginning to really miss the old Caitlin.
JOHN: I wouldn’t, I’m a marksman.

Anyway I hope you all keep watching the show forever more. More next week, Bye.

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