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7th December to 11th December '98

Posted 12th December 1998

This has to be the week that everybody has been waiting for - in fact he entire soap has been leading up to this point. From the first episode it was Meg coming to Sunset Beach to find ĎSBí and I feel that all the other plotlines has just been so inferior to this one, I mean can anyone else really say that have been glued to their screen for the past, well over eighteen months, for this week to finally come?

Of course todayís Ď5 Omnibusí is going to be all about THE WEDDING even though we did see the vastly boring Virginia/Vanessa/Michael storyline with scenes concerning Virginia trying to impregnate Vanessa with the turkey baster, which Iím sorry, but even if Vanessa was sleeping Iím sure she would notice. And also unless my GSCE Biology escapes me doesnít sperm die at room temperature after a few minutes thatís why it has to be frozen? So by the time Virginia got back to retrieve it from Vanessaís room they would all be dead, wouldnít they?

Also a quick mention of Antonioís dreams. Why Gabi? And if I have to see that clip of the dream one more time of him and Gabi Iím just going to go off him altogether.

Now back to the wedding. Well finally we got to see it, it did go ahead, but itís not all over yet. Count on it. I know what happens and I was hoping that THE SCENE would happen this week as that would have really topped it off but I guess Iíll have to wait till Monday. I guess I donít have to tell you much about the wedding, as Iím sure you were all riveted. I wasnít too impressed with Megís dress though, Iím sure Ben could have afforded something a little nicer. The Bridesmaid dresses were nicer than hers. Bt then my favourite colour is purple.
Thank god Ben finally hit Tim - and Iím sure he will ďGo to Hell. AloneĒ as Ben put it. But I would think Annie would go with him even though she does seem to have Mariaís best interests at heart, but obviously not too near at a heart.

You know what? Iíve decided that I donít like Maria or Dana or whatever you want to call her. I really canít see Ben with her can you? She is so simpering and doe-eyed you just want to kick her in the teeth. At least Meg can throw a punch (remember that memorable scene when she smacked Annie one?) or even Annie being friends with her.

Well Iím going to save this again for next week when the faeces hit the fan.
Hope youíll join me then. Bye!

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