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8th March 1999 to 12th March 1999

Posted 14th March 1999

"Sunset Beach - where reality and insanity fight over the remote control" - (my own thought)

This week Annie and Francessca made it to the finals of the Sunset Beach Pouting Contest and it was decided that it was a tie - (imagine that, a big fight and it ended a draw when it was obvious that Lewis won - sorry wrong competition).

For those of you who missed it all that really happened this week was Maria taking a dive, rather spectacularly I might add, down Ben’s ‘marble’ stairs (which if they were she wouldn’t be sitting up in hospital bed with just a plaster on her head) after an argument with Meg who was accusing her of getting it on with Ben. Maria got her memory back up to the point in her life when she took a dive off the boat and was lost at sea. She remembers that she loves Ben but knows that he loves Meg now that she stands more chance of winning an Oscar for Best Actress than Ben giving up on Meg. Other stuff: Gregory still remains anonymous as the mystery blackmailer, whipped cream made Annie delusional (see below) and Antonio is still wanting a transfer out of SB to get away from Gabi.

Is anyone keeping score of all the weird fantasy episodes that happen in SB? So far, I think we only have Annie, Sarah and Virginia really in the running with Annie and Sarah beginning to pull away in the lead. Personally I think the Charlie’s Angels scenario that sprang from Sarah is the best, but Annie’s Wild West fantasy comes in a close second, I’m just not quite sure what to do about that Bed Scene of hers, that woman has serious issues.

Also was it me or did we see an actual scene with Meg when she didn’t have any eye makeup on? Wonders will never cease. But credit to her she even started to make me well up when she said all that stuff to Ben when he tried to stop her from leaving - good stuff.

Carmen is really getting on my nerves. That accent grates on my mind like finger nails down a blackboard - how many time can one person say “Maareeeea” in one conversation? And the way she ripped off at Meg and no one, apart from a weak attempt from Father Fit, told her to bloody well shut up.

Gregory really has no scruples does he? (Well actually neither does his wife) I mean putting Caitlin through all that stuff about revealing true nature of Trey’s conception, that a really nasty thing to do to your own daughter. I know she really has no other significant role to play in this soap but still….. Getting on to Caitlin, what the hell does Cole see in her? She has no personality top speak of and is completely two-dimensional. I say bring back Vanessa Dorman, all is forgiven.

Here are some of you comments

I think the writers of SB were in conference with the Eastenders scriptwriters - or was it just a coincidence that Tiffany also fell down the stairs at New Year?

Mrs Antonio Torres
Hats off again to Bette and Emily for another wonderful piece of acting!! And, its about time Ben and Maria have realised what the rest of us have wanted, that they still love each other!!!!!!

Caffeine Kid
Don't you just wish Sara and Meg would get hit by a bus???

Antonio's secret wife
Anyone know where I can get a walk -on for this show? It is the just the best escapist mind candy on the box.

That’s all for this week. Until next week.

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