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8th Feb '99 - 13th Feb '99

Posted 13th Feb 1999

I have just read ahead into the future with the storylines via the NBC site and I can tell you it is only going to get better, I mean we are in for excellent TV viewing so try not to make any plans for holidays over the next two months. Well I am going to New York for the last week of April but then I get to see the show over there so that doesn’t count.

Anyway, here’s just a quick summary of what happened this side of the Atlantic this week in Sunset Beach. Annie and Caitlin are no nearer to finding out the identity of the prank caller, even with that handy phone tracer thing she just happened to have. Amy caused Emily to go blind after activating the powers of the emerald that she gave her by chanting. Cole, AJ and Franny enlisted the help of Antonio to get the jewels back into the statue they came from, which has now handily disappeared which now adds to the tension. The jewels are now in the mission under Antonio’s guard after an incident with the jewels when they ‘activated’ and trapped AJ, Cole, Francessca and Antonio in the chapel and began to emit smoke but Antonio prayed to the big guy and he sorted it out. Maria is faking her memories so she can persuade people she is better so she and Ben can get a divorce and he and Meg can get married. Sarah is still wary of Maria’s intentions towards Ben and Casey is not best pleased with that. Gabi starting to get confused about her feelings for Ricardo and is edgy around Antonio.

Caitlin showed that she and her brother have at least one brain cell between them when she ‘made a funny’ and told Annie that one way to get the money the crank caller wanted would be to kill Annie and get the insurance money.

The scriptwriters also seemed to remember the history between Gabi and Ricardo, and I’m glad they did remember to point out to us that Gabi was once an evil minded little cow who falsely accused Ricardo of raping her just to make sure Paula left him. (Well I think that would have done it don’t you). And she seems to have finally realised that her boyfriend’s brother is much more attractive.

Well, Emily is blind - we already knew that - she’s been going out for Sean for Christ’s sake. But credit to her she put in a good bit of acting with Bette in the hospital - best of the week so far. Also Tyus, the miracle Doctor added another notch to his medical accolade when he seamlessly moves between his so called specialities, which include, cures for diseases, brain surgery, paediatrics etc.

I think anyone else who didn’t live in SB would be a little bit suss about some one who was reluctant to watch a video that they had paid for then return it with out even watching it. I just think that Maria need to think a bit more before she speaks, I mean asking Sarah “You mean you work here?” when she was standing out side the ‘Shock Wave’ wearing an apron with Shock Wave written on it. D’uh - no she was wearing it because it made a really cool fashion statement (like Brad’s lovely Hawaiian shirts).

Casey and Tim this week have joint honours in the best line of the show this week.
Tim (to Sarah and Casey) - “It’s like a regular soap opera out here” (I wonder why???)
Casey (To Tim) - “Its so much work for you not to have a life”

Here are some of your comments:

Mrs Antonio Torres
I wish Sister Sara would get off Maria's case (not the one she gave Ben!) and let her get her claws back into Ben.

Angie Wehner
Maria is awesome and Ben should leave Meg and go back to her!

More shots of Antonio in the hot tub,PLEASE!

Anyway all for this week. Join me again next week for much of the same.

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